Weekly Love Horoscope For December 26th – January 1st

Darlings, welcome back to the love horoscope, this time for December 26th-January 1st. Can you believe that this year is over this week?? I feel like I entered some kind of time loop, because it just doesn’t feel real.

Despite my time travels, this week is looking SUPER eventful on the romantic front for most signs!

Venus is doing her thing this week, and I think that that will reflect in the readings of many signs.

But first, Mercury in Capricorn is forming a sextile to Neptune in the sign of Pisces, which is a good sign if your relationship has been lacking empathy or if your standards for new love interests are just through the roof.

Mercury in sextile to Neptune brings us more compassion, open-mindness, and supportive conversations. Within the context of romance, this is an ideal alignment for heart-to-hearts.

The only word of caution is that sometimes Mercury and Neptune together can make it tempting for white lies to trip off the tongue.

Venus in a sextile to Neptune is an ideal transit for romance and partnership. The planet of love with the planet of charity is a warm-hearted combination.

Venus sextile Neptune opens your heart up to new ways of perceiving others. You may begin highlighting the good qualities of others instead of judging them negatively.

In a partnership, this transit can soften a relationship that has become prickly. You could find yourselves desiring intimacy and not just sexual intimacy. You want to open yourselves up emotionally to one another.

If you have an experience like this with someone who is not your partner, it may be that it’s a sign that they’re meant to be.

Mercury conjuncting Venus in the sign of Capricorn gives many of us the gift of gab, or so it can seem. Perhaps we’re less self-conscious about what we say, which allows our walls to go down a bit.

When you’re authentically expressing yourself, it’s a gateway for others to see your heart. With this in mind, speak warmly and sincerely this week to deepen connections with the ones that you love.

This is a great week to declare your love for someone since you can communicate your most authentic affection at this time.

Venus then conjuncts Pluto to round out the week, which can honestly go any direction. Pluto represents our hidden desires and what we need to lose in order to unite with the rawest part of ourselves.

Pluto with Venus is often a sign that old fears within the context of relationships and partnerships can arise once more. You could be placed in a situation that triggers insecurities, or, a situation may occur that creates a wound in the context of your partnership.

This is not to say that every couple is doomed, far from it. This transit happens at least once a year, sometimes more. As a result, this ends up being a dramatic week in otherwise healthy partnerships.

With all of that being said, join me in breaking down what your sign can expect with this combination of aspects this week.

Find your Sun or rising sign down below to understand what you can expect in the upcoming week.

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Aries – Prestigious Reputation

Aries, your reputation precedes you this week, since your house of notoriety, legacy, and higher purpose is filled with the energy of several planets this week.

Expect to be the center of attention in some ways! Clients of mine have buzzed me during this transit going on about how they’re being noticed by people that they never realized ever registered them before.

This is a period where you can build on what people already know about you in general. You can fine-tune your life direction as well.

Romantically, this transit has a wild amount of influence. The 10th house is an ‘angular’ house, and new things take off when these houses are activated.

When activated by Venus, like yours is now, you can expect romantic changes or a change in the circumstances of your current relationship.

This is a pretty good time for getting married or simply coming out about your relationship publicly. The influence of Venus, Neptune, Mercury, and the Sun all work in your favor for activities like that this week.

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Taurus – An Open Mind and Heart

Taurus, the great part about Capricorn transits for you is that it supports your journey in several ways. This is because of the helpful trine aspect to your own Taurus placement. This week is no exception even as your planetary ruler is almost at the end of its time in Capricorn.

Be open-minded to the ideas of your partner and reserve judgment. The fatal flaw of transits like this can be to have too much faith in your own conclusions to the exclusion of the ideas of those around you.

With this in mind, it should be easier to lean into the soft, loving forgiveness and tolerance represented by Venus and Mercury in a sextile to Neptune.

If you’re single and would like to pursue something with someone special, be aware that this week is an excellent time to do so, but especially if your loved one is brainy, talkative, and charming.

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Gemini – What Can You Say is ‘Ours’?

Gemini, this week the focus is on the elusive and misunderstood 8th house where Capricorn resides within your birth chart.

After the relationship, you potentially established last month, this month you and your partner are coming to an understanding of what you both have together and what you both can point at and call ‘ours’.

With this in mind, expect activity and choices to be presented to you in the realm of your partnership. Specifically, in the circumstances surrounding your partnership.

This house represents deep intimacy with another too. You could find your energy being effectively opened up to your loved ones to the point where the space you enter together is entirely your own.

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Cancer – The Birth of a New Partnership

As you realize that you’ve found someone who drives a desire for partnership, this week deepens that relationship.

Capricorn is an energy you’re meant to learn from, since it’s the sister sign of your own sign. This means that you’re meant to initiate necessary changes within your partnership to contribute to its sustainability.

Cancer, the challenge this week is to balance your subconscious (or consciousness if you’re very self-aware) desire for emotional stimulation with a sustainable, steadier approach to your love life.

As Venus and Mercury form sextiles to Neptune in your house of broader and deeper understanding, you may find your heart opened to the needs of the partnership.

This does not mean subverting your need for cyclical actions. For you, what is required of you just today determines how you meet others.

You’re being asked to initiate the birth of a ‘new’ partnership (even if you’ve been together for a long time) by re-establishing the way that the two of you meet one another as individuals.

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Leo – Meeting Challenges Together

Leo, the 6th house contains the multiple planets within the sign of Capricorn, which brings about events that measure how prepared you are for events. That is to say, are you and your partner stable enough to meet anything together?

The 6th house is sometimes thought of as a ‘bad’ house, and it’s true, the 6th house can feel like reality has slapped you in the face. But that is only if you haven’t prepared as a couple for unforeseen events.

It’s important to reestablish your identity as partners, and in that journey you’re asked to test out your old contingency plans to see if they’re still working or if the support beams need reinforcing.

Most couples find this transit challenging, but I mean ‘challenging’ in a neutral sense. Couples dedicated to improving their partnership together may find themselves enjoying the opportunity to relax in the security net that they made for themselves before.

It would benefit both of you to focus on filling in the cracks within your relationship as they’re exposed this upcoming week. The work you do during this transit could pay dividends when Capricorn season rolls around next year.

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Virgo – New Ways to Express Your Feelings

Virgo, multiple planets in Capricorn typically feel like a positive period for you since you’re being provided with extra skills, knowledge, and/or love.

The great thing about this transit is the feeling of being prepared for whatever life throws at you. It feels like you’re in sync with the planets of communication, love, and energy.

Keep in mind, it’s expressing your emotions in ways that are supported by inspiration that bring in the individuals who are meant to add to your personal resources in life.

You’re meant to find new ways to express yourself, which creates an especially fun and experimental vibe during this transit.

Capricorn energy helps you feel more comfortable in being yourself. You’re not required to express yourself authentically, that requires bravery. You may not always be received well by everyone, but the ones that do receive you well are likely to be totally charmed by you.

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Libra – Finding Your Center As a Couple

The 4th house is loaded with planets in Capricorn for you, Libra. This means that you’re potently aware of the ground you stand on, in a sense.

You’re meant to find an inner sense of peace, though that can be difficult as you learn to navigate ground that feels shaky.

In some sense, the planet of love (Venus) in this house tells me that you and your partner are meant to find your equilibrium with each other.

Without a feeling of comfortability with the one you make a life with, it can be impossible for the ground that the two of you stand on to feel firm and able to withstand any upcoming transits.

The more that the two of you approach the subject of what you both need to be able to do to make one another comfortable.

This will be your mission in the upcoming week. Finding a sense of balance and security within one another will empower your journey through various conditions yet to come.

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Scorpio – Feeling Each Other Out

Venus in Capricorn within your 3rd house tells me that you and your loved one are meant to learn more about one another. Even in established relationships, it’s important to realize that you’re partnered with a changing and evolving human!

This movement of planets in Capricorn puts you into ‘data collection’ mode. In the context of romance, you and your partner are figuring out what makes the person in front of you tick.

This is romantically and mentally. You are also getting a feel for the ways that you can speak more openly to one another and the ‘language’ the other one speaks.

This transit can feel more emotionally hands-off than other romantic transits, but it’s for good reason. This is a transit that reminds you of the basics of the person that you’re with.

This allows you to reapproach one another as the people you are now rather than the people you were when you got together.

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Sagittarius – Does Your Partner Value You?

Sagittarius, you’ve spent a lot of time recently learning more about you. You want to present your most authentic self, and you want to be appreciated and valued. Of course you’re appreciating and valuing yourself, but whomever you’re to stay with needs to value you appropriately.

So, you could be asking yourself, am I keeping company with the kind of person who makes me feel appreciated?

Expect events this week that bring up this question and topics related to it.

You’re meant to use your worth to your advantage in this lifetime. And guess what? You are worth whatever you honestly believe you are worth.

So, if you’ve found yourself discouraged by others devaluing you, this week will force circumstances to assert your own idea of your worth to your partner.

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Capricorn – Respecting Yourself Within a Relationship

Capricorn, love can feel like it’s a limited commodity sometimes. This is why you recently came to the realization that you deserve a lot more of your own focus.

You remember painful realizations that don’t feel that long ago. You’re still standing and that’s due to your own efforts.

But Capricorn, I encourage you to take the iconic Venus transits moving through this week as your signal to love yourself first while allowing yourself to not be threatened by someone else who wants to give you love.

Some people are as steady, solid, and reliable as you, and so they’re safe to unwind around. This week, choose to remember that when approaching your relationship.

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Aquarius – Owning Your Mistakes

You’re a lot more blessed during this transit than it may feel to you, Aquarius. Our mission here on Earth is to become the highest version of ourselves. We do this through trial and error until we find a successful approach.

You’re aware of that within you that is holding you back. This includes romantically as well.

Venus’ movement through your 12th house brings awareness to your weaknesses. This house represents what you’ve repressed within yourself, and this time you’re being asked to look squarely at what you might prefer to be hidden.

Aquarius, the other excellent part about this is that Saturn is in an empowering position for you. Venus being ruled by this strong Saturn means that you’re likely to make the best choice for yourself within your partnership, even if it’s a painful one.

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Pisces – Love at Large

Pisces, you’ve recently come to realize what you mean to others in the context of ‘the bigger picture’ of your life. Did you appreciate how they perceive your overall impact?

After coming to terms with that reality, what is left over after? Do you believe that the way others perceive you is correct and actually who you are?

In the context of romance, does your partner see who you are or do they see what you represent? Pisces, Capricorn’s energy will show you those who appreciate you for you.

Your partner could be reminded of your true nature and become open to reevaluating their perception of you, hopefully in your favor!

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Wrapping Up

My loves, what a blessed week this was overall! I won’t lie, it feels like total smooth sailing for most signs. An absence of seriously stressful transits is incredibly helpful.

Venus and Mercury aligning should work in the favor of most signs, and I think almost all of us will find that speaking from the heart can result in some sparks flying.

For those who want more information on these transits, future ones, and your relationship compatibility I created this page. It allows me to be sure I’ve addressed your every concern.

However, you can also comment your thoughts and doubts below! Let me know how my weekly love horoscope helped you this year!

Did you enjoy it? Did it help you avoid unnecessary damage to your love life? How insightful was it for you?

I can’t wait to see you here next week, babe!

Wishing You All the Love in the Universe,

Anna Kovach

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  1. Thank you Anna. Your words is from Divine. The aspect of Venus and Neptune last week was really a bless. It cames suddenly and surprisingly to my Gemini mind and make my Aqua Sun to believe in support of God, mysteries and try to grow as a creature. Hope is not a Tactic, it’s the the “is”. You do magic with your knowledge Anna.. Spectacular!

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