Weekly Love Horoscope For December 19th – 25th 

Hello my dears, welcome to the weekly Love Horoscope for December 19th through the 25th

First off, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and what have you! I wish you all sorts of love and someone to hold under the mistletoe. 

Jupiter moves into Aries this week, which makes any activity that puts you first a lucky one. You can find yourself taking more initiative. Starting projects and new relationships can be easier or at least more accessible during this time. 

The Sun moves into the sign of Capricorn this week, which ushers in a period of the structure. You’re being asked to take responsibility for yourself and your behavior. 

Within a partnership, Capricorn energy is traditional and stable. 

With the Sun and Venus in this sign of the goat, you could find yourself desiring a more dedicated and solid relationship. 

Willy-nilly or casual relationships just won’t pass the test this round. Your relationship will have to mature or drop out of the running. 

Mercury forming a sextile to Neptune brings flexible energy to our minds and the way that we process those around us. 

We can find ourselves being extra compassionate and affectionate during this transit. 

Let’s find out what all of this means for your sign! Find your Sun or Rising sign below to learn more about what this coming week has in store for, you romantically speaking. 

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Aries – Just Getting Started

Aries, Jupiter moving into your own sign is an encouraging time when you are suddenly on your own side once more. Until a few weeks ago, it may have felt like you might as well not even look for any good luck in life. But Jupiter entering your own sign brings attention to the power of aligning with yourself. 

These good vibes will attract warm, loving people into your aura. People who mean the best for you and who see you for your best qualities. If you’re single or recently out of a partnership, this is the best time to put your heart on the line, since others are more likely to have the best intentions for it.

The Sun moving into Capricorn is a time of taking the initiative for you, Aries. Capricorn and the tenth house receiving the powerful focus of the Sun can shed light on the path that will lead you to your highest goals. You are highly motivated to strike out on your own. 

This transit can have you prioritizing your own agenda over that of your loved one, so take care that they don’t feel left out in the cold.

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Taurus – Taking A Heart-Centered Approach

Taurus, this week the Sun moves into Capricorn. Anytime a fellow Earth sign receives a planet, this is good news for you. Capricorn is in your house of higher education, learning, morals, travel, and spirituality. 

This house lights up your individuality. The trine aspect that Venus, Mercury, and the Sun will make to your Sun or ascendant this week will assist your base energy, giving you a positive approach. 

Venus in a trine to your own sign brings focus to effortless improvement as a partner. If you’re with someone, this is a time to refine your values and dedication to them. Any negative thought patterns regarding the relationship should be replaced by highlighting the strengths. 

Ask yourself, what do I have in this relationship that I’d miss dearly in any other relationship? What do I adore about my partner? What does my partner bring to the table? Am I authentic with my partner? 

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Gemini – Becoming Vulnerable

Gemini, the Sun in Capricorn is moving into your eighth house of merging two or more things into one, transmutation, changing hands, and what we possess that once was possessed by others. It’s a house that typically ushers in situations that force you to merge with another in some way.

This can mean sexually, absolutely, however, it’s also a period where you learn how interdependent you are willing to be. It’s not a bad thing to depend on someone! Perhaps you’re being asked to trust someone to fulfill a need for you consistently. Even in a dedicated partnership, this can be a struggle. 

You may find that even though you’re in a partnership, that does not mean that you’ve been open and vulnerable! I see couples all the time who have been together for years and yet have never been emotionally intimate with one another. 

Don’t let that be you, Gemini. Yes, trusting someone means exposing yourself to a degree, however, it could benefit you to allow someone to get close to you.

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Cancer – In Alignment Together

Cancer, your house of partnership, laws (literal and Universal laws, like the law of attraction), and relationships are benefiting from the radiant energy of the Sun in the sign of Capricorn. This is also where Mercury and Venus still linger.

Needless to say, your partnership is CRUCIAL right now, dear Cancer. 

If you’re not in a partnership, then this is an ideal time to spend more time with someone that you could see yourself in a partnership with. 

Ask yourself, could I wake up next to this person every morning? If the answer is no or unclear, then it may be time to open up to someone else. 

While this is the house of relationships, it’s not the house of casual flings. However, it’s important that this person reliably brings you a sense of spontaneity to keep things interesting. 

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Leo – Rising Tensions

Leo, the Sun (your planetary ruler) moving into Capricorn places a huge emphasis on your relationship. Saturn rules Capricorn, where the Sun, Mercury, and Venus are at this time. 

This week can bring conflicts to your partnership and relationships in general due to circumstances outside of your control. You could find yourself annoyed at something about them or vice versa. 

Mercury in this house tells me that you’ll likely voice your annoyance or they’ll talk to you about theirs. 

This is one of those relationship tests that come up after the honeymoon phase represented by the fifth house. Now, you’re meant to address the not-so-easy aspects of your relationship. 

How you and your partner handle this week’s transits will determine the stability of your relationship for the coming year. The work that you both put in right now will carry you through challenges that you couldn’t have foreseen in about six months. 

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Virgo – Expressing Your Authentic Love

Virgo, you’re a sign who is sometimes represented by an angel, and this week that’s the sort of energy you’re putting out. Others are drawn to the love that pours off of you in sheets. This is due to the Sun’s movement into the sign of Capricorn. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a sign who will benefit more from this transit romantically. 

Your fifth house is filled with three planets in Capricorn indicating that you’re looking to put out strong self-expression. The more ‘you’ you are the better. 

Lighthearted encounters can create flirtatious connections that could lead someplace serious.

With your planetary ruler, Mercury, forming a sextile to Neptune, you are even more open-minded and loving than usual. You may be more mentally flexible than usual, but ensure that you don’t allow your boundaries to be crossed for the sake of keeping the peace. 

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Libra – Finding Inner Strength

Libra, it’s tempting to tell you that finding satisfaction in the upcoming week involves the help of your partner, but it does appear to be an inside job. 

This is because the Sun is entering your fourth house of family, home, how you were raised, your culture, and memories. The Sun joins Venus (your ruler) and Mercury in this house of our emotional roots. 

Due to Venus’ presence here, your actions do impact your love life, but your partnership isn’t necessarily a theme. More like a support beam supporting your own internal journey. 

You’ve taken emotional responsibility, and in your partnership, it will pay off. The lessons you learn about your own habits, preferences, and hang-ups in your emotional life will benefit your relationship’s growth. You can only understand another to the depth that you understand yourself, after all. 

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Scorpio – Enlightening Conversations 

Scorpio, you and your partner are bound to have some eye-opening conversations this week as the Sun enters Capricorn. For you, this represents your third house of communication and information as well as your local area. 

Engaging in some local events with your partner is a solid plan right now. Even if you’re currently single, this transit could spark romantic feelings in the context of third-house issues. 

When it comes to learning skills, communicating, and participating in discourse with those around you in everyday relationships. 

This could equate to having romantic encounters during your everyday comings and goings. 

For example, perhaps the guy at the drive-through coffee spot you go to slips his phone number to you with your coffee. 

Obviously, that specific situation may not apply to you, but it’s these normal encounters that don’t have to be deeper than they are that could lead to something worthwhile during these transits through Capricorn. 

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Sagittarius – Trusting Your Gut

Sagittarius, Venus moving through your house of possessions and resources tells me that your love life is focused on practicality at this time. And there is nothing wrong with that! 

It’s completely fair to want to know what it is that you’re getting out of this relationship. If you’ve been putting in work and bearing your soul to your partner but are getting nothing in return, then perhaps there is a disconnect that needs to be addressed. 

Your ruler (Jupiter) moving into Aries this week signals a focus on creativity and romance. It’s important to pursue your desires and express your love and appreciation at this time. 

You could find yourself being okay with introducing your family to your partner. Consider doing so at an event or party to diffuse tension, and you’ll find that you and your loved one are more likely to come off the way you want to. 

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Capricorn – Go After The One You Love

Capricorn, your own sign is receiving the Sun, which puts your focus on self-improvement and generally deciding who you’d like to show up for any given moment. 

The ruler of your house of romance is within your own sign this week, meaning that you embody the qualities of love, romance, creativity, and self-expression more than usual. 

This creates a natural aura of attraction from you that others cannot help but notice in many cases. 

Jupiter moving into Aries this week could bring you comfort and love within your own home. If your partner does not live with you then this transit can indicate them moving in. 

Be authentic in your expression of love this week, dear Capricorn. 

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Aquarius – Playing the Part of the Hermit

Aquarius, this week could signal the start of a lonelier time than usual. The ruler of your house of relationships has entered your house of isolation.

This arranges circumstances that aren’t supportive of your partnership. Perhaps one of you has to go away for some reason, or, you’ve approached an impasse with them.

If your partnership has been strong and stable then there is nothing to worry about. But even if you and your partner are completely solid, you still may choose to turn inward.

As Jupiter enters your house of communication, ideas, and discourse, I think you’ll have no issue entertaining yourself with ideas that inspire you. 

As an Aquarius, it’s normal for you to seek space even within an intimate partnership. I encourage you to retreat into a calming world of your own in order to refresh yourself to better show up for those you love. 

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Pisces – Realizing What Matters

After you’ve been successful and appreciated for what you bring to the table, what then? Is that the real end goal in life?

This is where the eleventh house comes in for you, dear Pisces. You’ve had some stellar successes in recent history, and while you put in a lot of work to get there, you’re seeing that it’s important to bring your attention back to those that have always been there. 

How much love and kindness you have given will inform you how much you’ll receive. Romantically, you could be realizing how important your partner has been in determining your success so far. 

Expressing your love for them is of the utmost importance. They are likely far more instrumental in your well-being than you even realize. 

With so much energy (the Sun, Venus, and Mercury) within this house, focus on the relationships that have supported you in life. 

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Wrapping Up

Darlings, this week brings in so much cardinal energy with Jupiter arriving within the sign of Aries and the Sun becoming the third planet within the sign of Capricorn. 

This tells me that taking initiative and striking forward to fulfill your desires is needed for all signs.

Use this time to work on yourself and your goals, but not at the expense of staying close to those who matter most in your life. 

If you have more specific questions that weren’t covered in this weekly reading, I totally understand. 

I try to make my outlines comprehensive, but some of my curious readers are always hungry for more information. 

That’s why I created a page for readers like you who can’t get enough knowledge about their relationship to better it and enrich life with one another. 

Check it out to find out things you never knew but that makes total sense.

Wishing you all the love in the Universe, 

Anna Kovach

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