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Weekly Love Horoscope For December 12th – 18th

Hello, my dears, welcome back to the weekly Love Horoscope, this time for the week of December 12th-18th. This is the last week of Sagittarius season as the Sun remains in this spunky fire sign. 

The Sun in Sagittarius sees a sextile to Saturn this week, which will work out for the best, but anything involving Saturn has the potential to feel like a drag even if it’s ultimately a good thing. 

The Sun in sextile to Saturn can bring up events and feelings between you and your loved one that force you to define your relationship or ‘buckle down’ within the partnership.

This is a good time to remind each other that the romantic aspect of your relationship is fun, but you can also give dedication and commitment. 

The Sun in a square to Neptune is debilitating if you have been investing more time and energy in your partner than your own self-development and growth. 

Neptune is very good at clouding circumstances. In a harsh relationship to the Sun, our egos could be threatened by how chill, relaxed, and intimate a relationship is becoming. 

Some people fear losing themselves within a partnership, and these folks could feel threatened for reasons they don’t even completely understand when their partner opens up to them this week. 

Mercury forms a trine to Uranus, which is nothing if not stimulating! You can find yourself getting genius-level insights, but what does it mean for your partnership?

You could be feeling mentally restless and need mental engagement, or perhaps your partner experiences this more strongly. 

One or both of you could seek a strong mental connection with one another, and perhaps you fire one another up to go even further with the ideas.

With all of that said, let’s find out more about what all of the signs can expect in this upcoming week. 

Find your Sun or Rising sign below to find out how these transits may manifest for you in the upcoming week, my dears. 

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Aries – Success vs. Love

Aries, you’re seeking out a higher life than the one in front of you, but this open-mindedness can make others feel like you’re not grounded in the moment with them. It’s possible that you’re thinking a lot about the future, but remember who is around you right now. 

You want to move forward in the direction of your dreams, but it’s also important to remember who has supported you up until this point. Who is most excited to see you succeed right now? Who will be as excited to see you succeed as you?

This week can bring some incredible insights in the realm of your reputation and overall life direction. With Uranus forming a trine to Mercury in your house of legacy and potential you could be struck by an inspiration that amplifies your professional and money-making ability. 

Taurus – Valuable Insight 

Taurus, aspects to the Sun in your eighth house this week tell me that you could be in the process of shedding habits, relationships, and identities that aren’t representative of who you are anymore. 

The Sun in a sextile to Saturn this week can provide for you insights about how you could be limited in your future if you don’t give up something that is dragging you off course now. 

If your partnership has been showing signs of instability, it could be time to examine if this person is who you want to go forward with in life. 

Mercury in a trine to Uranus stimulates your body and mind. Mercury is in your ninth house of travel and spirituality, and Uranus is in your own sign. This could create an urge to break free and follow your own prerogative. 

Just don’t leave your loved one behind while you’re in the throes of inspiration, dear Taurus. 

Gemini – Stroke of Genius

Gemini, this week you’re learning how to discard parts of yourself that are no longer serving you and your partnership. With the Sun still in your house of partnership, you can feel the influence on your relationship. 

With your chart ruler in the eighth house, you are shedding identities or an identity that no longer describes who you are or who you’d like to be. 

This isn’t an easy process, but freeing yourself from facades you used to rely on can free you up for more authentic interaction later. 

With your chart ruler forming a trine to Uranus, you may find yourself radically changing yourself. This could be by choice or by necessity, but either way, you’re rebooting yourself. 

Keep your mind open to who you can be. If your partnership is stable then it will be able to support many versions of you, not just the one that your partner fell in love with. 

Cancer – Pulling Your Weight

This week features an emphasis on work-related issues, or otherwise addressing situations that are out of your control. You could be drained of motivation to go to work, or are physically too sick to. Take some vitamin C. 

The Sun in a square to Neptune can make you vulnerable to illness or situations can arise that make you feel physically weaker or uncomfortable. 

This can also create paranoia about your partnership and how much you’re willing to do for your partner versus how much they’d do for you. 

Questions of inequality can come up, which can fester if you’re not honest about them. Cancer, speak freely about any pent-up emotions.

Leo – One Last Week of Romance

No, Leo, that doesn’t mean this is the last week of love in your life, or the week before a breakup. This week is the last week when the Sun (your ruler) moves through your house of romance. 

When the Sun is in your house of romance, love, creativity, and children life can feel like a dream. You are excited to put out effort and energy into what you enjoy, and showing love is easy. You’re also more likely to be interpreted as a romantic and loving person.

Take advantage of this last week with the Sun in Sagittarius, Leo. Go out, party, flirt, seduce your partner, and anything else fun and full of love. 

As Mercury forms a trine to Uranus, you’ll want to be aware of the awareness that others have of you. Some event could suddenly have you on everyone’s radar. The trine leads me to believe that this is a positive thing for you. 

Perhaps you step in at just the right moment with just the right idea? 

Just bear in mind that your reputation is affected this week, so put your best foot forward. 

Virgo – Feeling the Love

Virgo, your ruler is Mercury in Capricorn and this week it’s in your house of romance, love, and creativity. You’re being understood for how much love you have for others, which can sometimes feel hard for you to get across to others. 

This week though, you’re living in a calm and present energy. This is especially helpful in your relationship since this loving energy is so potent. 

If you’re not in a relationship then you may find yourself within one soon enough, but the label isn’t too important right now. Just listen to the butterflies in your stomach when it comes to finding love. You’re being intuitively led to the right person. 

If you’re in a partnership, use this week to feel like teenagers in love. Allow yourself to be overcome with the passion and urgency that Mercury trine Uranus may bring to your partnership.

Libra – Stimulated Minds

Libra, this week the Sun remains in your house of mentality, sociability, and communication. The Sun in this house in relation to Saturn can bring high pressure to your daily life this week. 

The good news is that with proper preparation and taking authority over your upcoming schedule, meetings, and plans you can avoid any harsh blowback. 

Talking to your partner can be more difficult than usual with Mercury in Capricorn since you could have recently been given reason to ‘clam up’ or be more defensive than usual. 

However, the end of this week brings a trine from Mercury to Uranus which can bridge the gap between you and your partner. Treating each other as friends and two people who mutually care for one another would be the best way to open up. 

Scorpio – Move Quickly

This week, Scorpio, you may be asked to make a snappy decision. The Sun in your house of resources tells me that it could be regarding your possessions or have something to do with acquiring something for yourself or your loved one. 

Investing in a large purchase with your partner should be considered carefully but be open-minded to anything. As long as it feels right on all levels, you’re good to go. 

As Mercury forms a trine to Uranus in your house of partnership, you and your loved one may connect in a way that you haven’t recently. Your conversations especially are more scintillating than usual.

Keep your eyes open for an opportunity or ‘last chance.’ You can take advantage of a major lucky break, but only if you’re diligent. 

Sagittarius – Don’t Be Deceived

Sagittarius, this week could present pitfalls that you don’t even know are there… It’s important to stay vigilant this week since you’re being put in a position to fail in some sense. 

You aren’t one to quickly judge people or to condemn. However, it’s important to be willing to trust your gut feelings about someone, even if you’ve been given no ‘reason’ to think badly of them. 

The thing is, Sagittarius, not everyone in the world is as willing to give the benefit of the doubt like you. The Sun in a square to Neptune makes me believe that you’ve got reason to be wary.

In your partnership, you can feel a stroke of inspiration. You realize that your loved one is the one person you can trust, and that they deserve your loyalty.

Capricorn – Working to Engage With Others

Capricorn, your house of self is finally warming up as planets enter your own sign. The Sun within your house of isolation could be causing you to doubt yourself though. 

As your obligations bring you to interact with others, you should move forward with this energy. You have felt dissolved by the events of recent weeks, but this week you’re able to handle and recover from it.

Mercury in a trine to Uranus affects you and your love life intimately. You could meet someone who thinks that you’re interesting and intelligent. Perhaps the person is more free-spirited or marches to a different drum than you do, but don’t let this put you off. 

Aquarius – Miscommunications

Aquarius, the Sun still in Sagittarius in your house of friendship and community. It’s entering into a sextile with Saturn in your own sign, which starts the week off with a good sense of self-confidence. 

As the Sun enters a square with Neptune, your partnership could become cloudy and hard to understand. 

Neptune’s influence on the Sun can inflate the ego, which rarely works out for you Aquarius. Or, you and your partner simply feel out of place with each other this week. 

Mercury forming a trine to Uranus (your ruler) brings realizations about intimate emotional patterns and what you’ve left unaddressed. 

Even if it’s hard to look at, let yourself realize what role you’ve played in any issues that have come to light recently. You may find some hints at what need you’ve been trying to fill with this behavior. 

Self-awareness is a great way to improve your participation in your partnership. 

Pisces – Deflated Sense of Self

Pisces, this week the Sun in your house of reputation is especially concerned with your sense of ego and pride. There is a difference, and this week you may find out if you’re just proud of yourself or delusional. 

Your partnership can provide you a lot of clarity this week. Mercury in a trine to Uranus brings understanding through your conversations with them. Allowing them to speak freely and letting your defenses down can bring insight to you. 

A square from Neptune (your ruler) to the Sun can make you vague. You may misread others or (more likely) head confidently in the wrong direction. 

With this alignment, you may not even realize how off course you are until it’s too late. So, keep your partner in the loop and trust them when they say you’re acting out of character. 

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Wrapping Up

This week brought some interesting insights to all of the signs. I won’t say I didn’t see it coming though! 

And since you’re here with me every week, you can see your future coming too. I don’t know about you, but the sense of relief I feel every time that I know what to expect is so freeing. 

Some signs might have some questions about these transits and what they mean for them. 

I’ve had a lot of readers come forward with questions that really get my juices flowing. I love interacting with my audience like that!

So go ahead and leave your message

I can’t wait to see you next week! 

Until then, wishing you all the love in the Universe, 

Anna Kovach

6 thoughts on “Weekly Love Horoscope For December 12th – 18th

  1. I am in love with a Sagittarius man and it”s a long distance relation I “am Aquarius we have been talking for the pass 3 years what do you thinkmy chance are to make him comit

    1. Hi Catherine,

      You two are much alike in many ways. You have so much in common and you are kindred spirits that have finally found something special. Sagittarius man with Aquarius woman soul mate connection is very possible.
      The biggest challenge as you already know is the distance. Long distance relationships mostly fail the test of time, unless there is a solid plan of people ending up in  the same cities, making plans for the future life together.
      Both Sagittarius and Aquarius can endure this type of relationship because both signs are not too emotional, so this type of relationship can work for some time but not indefinitely. I truly hope that you are considering an option to be together in one place.
      Good luck to you both!

  2. Hi Anna! I read a lot of horoscopes but yours always resonate more with me because of your sensitive and friendly manner. You always put a positive spin on even seemingly negative cards and point out the silver lining. My question is this: I am a cusper (Cleo, 7/23) who is interested in another cusper (Sagicorn, 12/21) and he seems to be interested in me too. But there is so little information on cusps in general, and even less on their romantic compatibility, especially between two cuspers. Is there any light you can shed on this topic? I would very much appreciate it!

    1. Hi Tiffany,

      There are lots of theories about cusp sign in astrology but actually they don’t exist. As you already know, your zodiac sign is determined by your Sun sign. The Sun cannot be in two signs at the same time. So, if your Sun is in Leo, but have e.g. Mercury, Venus and some other planetary placements in Cancer, this means you are a Leo with Cancer traits and could act and be drawn to the Canerian energies (emotionally respond like a Cancer would respond). Same goes for a Sagittarius/Capricorn man. He may be a Sagittarius with serious and responsible nature (unlike Sagittarius), especially with Venus and Mercury in Capricorn.
      I hope all goes well for you both!

  3. So, I have a lover who Ive been seeing for over a year, and in that time I have separated from my husband (which I had wanted to for the last few years). I am very happy with my decision to leave my husband and am happy to live in my own place, and really look forward to my new life. My lover has deep feelings for me and wants more in our relationship, but at the same time he is not pressuring me (he is a Scorpio). Our sexual relationship has been great but I dont want to commit to him (or anyone just yet!). I want to enjoy my freedom, (and my lover knows that so well from me telling him a lot). There is a lot that I really love about him (he really understands me emotionally), but Im not in love with him as such…but I still want to keep seeing him…a bit confusing…I am a Gemini with Sagitarius rising.

    1. Hi Daphne,

      Scorpio man wants to be deeply spiritually connected to his partner while Gemini woman just enjoys the thrill and fun of sex.
      You will find it hard to talk to each other about important things and find it even harder to see eye to eye on life’s situations and values. You have a different moral code and don’t get how each other operates.
      He admires the fact that you are so cool, calm, sociable and flirtatious.
      This will likely draw in a Scorpio man who might not otherwise pay any attention at all.
      You two have a difficult road should you decide to have a relationship. It’s possible but it’s not going to be easy and it would take lots and lots of compromise in order for you to find a comfortable path ahead. Good luck!

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