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Weekly Love Horoscope For February 7th – 13th

Hello there darlings, and welcome to my weekly love horoscope for February 7th – 13th. I’ve been looking ahead and seeing A LOT you’re going to want to know about this week. If you want opportunities to shake up your love life, well, you’ve got it, babe.

So, this week is bringing the fire with a lot of Mars action going on. Mars isn’t a romance planet specifically, but it does affect our sense of drive and our sexual passions. This means that it overlaps into the world of romance quite frequently, and is important to pay attention to.

Well, Mars is strong in Capricorn and is forming a conjunction with Venus, the planet of love. When the planet of sex and the planet of love come together, fireworks are inevitable… especially considering the other factor I haven’t mentioned yet… Uranus. The planet of surprise events and rebellion.

Mars and Uranus are forming a positive trine to one another in the signs of Capricorn and Taurus respectively. These two planets signify big changes when they come together, and they’ll happen at break-neck speed. However, since this is a trine, we are more likely to be able to use this energy to our advantage.

Remember, all of this energy affects you in more specific ways based on your Sun sign. One thing is for sure, no one is free from the energy of big romantic and sexual changes this week.

“Expect the unexpected” is certainly our key phrase this week!

Let’s dive into how these powerful alignments manifest in your own life. Find your Sun sign down below to understand how you can best optimize your romantic potential this week!


Aries, your planetary ruler is Mars who is playing a starring role this week. You’re sure to feel the full effects of Mars’ transits.

When Mars forms a trine to Uranus in your second house, you could be seeking to break free of sexual frustration. Maybe you have been thinking about the things you’d like to do in bed, but this transit could give you the oomph needed to take charge and make it happen.

As Mars meets up with feminine Venus in the sky, you’re certainly feeling womanly. You are more connected to your inner Goddess and your feminine power. As a result, you’re drawing all of the best and most attractive guys to you.

Your finances could change this week, or a surprise expense could pop up. However, go with the flow. This could work out in your favor if you see it through.


Taurus, you’re seeing incredible opportunities to make a positive change this week. You can find it hard to get out of your routine and your own way of life, which can sometimes prevent you from taking beneficial risks. Well, that could all be different this week.

Taurus, you’re more susceptible to change overall due to Uranus being in your own sign. When Mars in Capricorn forms a positive trine to Uranus, you’re feeling more open to finding freedom. You might depend more on spirituality to fire up changes in your life. Personal development is the theme right now.

Making these positive personal changes is your key to improving or beginning relationships. Others notice when you begin a glow-up! Especially as your planetary ruler, Venus, meets up with Mars, both in positive relation to your sign of Taurus.

This creates a fire in your belly when it comes to pursuing romance. Keep an open mind about this potential partner, dear. They may come from a different background than you, but they might just be the one!


Gemini, This is Mercury’s final week in Capricorn before it moves into fellow air sign, Aquarius. For this week though, Mercury is making a conjunction to Pluto, planet of transformation. You might find that any faulty thought patterns that are dragging you down become super apparent. You might even decide to do away with them completely.

This can be stressful, so it’s a great time to lean on your partner. They might be able to assist you in identifying which thoughts are based in reality and which are just more frustrating to you.

With Mars meeting Venus in the house of secrets, taboo, and sex, drama in your love life could crop up. The parts of your relationship that are dysfunctional will be revealed. However, after hashing out some issues that needed addressing anyways, you could find yourselves so taken with the other’s passion that it manifests in your sex life.


Cancer, this week is yet another where your house of relationships is absolutely loaded. Capricorn energy is strong and so as a result, your mind is focused on something to do with partnership, close friendship, or contracts.

If you’re in a partnership then this is a period where the influence of Mars and Venus together makes energies very high between the two of you. Thankfully, this energy can be channeled into positive relationship changes. You’re more likely to perfect your bond this week.

As Mars in your house of relationships forms a trine to Uranus in your house of communication, it’s easier to talk to your partner about out-of-the-box ideas. Perhaps the two of you are seeking to be entrepreneurs together. It’s a good time to buddy read a book together or start a new tv show together.


Leo, this week your energy is most focused on perfecting your routines and involving yourself in the ‘daily grind.’ Perhaps you’re buckling down and investing a lot of energy into putting in the effort for work. Skating by the workplace isn’t a possibility at this time.

However, work is not necessarily feeling like a burden at this time. Venus in this house amplifies a feeling of joy and compatibility. You and your coworkers are getting along, which could potentially mean a crush or relationship is blossoming there between you and a coworker or boss.

With Mercury conjunting Pluto in your house of labor and work, there could be breakdowns in communication that intensify your words and the way you interpret the events around you on the work front. It’s best to lean onto your work friends (or more-than-friends) to keep your head on tight.


Virgo, the energies of this week are working in your favor overall since we see an emphasis on your fellow Earth signs, Capricorn and Taurus. Capricorn sits on your house of romance, making this your area of focus this week. Lucky you!

You’ll get the most out of this week’s positive love energy if you take advantage of anything that the fifth house of romance embodies. This includes creative projects, children, pregnancy, music, hobbies, and parties. These areas of life are going to be receiving the most emphasis for you.

With a trine from Mars to Uranus in your house of travel, this could be a time to break the chains of existence and go boldly toward what you love. You might have the courage to tell someone that you love them or to switch up the dynamics of your relationships.


Libra, your planetary ruler is Venus, planet of love. Venus is currently sitting within your house of home and family, as well as our deepest psychological roots. This means that your romantic nature is more nostalgic than usual. Perhaps seeing your parent or parents in love makes you want a true romance like that.

With Mars and Venus uniting in the sky, you’re totally fired up in general, but especially in romance. This alignment is made extra potent for you because Mars, the ruler of your house of partnership, is involved. If you’re in a partnership or want to be, then this is the time for you!

As Uranus forms a positive trine to the ruler of your house of partnership, you can expect positive change in your relationship. You could be seeking some healthy space from one another without losing any romantic feelings at all. You both are likely reminded at this time that you are not only lovers but friends.


Scorpio, this week continues potential mental frustration simply because your mind is so busy and it feels like it’s under pressure. Perhaps you find yourself taking responsibility for your words more and more. As a result, you may want to keep an eye on your verbiage and ensure that your words are less harsh and critical.

With the presence of Venus conjuncting Mars (your planetary co-ruler), romance could be a very high priority. This is an absolutely ideal time to make a dating profile that successfully attracts the type of person who is responsible in all the ways that you need them to be.

Venus being the ruler of your house of partnership, you could find that your current partnership is the source of a lot of joy and just as much passion. This is an ideal time to go out and about with your partner. Try going out to eat or to community events.


Sagittarius, this week brings with it a focus on all that is solid, real, and authentic. If your partner is not physically showing up for you then you’re surely going to feel it. You need your partner around you right now, and any romantic gestures should come from their heart, otherwise, you’re sure to feel the phoniness.

The ruler of your house of partnership, Mercury, conjuncts with dramatic Pluto this week, creating opportunities for intense and honest conversations with your partner. The truth could come out at this time. It’s a good idea to stay authentic – otherwise, you’ll be called out.

Sagittarius, Jupiter forms a sextile to Uranus this week which could generally assist you if you use it to your advantage. Change is inevitable this week, but this alignment tells me that you can get the upper hand if you’re proactive.


Capricorn, once again you’re the star of the show. You demand authenticity from your lover because you’re realizing your worth. You can be an incredible force of nature right now, and we’re all hoping you use your powers for good!

With both Venus and Mars conjoining in your sign, the power of seduction is all yours. This is a period where you embody sexiness. Your body is a focus of attention for those around you, likely in a positive way. Embrace the attention if you’re into it, or put them in their place if you’re not.

With Uranus in your house of romance being activated by both Mars and Jupiter this week, you can expect some variation of romantic upheaval or change, but since both of these alignments are positive, this could prove to be a week full of unexpected joy and maybe a sultry flirtation.


Aquarius, with your chart ruler being activated in your house of family by Mars and Jupiter in your house of isolation, romance, and sex could feel just out of reach or like you just aren’t up to it right now. This transit can be a bit draining on you and you could feel like everything you do wrong comes back on you.

If you’re already in a steady relationship then this is a period where even you, independent Aquarius, should consider leaning on your partner more than usual. Everyone needs a little help sometimes and reminders of their worth.

With your chart ruler in your own sign, you are given the self-authority to get through this time. Solitude could be a theme even if you are partnered with someone, but the point of this isolation is to take charge of yourself.


Pisces, with your chart ruler, Jupiter, in your own sign forming a sextile to Uranus in the third house, you can expect excuses to communicate authentically and surprisingly to others arises. If you’ve been wanting to share a truth (or confess an interest in someone) then this is the best time to do it, as you’re supported by Jupiter’s good luck.

With your house of friendship full, you’re seeing a lot of positive feelings regarding your friendships. You and your partner may be exploring one another’s friend groups at this time as well, creating a focus on socialization and community. The two of you may have found a chosen family together.

With Venus and Mars meeting in this house, you could fall for a friend if you’re not already in a partnership. You could easily feel something electric between you and someone who may also play a role in your friend group or you may meet them through a friend.

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Wrapping Up

Don’t get too comfortable this week, since Cupid may just shoot you at the least expected time. It’s gonna be a trip for sure, but no matter what, it won’t be boring!

This Mars and Venus conjunction is sure to fire you up and motivate you to be more loving and to inject some sexuality into your life. The Mercury and Pluto conjunction can be a challenge for some signs; however, it only serves to further your relationship growth this week.

If any of this energy I’ve talked about is concerning you or you’d like to better channel the blessings of this week, I invite you to meet up with me. I am so grateful for the times I get to talk to my readers, so don’t hesitate for a second!

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Wishing you all the luck in the Universe,

Anna Kovach

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  1. Hello Anna, I am confused with this horoscope, what sign is best to read when the sun , rising and moon are all in different signs…
    Thank you

    1. Hi Edith!

      Well for maximum information, you read all of them. Your Sun sign is the basics of you, Your moon is emotional side of you, and your Rising sign is how other people see you. You might want to get a consultation to find out a bit more. I’d love to help you. I wish you all the very best sweetheart!

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