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Weekly Love Horoscope For February 21st – 27th

Hello, beautiful ladies! It’s me, Anna, bringing your weekly love horoscope for February 21st – 27th. Once again, the Universe is switching things up. It’s never a dull moment, I tell you!

What are the planets doing in regards to your love life this week?

It appears that there are a few transits that will have you focusing on healing, letting go, and creating a new way of seeing things when it comes to love. The aspects with Pluto, Neptune, Saturn, and Chiron are heavy hitters.

The Sun is still in dreamy Pisces, but there is a bit of an awakening going on with the Moon – shaking it up in spicy Scorpio. Erotic pleasures are bound to strike a chord with some of you!

Scorpio can be quite naughty… but in the best ways. The Moon highlights the possibilities of getting sexy and enjoying your partnership or friendships being explored.

Mercury is still in place but is now dancing with these healing planets I mentioned. All relationships will be affected at this time.

Neptune is hand in hand with the Moon from the 22nd to the 27th. That means that dreams and fantasies may be uncovered. The Moonlight brings secrets to the forefront.

Do you have something to say to your partner or potential lover? If it’s not you edging towards a confession, then your partner may have something to reveal – so be open to what this week offers to you.

Without further delay, let’s take a good look at what the week has to offer you this week! Check out your sign below for details.


With your ruling sign being Mars, this week is helping you to get closer to your dreams and aspirations. What kind of love do you want? Mars is still in Capricorn, a sign who doesn’t settle for less in matters of the heart. And by the way, Venus is still playing footsie with Mars!

Mercury still in Aquarius is now focusing more on your inner thoughts, feelings, and desires. What is it you’re trying to portray to other people? Chiron in Aries definitely calls you to look at what needs healing deep inside.

If you’ve been hurt before and now have some fears then Mercury tangling with Neptune, Chiron, and Pluto should definitely help you figure out what is lacking and allow you to spruce yourself up.

Fixing things about your deep psyche can only make your love life that much better. Your partner will see you as a shining star and inspiration!


Your Ruling sign, Venus, is Sextile with Neptune. Dreams are a big deal right now. What do you deeply desire with your partner or potential love? Well… Neptune is excellent for helping you make your dreams come true.

Going deep can also help you to figure out what you want in a soul mate or if the person you’re with is the right one. This is a thoughtful week. Mercury holding hands with the deep healing planets mean something.

Mercury is also squaring it off with Uranus. There are some possibilities that arise for you. You might meet your soulmate in a random place at a random time. Long-term love or even marriage is definitely possible.

You may become someone’s rock. The love you’ve always wanted is nearby. The love you have will grow and your life is going to change a bit this week. It’s alright, though; it’s for the best.

Be open to changes, my stable and fierce Taurus. You’ve got this in the bag!


Your planetary ruler is still hanging out in Aquarius, so that part hasn’t yet shifted. You’re still in good spirits and feeling very much open to learning and buffing up your skills. Meeting new people is also possible.

Mars and Venus are still tickling one another allowing for sexual exploration and open communication. You may even feel like two peas in a pod at the moment. Singles can also have fun with romantic hopefuls.

Pluto in Capricorn opens up the idea of possibly traveling together on a vacation or getaway. If you are single, you may find someone while in the midst of traveling. Uranus is over in the house of dreams and desires. Is there something you really want in love? It’s time to make it happen.

There may be a surprise in store for you this week that will knock your socks off! Are you ready to roll with it? Of course, you are! You’re the master at multitasking. Have fun with it!


The Moon has moved into Scorpio making things very hopeful, inspirational, and may shake up your normal routines. This, of course, will include your relationships, friendships, and acquaintances.

There is a feeling of embracing the unknown and it definitely feels sexy. Since it is your ruling sign, this will feel really comfortable to you. Your desire for your partner or potential partner may be quite high with Venus and Mars still in Aquarius and house of sexuality.

Jupiter sextile Uranus is making you feel free and able to do just about anything you want. It also gives you some good ideas for trying new things. Don’t be afraid to get experimental in and out of the bedroom!

You’re one of the best lovers, Cancer, so now it’s time to show and prove your love!


Lovely Leo… your planetary ruler is lighting up your house of status, career, and success in life. You can just smell the success with the Sun in Pisces. This is great for your working future. This is something to share with someone you love. Maybe a business partnership is possible with your lover. That may actually work in your favor.

With Venus and Mars still getting it on in the house of secrets and sexuality, having fun is a priority. Uranus being in Taurus lights up deep inspiration and dreams. Is your partner your soul mate? If you’re single, you definitely could meet your soulmate.

Neptune in Pisces is also helping you to really dig for what your deepest desires are in life and allowing you to put into perspective what you will work for. Make your dreams come true, the timing couldn’t be more perfect!


Your ruling planet is inspiring you to try new things and possibly do some rewarding traveling. Mercury is still in Aquarius currently so the desire to get up and go is very high. Take your sweetie on a cruise or a trip to an exotic beach.

Singles you can certainly meet someone new and fascinating while traveling to a new location. Give it a shot, you might meet your soul mate or someone you form a very different type of bond with.

Venus and Mars are still allowing you to enjoy your sexual vibrations. Don’t be afraid to open up to your partner. The Moon being in Scorpio will help the excitement of mystery lead you to a spiritual connection. Mars sextile Neptune may enhance the desire to make your dreams a reality!

Try your best to be open, Virgo. I know it’s not easy for you to do, but you can access the very depths of your dreams if you can let your guard down a little bit.


Venus is sextile with Neptune and that definitely makes for some fantasies to come to life. Whether you’re trying something exciting and new with a partner or getting out there to date, things are going to be VERY interesting.

Mercury shifting to your house of travel, exploration, and education may help you to finally have a meaningful relationship with someone who really understands you. Your desire to travel and do new things is inspired and allows you to finally really be who you are.

Uranus being in your house of dreams, desires, and secrets is still being highlighted. While it still makes that connection with Jupiter, you definitely have opportunities for your desires with love to be quite successful.

Enjoy the love you have or savor the love that could be soon entering your life!


Oh, Scorpio… the Moon is quite fantastic for you this week. While it’s in Scorpio, it’s touching base with Mercury, Uranus, and Jupiter, which makes for a life-changing scenario. If you’ve been single, you might not be after this week. Intrigued yet? You should be!

Your ruling planet, Pluto is basically becoming mysterious and exciting with the Moon squaring with it. Your house of daily routines is where it’s at. The changes are going to be real! These are much needed changes. Your relationship may jump up to a new level or you may meet someone if you’re single.

Uranus is in the house of deepest desires, dreams, and secrets. This is exciting for you. Jupiter and Mercury will bring your thoughts to the surface, thus, allowing your dreams to finally take flight. Your greatest love or fantasy is definitely within reach this week!


My sweet Sagittarius, your ruling planet is now in the house of status, career, and job potential. Are you looking for new work? You’re in luck with Jupiter being there for you. If you’re already in a job or lucrative career, things are about to step it up a notch this week. You may be up for a new position or some kind of positive shift that will make you feel good.

Venus and Mars are still exploring their sexuality together. If your relationship is hot right now, that’s why. If you’re single, you’ve definitely got someone’s attention. They really want you and will do just about anything to have you.

Look for your normal daily routine to change this week. The Moon is in Scorpio and you can bet that something you have desired for a while may finally come to fruition. Again, this could lead you to the next step in your relationship or allow you to meet someone who is “the one!”


Oh my goodness, Capricorn – you’ve got a lot going on this week. Just as with last week, it’s a high-energy time that still allows you to explore your options with someone new or help spice up a relationship you’re already in. Venus and Mars are still quite active at this time in the sexual department. Enjoy yourself and let the chemistry flow.

The Moon is in Scorpio inspiring your house of routines. That also means there may be a much-desired change happening for you. I know you don’t like changes too much but this is something you actually do really want. Keep your mind and your heart open this week.

Pluto offers up the opportunity to travel or go through a personal journey. This may be with you and your partner, or it may be something that allows you to meet someone new while traveling. This is an exciting and life-changing experience for you, so make the most of it!


Mercury is still in your sign and currently giving you some pretty fantastic ideas about taking a trip or diving into a personal journey. Even when you’re in a partnership, you need time to yourself sometimes. It’s alright to do this. In fact, it’s highly suggested. You need to clear your head and get some perspective, my dear Aquarius.

Relationship-wise, Mars and Venus are still quite strong with their energy. Great sex is on the table for you and your lover. If you’re single then you may very well be meeting someone according to the Moon who has moved into your house of routines. Time to shake it up and have fun!

Uranus in your house of dreams, secrets, and deepest desires allows you to have a very unexpected surprise. Then again, you could always surprise your lover with a proposal of commitment if you know they are your soulmate. If single, you may actually meet your person!


Jupiter is still in your sign and in your favor. Right now, it’s doing something to give you more luck when it comes to making your job/career the best it can be. This may mean a raise, bonus, or a change in position. If looking, you may land a new job that makes you feel more connected to who you are.

Venus is still playing around with Mars enhancing your sex life. Uranus over in the house of dreams, secrets, and deep desires are enhanced, and you might want to try something new. If not you then your partner may spring something seductive with you. A new partner may be in store for singles.

There are big changes brewing for you this week, in not only your daily tasks but also in the house that inspires traveling or making a personal spiritual journey. You’ll know when it happens as you’ll feel a bit different. Perhaps a trip with your sweetheart to a spiritual place is in order? You decide!

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Closing Words For You

My beautiful friends, you know that I absolutely adore you. You all make it worth my time and efforts. I really enjoy my work because it gives me love and allows me to share it with you.

This week is one of change, exploring desires, dreams, and fantasies. Jobs and careers may shift as may your daily experiences. I certainly hope that you are enjoying the strong sexual energies that are still hanging around.

As always, I look forward to sharing with you again next week. I am always here for you. I know that the transits are sometimes confusing for those of you who are new. Just know that you absolutely can reach out to me and ask me questions.

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This is sure to blow your mind and help you on your journey to find your one true love. I will answer all of your questions about love and life, and provide you with the guidance you are seeking.

What have you got to lose?

You are not alone and as always; I wish you all the luck in the Universe.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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  1. Hi Anna!

    I missed writing for you so much. I just write down for the sake of talking to you. You know it’s Mercury season in my sign and I’m so talkative :-)) Everywhere is blessing. Such a beautiful world. Such a nice feeling around us. Wish u all the best feeling dear..

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