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Weekly Love Horoscope For February 14th – 20th

Hey gorgeous babes, it’s me, Anna, back again with another Weekly Love Horoscope that oh-so-appropriately kicks off on Valentine’s Day itself. The Universe never ceases to amaze. What type of love energy could the planets be pushing into your life this week?

Two major planetary bodies are switching signs after a pretty stagnant period in the stars. The Sun is moving into dreamy and romantic Pisces. Pisces assumes the best of others (if they’re operating on the highest version of themselves) and so Pisces energy can work really well for relationships.

With the Sun’s movement into Pisces, it is now activating social and romantic areas of some signs’ charts. Are you one of those signs?

Mercury is moving into revolutionary and original Aquarius. Mercury is a planet of communication and how we interpret the world and others. As a result, it is a super key piece in ALL relationships or any variety.

What could Mercury’s movements mean for your sign?

Appropriately, Mars (planet of sex and desire) and Venus (planet of love, partnership, and money) are conjoined in the sign of Capricorn on Valentine’s Day and on through the week. These two planets by themselves are powerful for love, but together they can make sparks fly.

Jupiter, planet of optimism and joy, continues making a sextile to Uranus, planet of rebellion. A sextile makes positive growth and rewards a possibility from this transit, but the onus is on you to take action!

So, my dear, let’s find out what’s in store for you this week! Find your sign down below to get started.


Aries, you’re seeing your warrior heart soften up a bit this week and Venus makes its way over your ruling planet Mars. This tends to melt you down to a newly gushy mess, especially since Venus rules your house of partnership. With the planet representing who you are with the planet representing who your dream partner is, this is a recipe for a long-lasting relationship if you play your cards right.

Actually, I’d call this an ideal time for a wedding due to the heavy Capricorn influence. This would ensure that your marriage lasts a long time because Capricorn is steady and gets the job done no matter how long it takes.

With Jupiter forming a sextile to Uranus in your house of finances, this could be a beneficial time to talk to your partner about investing together. You want to make tangible investments to create general growth, so creating a financial plan together is essential.


Your planetary ruler, Venus, is conjoining with Mars (her masculine counterpart) in your house of travel, higher education, and spirituality. You are interested in someone who can stimulate your mind and who wishes to grow with you. A relationship with no growth potential just isn’t going to cut it now.

Since Mars is the ruler of your house of partnership, you’ve got an opportunity to secure a partnership at this time or double down on one that you already have. For example, maybe you decide to make it Facebook official or you decide to get engaged or married. Any agreement to stay together will be more authentic now.

With Uranus in your own sign forming a sextile to Pisces (in your house of friendship and community) you could be feeling accepted for who you are, even if you’re different from your friends. You may have found a tolerant friend group that you and your partner can thrive in together.


Gemini, with your planetary ruler merging into Aquarius this week, you see a generally positive shift. Mercury is happy in Aquarius and thus, you’re feeling a bit more chipper in general, especially since Mercury is now in your house of higher education, expansion, and spirituality. This house tends to cultivate people’s senses of meaning in life.

Mars and Venus meeting up in your house of taboo and sexuality is sure to get your engine running. You’re attracted to your partner’s deeper, more emotional side. You want to be able to bare your souls to each other and anything less just feels fake.

The ruler of your house of partnership forming a sextile to Uranus could mean a positive shake-up in your partnership if you choose to make it positive. Sextiles require some effort on your part to make the unexpected turn into something unexpectedly good.


Cancer, the Sun has shifted into Pisces and your house of expansion, travel, and spirituality, emphasizing all of the more adventurous sides of your personality. Use this to your advantage to wow your partner or love interest with your observations about the way the world works.

Your house of partnership is completely loaded up, but the ruler of your house of partnership is located in your house of taboo and sexuality. This could make your partnership feel a bit uncomfortable as it pushes the boundaries of what you’re comfortable with within your relationship. You could find yourself setting new boundaries as of late.

As the ruler of your house of romance meets up with Venus in your house of partnership, you can expect this week’s energy to support all of your romantic endeavors. You should absolutely be flirting and putting yourself out there and getting out of the house (I know you know what I mean!).


Leo, with your planetary ruler, the Sun, entering your house of taboo, mystery, and secrets, you could find yourself suddenly burdened with information that was previously kept from you as the Sun sheds light on issues that have been swept under the rug.

If your partnership has issues that need addressing, you’ll likely feel an urge to fix them now.

There is an overtone of isolation in your partnerships right now, even if you’re going steady with someone. This is due to Saturn’s icy influence. However, Jupiter in your house of secrets and mystery forming a sextile to Uranus could actually invite more friends into your life.

If you’re single right now, you may not mind it. But just know that you’re meant to explore themes of sexuality, flirtation, and generally dipping your toes into the casual dating pool. With Mars and Venus aligning in your house of work and health, don’t hesitate to let the cutie in the cubicle or the guy at the gym know that you’re interested.


Virgo, with your planetary ruler (Mercury) moving into Aquarius, your focus is now on how to modernize the work that you do every day. You’re looking for more efficient ways to make bonds at work. Friendships come easily right now, but who’s to say that can’t turn into romance?

Mars and Venus align in your house of romance, forming an easygoing trine to your own sign. This emboldens you to pursue your crush and your creative projects with a lot more pep in your step. Putting yourself out there is essential. Try hanging out in artsy spots or music venues if you’re interested in someone new.

The Sun moving into Pisces signals a new focus on partnerships. If you’re already in one then you’re re-prioritizing that relationship. If you’re single then you’re definitely interested in meeting up with someone who clicks with you. A dreamy guy who goes with the flow will complement your go-getter nature.


Libra, your planetary ruler, Venus is conjoining with the ruler of your house of partnership all week long! This is an ideal week to foster a new relationship or to bring your partner to meet the family. I highly recommend cozy moments at home, preferably snuggling on the couch together and having deep talks with one another.

With Mercury moving into your house of romance, you see a new mental shift towards beginning new projects and new relationships. You certainly could be feeling more artistic than usual, so get out there and meet new people in the spots where free-thinkers hang out. This is the type of person or space that will most interest and excite you now.

Libra, Jupiter in your house of work making a sextile to Taurus in your house of secrets and taboo could equal a lot of joking around at work and disregarding authority figures. It can also create beneficial connections and can signal a great time to welcome new work friends into the fold.


Scorpio, your planetary ruler is conjoining with Venus in your house of everyday life and goings-on as well as how you fit into your local community. This signals a period where the casual connections you make throughout life come into play more heavily. Could someone you thought was only a passing figure turn out to be more?

With the Sun and Jupiter moving into the sign of Pisces, your house of romance is being activated in a big way. What’s more, Jupiter forms a sextile to Uranus in your house of partnerships all week, meaning that you’re more likely to create lasting bonds with someone who respects boundaries and who feels like a friend that you happen to be in love with.

With such a concentration in your house of everyday activity, you could be overwhelmed by all of the little mental drains that pop up throughout your days. Venting to your partner can be an effective way to let out some of the frustration as you’re made a very busy person.


Sagittarius, your planetary ruler, Jupiter, is in the fourth house of family and home, indicating a generally happy and accepting time at home. There is a chance you’re thinking of expanding the house sometime soon, either by physically building on it or by welcoming a new family member.

With Jupiter forming a sextile to Uranus in the house of labor and routine, we see an opportunity for prioritizing your roots by remembering that the blessings that you’re experiencing at home are a result of your hard work. This is a good time to start your own business with a partner.

Mercury rules your house of partnerships, so when it enters Aquarius your partnerships and close relationships, in general, can feel the effects. Aquarius signals innovative and unique thinking, and sparkling conversation. Your ability to use your words and express your thoughts accurately are directly related to your success in the realm of dating.


Capricorn, your sign is full of energy this week, especially since you’ll be feeling the pleasant but powerful Mars/Venus conjunction in full force. You embody sultriness and charm right now, but you can’t help but actively pursue the person that you’re interested in. You’re a magnetic force of attraction right now, Capricorn.

Pisces in your house of daily activities and thought processes are being activated by both Jupiter and the Sun right now. This house affects how you communicate with others and process the information that they’re giving you. You have nothing but good vibes there right now with the Sun and Jupiter residing here. You’re definitely assuming the best of others at this time.

Saturn in Aquarius means that you’re looking for something solid in life in general. You want to know that your investments will stand the test of time, and that includes partnerships. This is why you could be picky about who you are with right now, as you should be!


Aquarius, Mercury has moved into your sign marking the beginning of a period where you’re learning to reembody yourself. Mercury rules your house of romance, music, parties, and creativity. Aquarius, I encourage you to leave the cocoon of isolation you may have built for yourself lately and spread your wings once more.

This is a great time to dip your toes back into the dating pool again, Aquarius. The tough and lonely-ish times could still persist, but now you have the gift of being able to offset it with more self-directed activities.

You relish the chance to take control of your life once more, Aquarius. You might be feeling comfortable enough to entertain the idea of welcoming someone new into your life. I encourage you to follow your heart and chase the feelings of joy. You’ve earned it.


Pisces, you will see one planet leave your house of isolation to enter your own sign and another planet replace it. The energy has shifted in your favor because the Sun is now lighting up your own sign, empowering you to lead with your heart, which is obvious to anyone around you that you may choose to give your love to.

The ruler of your house of partnership is entering a house and sign that can be rather chilly. By that I mean, your partner might feel distant to you in some sense, literally or figuratively. If you’re single then this energy won’t be felt nearly as strongly. If you’re single this is actually a great time to get out and look for new love.

Your planetary co-ruler, Jupiter, is forming a sextile to Taurus in your house of communication and everyday life. This creates a harmony between communicating authentically and rationally. You’re likely a better conversationalist than usual, which is why you should get out there and show everyone around you your sparkle!

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Wrapping Up

Darlings, I love being here with you every week. This week was exceptionally positive for most signs, and I can’t help but feel like the Universe made it this way just for V-day. I think any sign could safely pursue love, though whether every sign is currently highly motivated to do that is a different story!

I look forward to seeing you again next week! I always make myself available to talk to my readers here. I know that some of these transits can be overwhelming, so don’t hesitate to reach out to me where we can talk one on one about how the current energy is affecting you specifically and how to best work with it for optimum growth!

Wishing you all the luck in the Universe,

Anna Kovach

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    1. Hi Marianne!

      Thank you so much for your kind words. I truly appreciate your feedback. Clients just like you are why I do all this work. I wish you all the best and please do stay in tune with the weekly horoscopes!

  1. Thank you so much I am single birthday March 1st 1965 I’ve been a widow will be 16 years I lost my husband in the fire I was left with three sons to raise and I did a pretty darn good job and they’re doing good there is someone that I really care about his birthday is March the 8th 1962 and I feel that I know he cares about me but it’s so many jealous people. My neighbor says he sees him right by my house I want to know where we connect my name is Robert

    1. Hi Cynthia!

      You’re very welcome sweetheart. I’m glad the horoscopes resonated with you and you’re still keeping up with the current ones. Other people’s jealousy should never interfere with your love. You have to ignore them as best as you can if you want this to happen for you. You can do this! I wish you all the very best in love sweetheart!

    1. Hi Mysh!

      Happy Belated Birthday sweetheart! We’re coming up on yet another full moon tomorrow (Friday March 18th). Heightened energy may help you to manifest what it is you really want in your life. I wish you nothing but the very best!

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