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Weekly Love Horoscope For December 27th – January 2nd

Well, honey, it’s the end of the year! The astrological energy has been nuts this year, but for now, let’s zone in on how the love energy is treating us this week in particular. As we round into January, what can we expect?

There are no major planetary changes so we look to the transits and configurations to inform us about how this week is going to pan out. The Sun remains in Capricorn along with Mercury and Venus, creating a serious energy that can be used to lock down love.

For the final week, Venus conjuncts Pluto, creating the smoldering and heart-stopping romance that we all dream of. This is that soul-searing love that absolutely consumes those who it touches. How does this steamy alignment affect your sign?

Now, get this. As soon as the Venus and Pluto conjunction ends, Venus touches Mercury immediately, creating epic communication and mental preoccupation with romance and partnership. You and your partner could easily have some of the most comforting and lighthearted conversations that you’ve ever had during this time.

That’s not all. With Mercury and Pluto also conjuncting at this time, it’s a week to remember. Your thoughts become penetrating and suspicious. Perhaps you begin to wonder if you’re being played by your partner. There could be the feeling that mental games are being played with you.

All of this information is subject to change, depending on whether your sign partakes in the energy fully or not. In order to find out what you can expect from this transit, then go ahead and read on.


Venus continues to conjunct Pluto this week, meaning that you’re still feeling deep intensity and the weight of words not said in your romance. It’s a period that should be used to uncover the deeper issues behind awkwardness and anger within your relationships, romantic or not.

As soon as the Venus/Pluto conjunction ends, we see Mercury conjuncting Pluto in your tenth house. Secrets and things you’d rather keep hidden have the potential to rear their head. Think twice before divulging to someone else who you’re in love with… they might take what you’ve told them in confidence and misuse it.

Mental games are getting under your skin since that is just not your style. You can’t deal with subtle and manipulative ways to gain authority. You must decide what you’re willing to put up with in another this week.


It’s finally the end of your planetary ruler conjuncting Pluto. While I am positive that at least one relationship was brought closer by this time, I have to imagine that you’re ready for the pressure on your love life to stop building! It’s been such a tiring period for romance, so don’t hesitate to pat yourself on the back.

Now, this week is still intense, because as Venus moves off of Pluto, Mercury moves directly onto it, conjuncting both Pluto and Venus (your ruling planet)! Will you ever get some rest, Taurus babe?

As Mercury melds its energy with the energy of Pluto, you might find that topics that scare you when it comes to love are enhanced. Perhaps there is a conversation that arises regarding infidelity or commitment. Either way, you’re sure to have your work cut out for you on the romantic front.


At last, the Venus and Pluto conjunction is ending after several weeks. You’re about to see the pressure let up somewhat. However, the Capricorn energy is still lingering heavy, asking us all to be more responsible than we may want to be.

Don’t get too comfortable Gemini, because as soon as the Venus and Pluto conjunction ends, your planetary ruler hits Pluto and Venus at the same time, creating incredible tension, sexual or otherwise, in your life. This period may feel like you are in a pressure cooker of sorts.

Mercury and Venus conjuncting create amazing romantic chemistry in your life. You are looking attractive to someone in your life and they might begin to see you as a long-term lover the more that the two of you chat it up.


This week, the conjunction between Pluto and Venus comes to an end. Perhaps you enjoyed the period of emotional intensity or perhaps you feel ready for a break. I hope that you’ve got some more energy inside because it’s not over yet!

Mercury and Pluto conjunct this week with Venus in extremely close proximity, creating a great emphasis on communicating your passion, desire, and love to your partner. You will hardly be able to contain your feelings for him as this transit goes into effect.

Despite the drama that this transit brings, you can expect that communicating romantically and being creative is generally a lot easier around this period. You are also the epitome of sexy and beautiful to your partner as you open up to him and show your authentic self with ease.


Capricorn is still the star of the show this week, and so is your house of work, health, and routine. As the final week of the Pluto/Venus conjunction is upon us, we can expect some pressure to build, especially as Mercury joins the planet of love and the planet of power exactly.

You might ask for a raise at work this time at a minimum. There is a strong possibility that romance at work is on the horizon if it isn’t already here. It could reach a boiling point this week where the two of you finally open up about your feelings or finally take it outside of the time clock.

With Mercury and Venus conjuncting, your communication style at work is sweet and inviting. You’re able to ultimately get the job done because of Pluto’s presence, as well as your planetary ruler, the Sun.

Mars remains in your house of romance, further increasing the sexy tension between you and your love interest. You’re eager to get the show on the road, but don’t put off the other person by attempting to rush in before they’re ready.


Virgo, as I mapped out your transits, I could hardly believe my eyes. You have a mind-blowing stellium in the house of romance, creativity, and dating. The Sun, Venus, Pluto, and Mercury (your planetary ruler) are all making headway within the sign of status.

For you Virgo, you’re feeling a positive flow of energy in any creative endeavor or one that sparks joy. The fifth house does embody total joy, so following the butterflies in your stomach is a good move at this time. Dating around has rarely been more blessed for you as well. Even if you don’t find the ‘one,’ you are sure to have a good time anyways.

Virgo, with your planetary ruler conjuncting Venus and Pluto, you’re mentally stimulated to the max. Love is all about feeling it in your bones and just going for it, full speed ahead.

The co-ruler of your house of partnership, Jupiter, will be entering its own domain in the sign of Pisces once more this week, making partnerships become abundant. Romantic partnerships could flourish around this time. It’s just the beginning for you, Virgo!


Libra, your planetary ruler is seeing some serious action this week in your house of family, home, and roots. Something from your past may be influencing the way that you are loving your partner or your family. This week, you’re being asked to dive into old trauma in order to bring your best self to the table.

After the house of family and roots, we see the fifth house of romance, which all of these planets will enter within the next couple of months (besides pokey Pluto). Before you can become lighthearted in love, you have to give up the crap that weighs you down.

Romantically, you are doing the inner work and really delving into why you do what you do in romance. As a result, you’ll be able to fully enjoy the pleasures on their way to you.

In addition, Mars is still within your house of communication and information. You’re processing events too quickly right now. You have to take time to allow them to settle in to absorb the full meaning before discarding them.


Scorpio, you’re seeing your third house of communication and information processing completely loaded up with Venus, Mercury, Pluto, and the Sun. This allows you to think quickly and optimistically. Despite this benefit, you could be seeing some mental cobwebs that you didn’t know were there.

You are able to speak with love while also communicating your ideas with ease this week. As Venus rules your house of partnership, I recommend that you keep your mind open to a quiet, brainy type of lover around this time. Venus’ presence with Mercury means that your next love interest could be intelligent and maybe a little younger than you.

Scorpio, this week you’re tasked with working on your own mental approach to love and romance. You are asking yourself if your habits and communication styles make sense for the type of person you want to attract. This will build you up into a better lover overall.


Sagittarius, let’s talk about passion for a minute. Mars in your own sign rules your house of romance, meaning that you’re currently radiating sensual energy that draws your ideal lover towards you. Just being yourself is enough to signal to those around you that you are relationship material.

Your second house of possessions, resources, and money is loaded with Capricorn energy as Venus, Pluto, and Mercury conjunct while the Sun staggers behind. You have the opportunity to attract someone that works in finance or sales around this time. If you’re with a partner, they may be interested in getting into these areas.

Sagittarius, as the ruler of your house of partnership, moves over Venus, the planet of love, you have a real opportunity this week to weed out the guy that is interested in you. This is a good time to become partnered up if you’re brave enough for the intense but emancipating Pluto energy.


Capricorn, with so many planets in your own sign (the Sun, Pluto, Mercury, and Venus) there is a lot of mixed energy coming from you. The conjunction between Mercury, Venus, and Pluto is sure to make you feel its presence. This is enough to change your approach to love entirely.

With Mars in your house of isolation, you could be feeling frustrated by all of these changes but somehow feel like you can’t express this in a healthy way. I advise journaling and allowing yourself to get angry if needed. Hiding anger is not always the best idea.

Capricorn, as an Earth sign, change can be hard for you. Despite this, I ask that you open your mind to the idea of allowing the circumstances around you to change you. Your approach to love needed some fine-tuning, and this transit is doing just that. Allow it to happen and you’ll see yourself come out better on the other side.


Aquarius, you’re likely still feeling the need to be distant, even from your lover. As the Sun (ruler of your house of partnership) enters your dark house of isolation, you might see a relationship end or simply become less energized around this period.

You might be feeling more like a hermit than ever during this transit. Despite that, we see Mars in your house of friendships, energizing your ability to engage in a community. Your engagements may be more online than physically attending, but your involvement is needed to get the ball rolling.

Romantically, this week may feel a bit busted. As planets remain in the Saturn ruled sign of Capricorn in your house of isolation, we see that you need some time alone in order to give your best self to the relationship you’ll eventually get into.

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Pisces, your house of friendship is completely consumed with Capricorn energy as Venus, Pluto, Mercury, and the Sun enter this house. You’re engaged with your friends and community at this time. You may find that you’re drawn to volunteering.

Venus’ presence with Mercury (the ruler of your house of partnership) could spell love if you make it known to your acquaintance or friend that you’re into them. You might also be on the receiving end of their declaration of love for you!

Pisces, you naturally crush on a lot of people, but you’re also seeing someone stand out amongst the others right now. It’s my advice to give it a shot. You are worthy of love and romance that elevates your life. Go with the guy who is a lover as well as a best friend.

Wrapping Up

This week is totally saturated in that earth Capricorn energy! How does it feel? Are you handling it? When in doubt, take authority back. That’s what I do during Capricorn season. It’s a time to embrace your boss energy in ANY part of life, romantic or not.

Some of these transits are going to feel different for individuals than I have explained here. While generally accurate, these horoscopes don’t reflect the entire depth of information found within your own birth chart and your partner’s.

I noticed this and saw a perfect opportunity to bond more with my readers. As a result, I created the VIP Consultation service for my readers who desire one on one consultations with me. It’s a way for me to get to know you and for you to gain personalized insight into your relationship.

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Wishing you all the luck in the Universe,

Anna Kovach

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  1. Well I’m a Capricorn and I tell you that, that sure did hit home. I am feeling every bit of frustration and anger. I also feel the changes and was just thinking about journaling to let the biggest part of it out. It’s amazing at the emotions that I’m actually feeling.

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