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Weekly Love Horoscope For December 20th – 26th

Hello my dear, welcome back to the Weekly Love Horoscope, this week we’re focusing on the 20th through the 26th. I always look forward to our time together here every week. In some ways, it keeps me feeling sane, and like we have a rhythm together.

First order of business is addressing that Venus and Pluto are STILL conjuncting in the sign of Capricorn. It feels like they’ve been together for so long, and who is to say how the energy is affecting everyone? It’s intense and deep, but also verging on neurotic love. Are you hanging in there? How do you like this sultry energy?

This week the major planet change that we focus on is the Sun entering Capricorn. This shift is jarring as we leave a freedom loving, limit pushing Sagittarius energy to the serious and boundary-loving Capricorn. This reinforces our desire for commitment in romance this week.

The wild card of the bunch is Mars, who is in the sign of Sagittarius. With Mars in the sign of freedom, there is potential for multiple love affairs. However, this is not going unnoticed with the stern energy of Mercury, the Sun, and Venus in Capricorn.

To understand this week, we must look to Capricorn’s ruler, Saturn. For this entire week, we see Saturn forming a square to Uranus, planet of mischief. This throws a wrench in Capricorn’s plans for solid dedication in love. With a disruptive energy on the way in, what does this mean for you?

This all means something different for each sign, so keep that in mind. It’s sure to be a wild week for everyone, so brace yourself! But keep reading to find your sign and to note what you can expect personally for this week.


With Venus and Pluto still conjoining in the sign of Capricorn, love could feel complex to say the least. Capricorn doesn’t jive well with Aries energy, so you could be feeling exhausted by the intensity in your love life. You could ultimately feel too much pressure and get stressed if you’re not careful. 

Your planetary ruler remains in Sagittarius, which bodes well for you overall. When Mars is in a fellow fire sign, it’s free to be more itself, and thus, so are you. 

Saturn plays a big part this week due to its effect on the Sun, Mercury, and Venus, currently. Saturn is located in your eleventh house of community and is facing a square to Uranus in your second house. With this configuration, you’re more than likely going to face some romantic double takes. 

Random events and stressed boundaries are the theme this week. It’s important to keep your head and to stay calm in the face of all of the Universal tests. 


Your planetary ruler (Venus) and Pluto are still touching on one another in the sky. This energy is not an inherently negative energy, rather, it can serve to deepen your relationship to new, more psychological levels. By the time this finishes, you may feel that you understand your partner better than ever.

Despite that, you could also be overwhelmed with an intense obsession regarding your romance. With Mercury copresent in the sign of Capricorn, you might be having anxiety or just general stress related to your relationship. Pluto can feel like any area of life that it’s involved in is in a pressure cooker! You just have to remember that once it is all over, you’re better for it.

Saturn is located in your house of career and legacy, and this means that your love life and your overall reputation are intertwined. Your love interest is judging you based on what the world at large perceives in you.


Pluto and Venus continue to conjunct within the house of secrets and taboo, creating an underlying dirtiness to your relationship that just feels so right. However, this energy brings with it a certain amount of relationship paranoia occasionally, so ensure that your mind doesn’t spiral out of control.

With your planetary ruler, Mercury, Venus, and the Sun all in the sign of Capricorn, you are bound to feel responsible for creating a romance that lasts a long time. You may feel the pressures of time catching up to you if you’re single. If you’re in a relationship, you’re looking to settle down into a relationship that means business.

Gemini, with Saturn in the house of education and faith forming a square to Uranus, you’re finding that your course of action depends heavily on how responsibly you handle the unexpected. When everything goes haywire, Gemini, are you stepping up to the plate or running away? It’s time to step up if you desire the romance of your dreams.


Cancer, there are more elements at play for you than you even realize in regard to your long-term relationships. The Sun enters Capricorn this week, thus entering your house of partnership. Currently, four planets (Mercury, Venus, the Sun, and Pluto) lie within this integrally important house. This is a time in your life that you will reflect on due to how important you will realize it was for you.

If you’re single, it’s time to narrow down what you’d like in a partner and pursue that if desired. This period can bring your ideal lover to you if you know what you’re looking for. Consider someone who is serious and mature that can assist in anchoring you.

Mars in the sign of Sagittarius in your house of work is energizing you to complete meticulous and passionate effort into the things that you do. Your ability to be productive is currently being highlighted. Despite the mundane nature of chores and work, it has a spiritual quality for you.


Your planetary ruler, the Sun, is leaving Sagittarius and entering Capricorn and thus your sixth house of health, routine, and work. The Sun is joining Mercury, Venus, and Pluto in this sign, driving home the emphasis on Capricorn, a Saturn-ruled sign.

You are more able to begin new routines and to get serious about your health and wellness at this time. In addition, going to work feels important and you’re able to put your all into your job. On top of that, a romance may be waiting for you at work. Perhaps you know who is into you, but are you into them?

With Saturn in your seventh house of partnership, I am tempted to say that your next long-term partner will be found at work or within the healthcare field. Ending up with someone older or perhaps even a boss figure at work is a possibility.


Virgo, Venus remains in Capricorn, and this is good news for you since this also means that it’s in your house of romance and creativity. Venus in your fifth house is great for ALL romantic endeavors and many creative ones.

Venus is still conjuncting Pluto here, meaning that you’re seeking stimulation and transformation in the area of romance. A love could arrive and transform your taste in partners or your approach to children or creative endeavors in general while this alignment lasts.

Mars in Sagittarius (in your fourth house of family and home) could usher in a period of tension on the home front. Since Mars rules the house of secrets and taboo in your own chart, this could easily be a transit that makes it rather awkward to introduce your partner to your family under… hold off for a few months if possible.


Libra, this is a period of time that is sure to make you feel tense, romantically and otherwise. With your planetary ruler (Venus) conjuncting Pluto, the planet of transformation and karma, it could feel like what you knew is changing. If you are in a relationship, this can be a period where the nature of that relationship changes noticeably.

Libra, Mars in Sagittarius in your house of communication gives your words a sense of urgency and honesty. When you communicate with your partner or love interest, you’re more able to say what’s on your mind, something you may struggle with otherwise, Libra.

Mars transitioning through the house of communication also means that it’s a prime time for sending spicy and flirty texts that may even range into sexting! This is a fiery transit that allows you to paint a pretty bold picture with your words if you’re brave enough to lean into it. You’re sure to have some conversations that you can’t write home to mother about.


Scorpio, your planetary co-ruler (Pluto) is conjuncting Venus in the sign of Capricorn in your house of communication. Man, the implications this has on your love life are astounding. With your coruler touching the planet of love, beauty, and creativity, you’re far more likely to see it with rose-colored glasses on, and your lover or potential lover is like a knight in shining armor to you.

In your house of communication, you can expect your words to have an exceptional impact on your lover or love interest. Pluto is often like something you can’t tear your eyes from and Venus coats everything in honey… which means that your words are captivating and sweet, almost hypnotic.

Scorpio, with your other planetary co-ruler (Mars) in your house of resources and money, you can expect to feel like your identity and the objects around you are temporarily conflated. As a result, keeping your space and possessions to your liking and ensuring they’re tidy and clean is going to make you feel much more in the mood with your lover.


Sagittarius, you’re feeling invigorated and renewed as Mars transitions through your own sign. It’s true, Mars rules conflict, so you might want to pick a fight more than usual during this time. However, you’re far more sexually aroused these days as well, so if you play into that side, it’s easy to make it out of this transit with nothing but fond memories.

Venus, the planet of love, is in your house of resources and money, which means great things for your wallet but what does it mean for love? Venus in your house of resources means that your next partner could work in a bank or sell goods. Your current partner might also be interested in selling something at this time.

Mercury (ruler of your house of partnerships) in Capricorn creeps up and meets Venus and Pluto this week, meaning that you have a unique opportunity to transform your relationships. Whether this is for the good or for the better could go either way and depends largely on your ability to compromise with your significant other.


Capricorn, you’re one of the most blessed signs in the Zodiac right now when it comes to romance because of the many planets in your own sign, including Venus. Venus in your own sign means that you look like the best kind of relationship material to those around you.

Capricorn, as Mercury, Pluto, and Venus align in your own sign this week, you can expect a shake-up or two that makes you question the foundation you stand on. This could be in the realm of resources and possessions or this could be represented more strongly in your partner.

As Mars transitions your house of isolation, you could be hiding a lot of rage from those around you. You could find that your family or memories of family are becoming a frustration to you. When you’re unable to express your anger, you can hold it against others subconsciously. Talk about your frustrations or risk wearing them away gradually with your resentment.


Aquarius, you’re normally prone to being a little distant, and yet it seems to be an even more intense urge for you as Mercury, Pluto, and Venus remain in your house of isolation. This mix of planets affects many areas of your life, so in general, you want to remove yourself from the narrative and be alone more than anything.

If you’re already in a relationship, then it is a period where meeting your partner halfway is difficult since many of your emotional resources are drained. Despite this, this is not a period that has to end your relationship as long as you keep your mind on the big picture rather than the feelings of the moment.

In addition, you’re seeing the Sun, ruler of your house of partnership, in the sign of Capricorn this week. This is not a great period for marriage or signing contracts with anyone (or entering one online, like applying for a new credit card). Starting relationships is not advised.

Soon enough, Aquarius, all of these planets in a troublesome spot will move into your own sign, meaning that you’re more empowered by them instead of feeling drained.


Pisces, your house of friendship and community as well as hopes and dreams are currently filled to the brim. The planet Venus conjuncting Pluto in this house paired with Mercury (ruler of your house of partnership) means that you could expect romance to arise from this arrangement. This week is a time to look out for it since Mercury aligns with Pluto and Venus.

Mars in Sagittarius transitioning your house of career and reputation means that you could seem too reckless to others, even those you don’t know (like those Facebook friends we all have who we’re not even sure where we know them from). Although, if you’re fighting for a top spot at work, then this transit can be beneficial.

Take some time within your friend group to come clean. If there is someone you’ve been harboring feelings for, now is the time to make the move. Pluto’s presence could act as a way to seamlessly transition from friends to lovers… if you make the move.

Wrapping Up

All of the action going down in Capricorn is going to be felt by everyone, but now you know more about what it means for your own sign. I advise all signs to simply remain open to the changes in their finances and romances that may arrive.

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Wishing you all the luck in the Universe,

Anna Kovach

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