Weekly Love Horoscope For August 8th – 14th

Hello wonderful people, and welcome to the Weekly Horoscope for the week of August 8th to 14th. Last week’s multifaceted energy may have left your head spinning, but I hope you’re not down for the count just yet! This week the energy isn’t much less perplexing. Don’t worry though. You’ll have a leg up due to the foresight provided for you in horoscopes like this one.

First up this week, we see Venus continue her dreamy trine to Neptune, which normally has a sedating and softening effect on our perception of others and self. There is a curveball thrown in by Pluto opposing Venus this week though, which adds an element of drama.

These alignments individually mean different things than when they’re together. Taken as a whole, you could find yourself being overly forgiving of downright intolerable behavior. You may feel too subdued by the lulling effect of Neptune to be proactive about any power plays being waged against you. In general, steer clear of those that could take advantage of you.

Venus moves a bit farther away from Neptune’s range after this, making the strongest energy come from the Pluto opposition to the planet of love. Pluto in a tense aspect to Venus is an indicator of romantic discord.

Pluto demands that you drop everything that you feel you can’t live without in favor of your soul’s growth. He is bound to show exactly what you really can’t be without and what you’ll give up to keep what you now realize is actually important. This could signal to sacrifice for your relationship, or, if your relationship isn’t part of your divine plan, then you may end the relationship itself.

This dramatically ends Venus’ transit through Cancer. Just after this high-stakes alignment passes, Venus moves into warm and friendly Leo. Venus in Leo is an absolute joy for most signs. Leo’s bombastic and radiant energy goes well with the charm that Venus provides. You’re likely to be more creative and more sexual but in a fun and flirty way more than a taboo or seductive way.

The Sun and Venus in the sign of Leo this week put emphasis on our presence in the world. It’s a time to put your best foot forward and to unashamedly display your inner joy, wherever that may lie. This naturally assists in attracting others to that uninhibited and fun-loving spirit.

After Venus’ risqué foray with Pluto, our unexpected hero is passionate Mars, making two positive alignments with the same planets that caused Venus so much grief earlier this week. Mars first forms a sextile to Neptune, making us warriors with a cause that only acts for good. Your moral compass is aligned with the higher nature of humanity, allowing you to be an advocate for yourself and others.

This forgiving but proactive transit can make you motivated to go out of your way to breathe new life into stale relationships, sexually and spiritually. Mars and Neptune together bring passionate alignment between your soul and initiative, making positive and high vibe change possible in almost any relationship.

Mars then forms a trine to Pluto, which doesn’t change Pluto’s nature of stripping away what’s not working, but, this time you’re a willing participant in the glow-up. In fact, it feels so natural that you may not realize how you’ve changed until it’s over. Mars makes this shedding process speedy while the trine aspect makes all changes and evolution move as smoothly as possible.

You can use this alignment to your advantage within your partnership by focusing on the outdated scripts that have been coming between you and your partner. Patterns that don’t serve your relationship’s best interest can be cast aside in favor of pursuing new, more effective ways of acting with one another.

With all of this in mind, it’s important to note that all of these themes change slightly depending on your Sun or Rising sign. Find one or both of them below to get the gist of how these alignments are bound to manifest in your life this week.


Aries, you may feel too emotionally tied up in your partner or your love life in general for comfort as this week enters. Your emotions are being pulled to the surface by forces that seem large and looming, and for once, you feel almost powerless to combat them. Your partnership is so emotionally provocative it can make you feel like getting defensive. Think about what you’re defending and if it’s worth it.

Venus moving into Leo is especially positive for you, Aries! Leo is a fellow fire sign that rules your house of romance, creativity, hobbies, events, and good times in general. When the planet of frivolity lands here, you can expect that your love life is about to get sweeter. The Sun is here too, amplifying this energy. Pursue your hobbies and interests. A like-minded lover may be waiting in the craft aisle.

Your planetary ruler, Mars, is seeing positive action this week. This is an excellent week to invest your time, energy, and money in causes that speak to your heart. You’re forgiving and apologetic this week without being a total pushover, which makes you able to be productive. It’s tempting to get on your grind by the end of the week, but Venus’ presence in Leo will bring you back to the arms of your love when the working day is done.


Taurus, your planetary ruler receives a stressful combination at the beginning of the week. Or maybe I should say, you should be more stressed, but you’re feeling a bit complacent about the behavior of your partner or loved ones. Your emotions are dulled somewhat by Neptune. Someone with higher education or who is worldly could take advantage of your kindness if you’re not vigilant.

Despite this, Venus quickly moves into the house of deeper emotions in the sign of Leo, which brings a sense of positive inner glow. Others might not see all of the emotional optimism you’re experiencing, but I know that you feel it. When you feel better, others will be subconsciously drawn to you. You may not get an explicit pat on the back, you’re the inner work, but you’ll be rewarded with a brighter connection to others.

Mars in your own sign forms an optimistic sextile to Neptune, empowering you to take control of your image and how you experience your immediate surroundings. You could work on becoming more mindful and present. With the addition of a trine to Pluto, you’re also taking more control over your image and deconstructing what others have told you you’re supposed to be. Authenticity is sexy!


Gemini, this week Venus’ aspects hit you especially hard. You’re being commanded to get rid of the habits that have held you back from your ideal expression of love. You’re searching for the justification to see if it’s really necessary. You won’t find it, but it must be done. The consolation is that you’ll be better at giving love to others by the time it’s finished if you follow this karmic assignment.

Directly after this, Venus moves into bright Leo, which brings awareness to the fun and beauty that lie in the verbal repartee that you’re so known for. Your thoughts are a bit sillier and experimenting with ideas with others is an ideal bonding activity. Talking and having a meeting of the minds with your loved one is sure to bring out the goofy and fun side of your partnership.

Mars in Taurus has been building up some inner tension, but this week could be an ideal time to let off some of that steam. The slow build of pressure can be released in a seismic burst with the help of Pluto. Let go of what you’ve been holding in in a healthy way, even if it’s unconventional. Mars’ sextile to Neptune also helps you to think more hopefully about your future. You’re fine with any outcome, and if that’s not the ultimate relief, I don’t know what is!


Cancer, Venus leaves your sign with a bang this week, though you might not even realize how powerful it is until it’s over. Venus’ tranquil trine with Neptune can drown out the immediacy and stress of the Pluto opposition in your house of relationships. Something is brewing within your partnership, but you may be unaware of the implications. Don’t miss important events! Instead, take note of the undercurrents as you notice them and give them the attention they deserve.

Venus then moves from your sign into Leo, which kicks off a brand new ‘treat yoself’ era. You’ve probably spent the last few weeks realizing what a babe you are, and now, you’re giving yourself the Pretty Woman treatment by living it up and spending some time on yourself. Bonding with your partner over shopping trips and sweet little dates with nice food and wine also helps.

As Mars in Taurus forms a sextile to Neptune, consider getting together with some friends. Use this new confidence to bond with your squad. A trine from Mars to Pluto in your house of partnerships indicates that if you’re single, then this is a time to get your friends to hook you up with some available cutie. This leap of faith could be the key to your next (and last?) long-term relationship.


Leo, before Venus ends a particularly grueling transit through Cancer, there is a subdued finale. Even though it feels like you’ve sacrificed so much for others lately, you’re being asked to give even more as this week enters.

Your partner may not be in a position to help like usual, so you’re carrying the load. They might seem blind to your struggle though, which forces you to close your eyes and ignore their ignorance. This is actually the best move at this time, even though you’re right to think you deserve better.

Venus then quickly rewards your sacrifice by entering your own sign, thus, the beginning of the end of your struggles in love for now. You can finally relax and stop bracing for impact, dear Leo. Venus’s presence in your own sign is a boost to the Sun’s powerful presence. You are once again engaging with your partner fully instead of remaining closed off. You can now heal some damage and get back to the love.

Mars forming a sextile to Neptune calls for a softer but no less proactive approach to your long-term plans. You are learning to be okay with multiple outcomes for the future instead of the great ideal one you’ve always assumed would make you happiest. This allows your heart to be open to the right person instead of the one you thought was right.


Virgo, this week could signal drama in your love life, so brace yourself. Venus’ remaining days in Cancer with aspects to Neptune and Pluto combine for what outwardly seems like a good time, but the inner meaning of the events at the beginning of this week has deeper implications. Watch yourself around vices like drinking, smoking, gambling, etc. It’s easy to be pressured by someone else to go too far.

Venus then moves into Leo, which signals a period of introspection. You are feeling the love on a level that is deep and beyond words, but others have trouble understanding it because of this. Expression of love is not easy now, and the pressure to have a good time is not really your scene. This can have you feeling isolated from your partner or checking out of the dating scene for a while.

Virgo, Mars in Taurus forming a trine to Pluto allows you to get insight into romantic patterns that you’ve been victim to. You are unwilling to continue bending to the will of partners who are there for a good time and not a long time. You’re one of the biggest catches of the Zodiac, Virgo. This week, I’m so proud of you for taking assertive action under this assumption.


Libra, this week your planetary ruler’s positioning can put you in a position of victimhood if you’re not careful. Your reputation and perception are being transformed, but if you’re too passive then you might not be able to control the narrative. You can have an unrealistic view of how your partnership is coming off to others. Being willing to let go of your grip on emotional security will dictate how this transit makes you and your partner look.

As the drama winds down, Venus moves straight into Leo. This alignment has others showing you the love and appreciation that you deserve. Your friendships are given a loving boost. It’s a great time to start bringing your partner around with your squad to show them off. You’re bound to make a positive impression at this time.

With the ruler of your house of partnership in aspect to Neptune and Pluto, you can be more assertive in your role in the relationship. Healing one another’s wounds comes naturally at this time. Just showing up for one another can do wonders in undoing unhelpful thought patterns in love. Pluto in Capricorn assists in forging a deeper emotional bond that’s literally unforgettable.


Scorpio, your planetary ruler in aspect to Venus this week draws out flawed thought processes and unneeded mental scripts you have about love and romance. Neptune in your house of romance has you seeing people (or someone specific) in an idealized way. In reality, they may not be deserving of your understanding. Release attachment to your lover if they’re too distant to love you the way you need.

Venus moves into Leo after this, which makes you the center of attention. If you’re getting over someone when this transit rolls in then it may be the perfect time to begin playing the field. This transit activates your ultimate path in life. It can draw in the people who are meant to launch you in the right romantic direction.

Both of your co-rulers (Mars and Pluto) enter a friendly trine with one another, which signals a period of motivating and powerful change within your partnership. The good thing is that it feels so natural (although not necessarily relaxing!) that neither of you even think to tiptoe around it. This is a time of positive change, so throw away all that isn’t working between the two of you.


Sagittarius, this week you are being forced to look at the lack of stability in your partnership or past partnerships. You can’t ignore the issues as Pluto yanks you out of your comfort zone and makes you sit down to think for a while. You’re used to looking at the next horizon whenever thoughts like these come up, but right now, you’re being asked to stay where you are and take a look in the mirror.

Venus promptly moves into Leo after this, which is your permission slip to get going again. You can look to the next mission once more, but now with greater awareness. You get to access your inner Carmen San Diego now, meeting people who expand your mind, take you to new places (literally or figuratively), and who teach you something new. The person who ticks these boxes is who you’re looking for.

Mars in Taurus wants you to get down to business and address the more mundane issues in your life. This week you might actually do it. Engage the transformative power of Pluto and the calming energy of Neptune to channel your energy to the fewer fun tasks you might have put off. This counts within your partnership. Clearing the air between you and your partner is like spring cleaning for your love life.


Capricorn, have you been privately wishing your partner would step up to the plate and prioritize you? This week, you can’t help but turn up the heat on your loved one, and for good reason. Relationships aren’t all about frivolity. Sometimes hard work and personal accountability are necessary. Breaking down exactly what your partner has to change to make it work between you is inevitable.

This energy continues somewhat for the next few weeks, though with less direct pressure on your partner exclusively. Your relationships are in need of an overhaul. Venus in Leo asks you to release the baggage that you’re dragging into every relationship. Leo represents fun and creativity. If you feel that you must be vigilant in every partnership, allow yourself to suspend that belief as the week goes on.

Mars in your house of romance is forming a trine to Pluto in your own sign, which further drives home the need to take a deep breath and have a little fun. It’s okay! If a serious issue arises (like earlier this week) then of course you have permission to call a time-out. But you’re realizing that it’s okay to loosen up and relax with your loved one. Let the butterflies come on back for a while, Capricorn.


Aquarius, you might not be feeling so good at the beginning of this week as Venus opposes Pluto. You’re realizing that poor habits have been dragging down not only your relationship but your physical health as well. Are you leaning too heavily into some vice? You may say no, but you’d do well to ask your partner for their honest opinion on the matter. You’re likely to gain some insight into the issue.

Despite the gloom of the beginning of the week, Venus entering Leo brings good vibes and a sunny attitude to your partnership. If you’ve been searching for a partner, this week marks the beginning of the BEST few weeks to do so this year. If you’re with someone at this time, this marks an ideal period to deepen your bond. Consider engagement or wedding planning!

Mars in your house of deep emotion in a trine with Pluto in the house of hidden undoing brings awareness and active participation to the ways you’ve unknowingly held yourself back. You’re soul searching and examining the ways that your frustration is a product of your own actions. We all do these things to ourselves, Aquarius. Consider yourself lucky, because you might actually resolve these issues.


Pisces, your planetary co-ruler in aspect to Venus in your house of romance is powerfully sedating to your senses. Your highly empathic self might appreciate this time of calm, but be aware of the ways that your loved one doesn’t appreciate your love language appropriately. It’s easy to sweep it under the rug, but at least take notes to readdress this issue with them later.

Venus then enters Leo which complicates your relationship with your sense of self. You feel like you are most valued when you’re here to serve others, and while you are meant to help others on their path, it’s a drag to feel like that’s your only function. Engaging your partner in the nitty gritty maintenance of the relationship isn’t easy, but it’s necessary to reestablish your sense of pride in yourself.

Mars in a sextile with your co-ruler, Neptune, is motivating to you. You can portray your authentic self directly in your communication with others. The trine to Pluto in this position at the same time makes it easier to let go of the more placid ways you’re used to communicating. You can speak with great kindness and sensitivity while also being firm and direct with others.

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Wrapping Up

This week is a mixed bag of competing energies for all of us. With Venus’ movement into bold Leo, we can expect the world to feel a bit louder beginning this week. If you and your partner feel that you’re just shouting over each other to be heard, be the first to lower your voice and change the energy.

This week wants us all to learn that being bold, fun, and passionate can coexist with calm, sensitivity, and compassion. Deep emotional work done this week will bear fruit in your inner world and within your relationship. Catching dilapidated thought patterns and reframing your approach to your relationship will have a dramatic effect!

As always, I’m eager to hear all about your plan for this week. What are you hoping to let go of? What do you not want to let go of but know you should?

If you’re struggling to answer these questions with the information provided, you’re probably not alone! While your Sun and Rising sign are the backbones of your chart, there is a plethora of other information that further specifies the conditions of this week.

I’m always browsing the comments to see what my readers are asking, and I address as many as possible. With the number of requests I get, it’s difficult to keep them all straight!

To make sure your chart and the chart of your partner are able to be looked at and interpreted to provide you ULTIMATE clarity, hit me up here.

This is the most effective way to make sure I can provide the clearest, most detailed, and most accurate clarification for you.

I’ll see you next week my loves!

Wishing you all the love in the Universe,

Anna Kovach

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