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Weekly Love Horoscope For August 30th – September 5th

Hey there, darling! Welcome to the weekly love horoscope for all signs for the week of August 30th-September 5th. Sitting down to write these horoscopes for all of the signs are some of my favorite times. I always love seeing what the Universe has in store for all of my girls. 

August has really laid on the Virgo energy thick, as the Sun, Mars, and Mercury have been residing in this practical sign. We see a pretty sizeable shift in dynamics on the 30th of August as Mercury switches signs to the accommodating and graceful Libra. It will be a welcome shift for most signs, indeed!  

Last week the Sun moved out of shiny Leo and into more reserved Virgo. This switch up in energy could have you living in a more mental space as well as being more detail oriented. You could be forced to be pragmatic about some things in love. 

Venus saw a couple of practical aspects that may have worked out to your advantage. With the trine from Venus to Saturn, you may have laid eyes on someone who you could see being a permanent fixture in your romantic life. 

Venus in Libra is about as good as it gets for most signs. The flow of love and commitment is strong at this time and marriage or engagement may even be on your mind. 

I’ve been very excited to get into this week’s energy with you! If you feel as ready as I am to jump into the romantic energy of this week then find your sign down below to get the scoop on how it affects you. 


Dearest Aries, this week is further emphasizing your desire to settle down into a partnership that brings you stability. You are typically the epitome of the independent woman archetype. The Universe is certainly asking you to lean more on others at this time, especially your romantic partner. 

Mercury enters your house of long-term partnership, joining Venus in the sign of Libra. This means that you’re ultimately ready to make the right connections in order to secure the love of your life. Communication with others is paramount to ensuring that you take full advantage of this time period. 

Mercury forms a trine to serious Saturn later in the week, presenting you with the ability to solidify a relationship. The thing is, you have to be willing to talk about what it is that you desire from your partner. On the other hand, if you have no partner then this is a time to bring up your desire for commitment to the one that you’ve had your eyes on. 

Your planetary ruler, Mars, is seeing some action this week, so pay close attention to this energy. Mars is opposing Neptune, creating a foggy headspace for you. Productivity can be tossed to the wayside, but while this transit is in action you have the opportunity to partake in some seriously soul-binding sex!

Weekly Advice For Aries

Aries, stand firm in your beliefs while being gentle. You have great power, but true strength lies in one’s ability to be gentle and kind.


Taurus, you are keeping that loving and creative energy going with the Sun and Mars in the sign of Virgo. Even though you’re losing Mercury as it rolls into Libra and your house of labor, your house of romance is still seeing sufficient action. Two fire planets heating up your love life may be a bit more stimulation than you’re used to, Taurus, but I think overall you’re going to enjoy the energy coming your way. 

Mercury joining Venus in the sign of Libra in your house of work, routine, and habits indicates that your next lover might be a bit of a health nut. He works hard and is super practical. He also likes things a particular way, but is extremely helpful to you in all ways. 

Darling Taurus, Venus makes a square aspect to Pluto in Capricorn on the 5th. On this day you might enter crisis mode in the realm of love, money, or frivolity. Pluto can breed paranoia as well, so if you have suspicions about your partner ensure that you’re totally grounded in reality before approaching them on the topic. 

Weekly Advice For Taurus

You’re living in happy memories from another time with another lover. If the energy feels right, then I encourage you to look them up and shoot them a text, Taurus. Just avoid going through with this on the 5th, any other day will work fine. 


You had a mess of planets in your house of home and family, urging you to keep your drama behind closed doors… if I know you, Gemini, I know that’s not your style. Well, as Mercury joins Venus in your house of romance, parties, and creativity, we know that the mood is about to shift upward. 

You are focusing your attention on flirtation and having a good time. Developing that which lights an inner fire in you is the primary focus as your chart ruler, Mercury, is in the house of creation. Your words are exciting and arousing to others right now… you’re looking and sounding like long-term partner material! 

On the 4th and 5th, we see your planetary ruler make a positive trine to Saturn in Aquarius in your 9th house. It’s not often that the father of the Zodiac, Saturn cuts you a break, but he might be doing just that for you. You have the opportunity to talk about the more serious stuff on your mind with minimal clapback. I recommend expressing to your partner that you want to take things further on these days. 

Venus in your fifth house of romance is making a square to Pluto on the 5th as well. Watch any neurotic tendencies on this day and make sure you’re seeing love as it is, without the sense of fear of dread. Self-soothing can assist in calming your inner state of mind. 

Weekly Advice For Gemini

Gemini, you’re so close to achieving what it is that’s been on your mind. Your goal is within reach and you’re approaching the finish line. Keep this energy up to win the day!


This week sees you shifting a bit more into your comfort zone, Cancer. Last week’s horoscope highlighted your need to speak your mind. This week still holds that energy, but Mercury is leaving Virgo in favor of Libra in your fourth house of family and home. 

As Venus is also in this area, you should definitely consider having any love interests over at your house. You could also go to their own house as well. I can only assume this does not bother you too much Cancer, since home truly is where your heart is. You will be at your most charming and romantic in a cozy space where you call the shots. 

On the 3rd there is a positive trine from your planetary ruler, the Moon, and dreamy Neptune. This configuration is asking you to drift off and let your guard down. No one is looking to hurt you. Your fantasy realm feels very real on this day, no doubt about it. You’re certainly looking at your lover through rose colored glasses on this day.

The first few days of September bring us an opposition between Mars in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces. You could feel that your mental energy is totally spent on this day. All drive and ambition are out the window. The definition of a lazy day! Spend this day in bed with your beau, and some ultra-spiritual sex could be yours… or maybe just a cuddly nap. It’s a win either way!

Weekly Advice For Cancer

You might be looking to overindulge in your own worries or fears this week. Ensure that you’re taking steps to soothe any feelings of being trapped. 


Your house of finance is seeing some action this week as Mars and the Sun remain in this house. You will be losing Mercury, but your third house of communication gains incredible insight from Mercury’s presence here. This position of Mercury in Libra in your house of communication makes you the ultimate charmer. Flirting is an absolute MUST right now.

I advise that you talk genuinely, openly, and with great generosity this week. Don’t hide your feelings! You will find that when you’re honest you will attract the most loving people to you. Others see you as incredibly kind and sweet right now. Standing up for yourself could be challenging though! Libra energy is notorious for flip flopping so much that nothing actually gets done. 

As September rolls in, don’t ignore your finances. There could be the urge to aggressively spend money in those first few days of the month. Ensure that you slow down and find small indulgences that make you feel queenly without going over the top. 

Weekly Advice For Leo

You have a clear vision of what you need to do, Leo. You realize that you’re close to obtaining your goal. You’re putting in the work. It’s a no-brainer that what you’ve been pursuing is already yours.


As Mercury leaves your sign on the 30th of August, Virgo, you could be feeling slightly deflated. You were riding the high of your ruling planet being in your own sign, but now the energy has shifted. Not to worry, though. The Sun and Mars remain in your sign, bolstering your confidence and purpose for a while yet. Everyone around you is noticing how radiant you are.

As Venus moves into Libra, we see a new emphasis on love that leaves physical evidence that it exists. Some relationships are private and soulful, but there is beauty in physical signs of commitment too. Photos of you and your lover, jewelry and other gifts, and forms of physical proof that your love exists. 

Virgo, your planetary ruler has also moved into Libra making your mind wander to matters of partnership. If you’re single, your new partner could be someone with money or who values material objects. He might also shower you with gifts. 

To make sure that this guy knows you’re around, make yourself heard. Tell others all about what you’re looking for in a man and you may find someone setting you up with the perfect guy that you’ve always desired. 

Weekly Advice For Virgo

There is a decision to be made, and you don’t want to see it. Something must be cut out of your life but you could be attempting to ignore it. Get real with yourself this week, Virgo. 


Libra, you’ve been having a rough go of it in recent weeks. Virgo season has not been treating you as well as you might have hoped. As Mercury joins your planetary ruler in your sign this dynamic could change. You’re slowly starting to reengage with the world and to come out of the isolation you may have had to go through. 

You are looking like relationship material to those around you. As Venus is in your house of self, you’re the embodiment of luxury, grace, and charm. With Mercury joining in on this energy, you can expect those around you to instantly bend to your will. Good thing you’re a peaceful Libra who can use her powers for good! 

Libra, searching for love is easier and easier now. I’d seek out friendships first, since the ruler of your house of partnerships (Mars) is still a little shy in your house of isolation. Friendships will allow you to get your groove back while also creating opportunities for something more with those new buddies. 

I highly recommend that you take baby steps while embracing your place in society once more. This is your time, Libra! Soon, you’re going to be the absolute luckiest sign in the Zodiac, so hold on tight for a while longer.

Weekly Advice For Libra

Libra, you are embodying abundance right now. Money and material comfort are on their way to you, if they aren’t there already. You’re the queen of your own castle this week! 


As Mercury leaves the sign of Virgo and joins Venus in your house of isolation and spirituality, you’re looking at a period of deep rest. You are either desiring to be alone or are forced to be alone for whatever reason. Your thoughts are your own, extremely private. While you’re receiving messages from the Universe left and right, your inbox has dust balls rolling through it. 

The Sun and Mars are still in Virgo and your house of friendships, groups, and blessings. If you’re still feeling like it, I would certainly make sure to get some social interaction in now. Soon enough you might prefer to hide away from the world and float away. 

September 5th is likely to be a hard day for romance. As Pluto squares up with Venus, paranoia and the feeling of abandonment are prevalent. Meditation could be your best friend. Lean on signs the Universe sends you in order to feel integrated once more. 

Love may be forced to be on the back burner for a while, Scorpio. We all need some periods of introspection. I recommend purging what isn’t working at this time while looking forward to the positive period that’s on its way to you when Venus enters your sign of Scorpio later in September. Check back weekly to find out when it’s game on! 

Weekly Advice For Scorpio

You tried to make something work, but you know in your heart that it’s time to walk away. Spend some time alone, lick your wounds, and heal. 


Even though Mercury moved into Libra and your house of friendship to join up with Venus, you’ve still got the Sun and Mars hanging out in your house of reputation. You are being seen by everyone. There is no ignoring your presence! With this in mind, remember that your words matter right now. What you say could be held against you at a later time. 

As Mercury and Venus meet up in the house of friends, groups, and blessings, you are feeling extremely social. You could easily fall in love with a friend… romance is in the air! Look to any groups that you’re in (even group chat work here) and what communities you care about. These settings could provide you with that romance that you’re looking for if you keep your eyes open for someone like-minded. 

Your planetary ruler remaining in your house of communication means that in love you should be talking up a storm. Send those risky texts, boo! Be your extra, over-the-top self and talk a lot about what makes you excited to be alive. This energy will rub off on your significant other in a big way. For my single Sagittarius ladies, this same energy will be alluring and fun to any new romantic prospects. 

Weekly Advice For Sagittarius

Go boldly in the direction of your dreams, Sagittarius! Kicking up some dust is the whole idea right now. Subtlety is for the faint of heart, and that’s certainly not you. 


Your planetary ruler, Saturn, is co-present with Jupiter in the sign of Aquarius. These also lie in your house of finances and resources. As a result, you can expect much of your attention to be paid to these areas of life. Even an unexpected lover could come as a result of you making a big purchase or finding a new source of income. Financially savvy guys could be making their way to you! 

The world has their eyes on you as Mercury joins Venus in your house of recognition and legacy. Weirdly enough, you could find romance when you amp up your accomplishments. Humble Capricorn, I know this isn’t your style, but it’s okay to give yourself some credit. Sometimes you have to make people see why you are worth so much. 

On September 5th there is a positive trine between Saturn and Mercury. This is a great day to express whatever you’d like others to take you more seriously on. This is the best day to establish yourself as an authority as well. This might quite impress your next romantic partner.

Weekly Advice For Capricorn

Capricorn, it’s an important time to be genuine in all that you do and say this week. This is exactly what will get you the recognition you need.


Aquarius, your co-ruler, Saturn, rests with Jupiter in your house of self. You can fully embody who you really are right now, Aquarius. Jupiter is amping up your natural persona, making you a magnet for cosmically-aligned meetings. The key to meeting new people (and maybe ‘the one!’) is to be authentic to your core. 

As Mercury leaves your house of secrets and taboo, you can breathe a sigh of relief. You could feel less inclined to secrecy, making you feel more yourself. 

Venus transiting through your house of travel, people from abroad, and higher education means that a new partner could embody this energy. Your next partner could be honest, ethical, and educated. If your crush goes to university or works there, then there is a positive chance that you’ve got a shot with him! Just be willing to accept someone from a radically different background than your own. 

Mercury forming a positive trine to your chart ruler, Saturn, on the 4th and 5th of September indicates that you could strike up communication with the man that’s been described. He might see you as incredibly mature, and for an educated man, that’s a huge turn on!

Weekly Advice For Aquarius

Aquarius, your authentic presence is required at this time. You’ve got this incredible joi d’vivre that is enticing those around you right now. Take advantage of it!


Pisces, you are seeing Mercury leave your house of partnerships and enter your house of taboo and secrets. You are seeing a mental shift towards that which you must keep hidden. You are feeling ultra-receptive to the energy of those around you as Mercury enters a water house. You must take care that you meditate this week in order to calm the energy within you. 

Venus in the house of secrets sometimes indicates a smoldering clandestine love affair… those ‘bad boys’ and unavailable men are looking awfully good to you. I won’t tell you not to pursue it because there is no one better at sensing energy than you, Pisces. Just trust your gut and the guy you’re meant to be with will make himself known. 

The Sun and Mars in your house of partnership are still amplifying your desire to pair up. With Mars in this house, it’s important to watch for a relationship that’s moving too fast. Repeat after me: no going to Vegas to elope after one week!

Weekly Advice For Pisces

A wish could be fulfilled soon. You’ve been hoping for this particular thing to happen and the time is here! Blessings are here, just make sure to notice them. 

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Wrapping Up

Libra is seeing a bit of an influx this week, with two major planets in this sign! What did this transit inform you of for the week? How will you be able to use this energy to your advantage?  

Next week Venus makes a dramatic switch to a brand-new sign! What does this major shift say for you and your love life? I’ll be covering that question in depth with the next weekly horoscope covering the September 6th through the 12th!

I know that it can feel impersonal just to read my general advice on my horoscopes. If you ever feel this way then take advantage of my VIP Consultations. I created them so that I could get more in touch with my followers, one to one. Move fast to book a spot though! 

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See you next week!

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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