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Weekly Love Horoscope For August 29 – September 4th

Hello dearest, and welcome to the Weekly Love Horoscope for the week of August 29th through September 4th. After last week, I know you’re all praying for some better Astrological weather to pass through. Well, today it’s my pleasure to be your forecaster!

As this week rolls in, you may still feel some residual psychic gunk from last week. You may even be continuing some conflict as this week begins. The good news is that as the week goes on, you’re sure to be feeling lighter and more motivated to take positive action.

With the events of last week still feeling fresh, you may be feeling defeated. By midweek, expect a positive shift as Mars in dynamic Gemini forms a sextile to Jupiter in energetic Aries. Mars and Jupiter in positive alignment create massive loads of motivation that can be channeled sexually, romantically, and otherwise.

Mercury in compromising Libra opposite Jupiter in Aries creates a motivating sort of conflict. Anywhere where Jupiter is involved isn’t likely to be outright ‘bad.’ Jupiter at odds with Mercury can create differences in scope within relationships. One person may be thinking about long-term compatibility while the other is focused on day-to-day relations.

Mercury forming a trine to Mars in Gemini also creates positive action, but is more relegated to a mental space. You can approach conversations that you’ve been avoiding with greater ease, providing additional understanding while also being assertive. You and your partner can also integrate conversations and sexual encounters during this time.

I’m sure that you’re wondering how all of these energetic transits are likely to affect you. I’m here to fill you in on this rather optimistic and motivating week.

Look down below for your Rising or Sun sign to find out all the deets on the spicy transits coming up this week.


Aries, two separate aspects to your planetary ruler, Mars, this week act as catalyzing forces within your life. Mars in your house of communication forming a sextile to Jupiter in your own sign greatly stimulates your capacity for optimism and personal growth, especially in your communication style.

Mercury in your house of partnership forming an opposition to Jupiter within your own sign generally gives a feeling of mental well-being and optimism that shows in your speech and actions with your partner. The only downfall is a tendency to over promise or overcommit during this time. To avoid being in the doghouse later on, keep your expectations of yourself realistic.

Aries, Mercury in a trine to Mars bodes extremely well within your partnership. You and your loved one are likely to feel sexy connections with one another and to be nearly psychic in sensing the other’s physical needs. This is an ideal time to practice your massage skills or to be assertive about what you need in bed.


Taurus, Mars in Gemini forming a sextile to Jupiter in Aries gives you some insight into your own worst habits. This is a good thing! This makes you self-aware of your flaws without being fatalistic about them. And the best part is, you’re given the energy to improve upon them through Mars’ influence. Your security needs in relationships are a great place to start.

Mercury in Libra forming an opposition to Jupiter in Aries can have you overextending yourself at work. You may underestimate how much you need to rest and relax and end up being burnt out or sick due to overexertion. Rely on your partner to hold you accountable for your own needs when it comes to work and health.

Mercury in a trine to Mars makes the time that you are at work very productive. You and your partner can find yourselves making some extra coin around this time! Consider treating yourselves for all of the hard work that you’ve put in lately. Maybe even take some PTO time to spend a day in bed together.


Gemini, this week your planetary ruler is seeing some optimistic action! Mars in your own sign already has you feeling like a dynamo, but in a sextile to Jupiter, you can express your energy positively in social scenarios. This is an excellent time to put yourself on the market since you can portray your best, sexiest self. Try signing up for a dating app if you haven’t yet!

Mercury in Libra puts your core energy to work in the realm of romance and partnership, and in aspect to Jupiter in Aries, you may find yourself making it official with someone who has long-term potential. If you’re in a partnership, then you may excuse yourself for doing a little extra flirting… tread lightly if this applies to you.

Mercury in a trine to Mars amps up your desire for sex, and there is no way around it. Having fun with others with your own body is the name of the game. Add in some sexy games to spice things up. Mental stimulation is the key to sexual satisfaction, and it comes very easily this week.


Cancer, this week Mars in Gemini forming a sextile to Jupiter in Aries puts your inner frustration on display, but in a potentially positive way. Internal frustrations and passions are liable to create opportunities for you to boss up at work or to take some control over your inner world. You can more freely express your hidden anger with your partner and they’ll likely be receptive.

Mercury in Libra forms an opposition to Jupiter in Aries, which can signal an ideal time to get back to your roots and consider how your school-age years will influence the future. It’s a perfect time to integrate your loved one into your family. Consider getting everyone together for dinner in a spot you and your family love.

Mercury in a trine to Mars brings good ideas when it comes to how to address and speak about your emotions. You may find new insights as to why you have been exposed to past partners who weren’t emotionally intimate with you. This can bring a sense of deep relief and motivation to correct the pattern in the future.


Leo, Mars in Gemini forming a sextile to Jupiter in Aries reminds you just how fun your friends are. This transit can also put into perspective just how perfect someone you thought of as a friend may actually be as a partner. Your ideal partner should in fact be a friend first. You might find some sparks flying in your group.

Mercury in Libra opposite Jupiter in Aries opens your mind to ideas that are larger than life. This is a transit for engaging in spiritually and intellectually stimulating conversations. You can reevaluate your view about relationships and how they ‘should’ be during this time, which is likely to work out in broader horizons romantically.

Mercury trine Mars offers a level of insight into your relationships that is rare, so take advantage of this stellar transit. Your friendships are getting spicier, so use this time to send some signals about how you’re feeling to the one that’s catching your eye, dear Leo.


Virgo, Mars in Gemini forming a sextile to Jupiter in Aries gives you opportunities to transform how you’re perceived by those around you. If someone has the wrong idea about the kind of person you are and you’d really like to have them see you as someone sexy and fun, this is the time. Show your true colors and take some initiative to let it be known that you’re not messing around anymore.

Mercury in Libra opposite Jupiter in Aries can bring in some extra cash. The influence of Libra also makes your taste for fineries high when this happens. It’s an ideal time to treat yourself and your partner to something that makes you feel loved and luxurious. Going into too much debt due to overestimating your ability to pay it off is possible though, so don’t overdo it.

Mercury trine Mars offers ideal conditions to make a name for yourself at work. Putting in hours on the job and showing up ready to go are important, and could result in monetary gain. Just don’t put your loved one on the back burner to climb the ladder.


Libra, with Mars in fellow air sign (Gemini) and in a sextile to Jupiter in your house of partnerships, creates ideal conditions to add some optimistic growth to your relationship. If you’ve felt burnt out, then this is the best time to reignite a flame in your heart and the heart of your partner. Do this by choosing to assume the best of them and putting your love into action.

Mercury in your own sign of Libra opposite Jupiter in Aries creates some spicy tension between you and your partner. They’re happy to be with you, and you are totally engaged and present in the partnership. This is a great week to drive home to each other about how much you mean to one another.

Mercury in a trine to Mars in Gemini adds a layer of optimism to your persona this week. You’re making some strides after some sketchy times last week. You are aware and present with yourself, which clears up some mental space to engage in life with full force. This adds a deeper connection to your partnership since there is little keeping you from seeing them fully.


Scorpio, this week Mars in the sign of Gemini in a sextile to Jupiter in Aries creates acceptance of some of your deeper insecurities. This enables you to act to work on them as well if you’re proactive. You can more openly engage in the hard work necessary to keep a relationship going by addressing your fears with more courage than you knew you had.

Mercury in Libra forming an opposition to Jupiter in Aries brings some insight and understanding to some of the hidden corners of your soul. You can successfully parse out some core issues sabotaging your relationships which then allows you to create some optimistic change, given your understanding of what’s been holding you back.

Mercury in a trine to Mars also signals some emotional breakthroughs. You’re more likely to create some extravagant changes at a time when you’re aware of what needs changing. Mars empowers you to bring your awareness and put it into action! You’re more capable of changing for the better now, for yourself, and to benefit your approach to love.


Sagittarius, it’s a good time to think about how you think. Your planetary ruler in an opposition to Mercury in Libra in your house of romance forming an opposition to Mercury in the house of groups and blessings brings some seriously good luck to your charmed life. You are beaming love through every word you speak, and it’s impossible to ignore.

Mercury in Libra is also in a trine to Mars, which brings a positive connection to both the ruler of your house of romance and the ruler of your house of partnership. It’s a fantastic alignment for your partnership or future partnership! You can reignite your love for your partner now, or create something totally new from scratch. Take a little advice from Mars, and go for it!

Mars sextile Jupiter is the cherry on top. These two planets are in your houses of partnership and romance. Mars alone can be a bit hard to swallow, but with Jupiter, these two planets are in sync and highly beneficial. Keep an open mind and put your passion forward! Drop your filter and express your feelings boldly, whether single or taken.


Capricorn, this week you can look forward to some lighter vibes than last week. You did some hard inner work, so take the ease brought about by Mercury opposite Jupiter seriously. Mars in your house of work in a sextile to Aries in your house of emotion and your past brings passion and motivation to your ability to address the past. Inner work feels much easier.

A trine between Mercury and Mars brings easy opportunities for passionate exchanges of thoughts with your partner. You both are able to appeal to one another’s sex drive with some particularly good communication. Mental intimacy leads to emotional intimacy this week. This is a perfect time for productive conversations about improving relationship dynamics as well.

Mars in a sextile to Jupiter this week brings opportunities for optimism and healing in your relationship if you choose to look for them. This transit requires a little muscle on your part to get going, but you’re emotionally and physically motivated to look on the bright side of things when it comes to your partner. Assuming the best of them can lessen any tension.


Aquarius, Mars in Gemini in your house of romance in a trine to Mercury in Libra incorporates both other air signs. For you, this means that you can expand the scope of your understanding of love and passion. Your expression of love comes across to others with ease, and that’s because of your authentic passion for your loved one!

Mercury in opposition to Jupiter in Aries emphasizes the size of your thoughts and how they affect your way of communicating with others. Mercury in opposition to Jupiter can have you overly optimistic since you’re overestimating how easy-going those around you are. You and your partner can have some uplifting conversations about future plans at this time.

Mars in a sextile to Jupiter offers a refresher in flirting with you and your loved one. Take some risks and communicate your love openly. Some accuse Aquarius of being aloof, but you can prove them wrong this week, my dear. Your heart is full of passion and fire for love, and others are about to take note.


Pisces, Mars in Gemini in a trine to Mercury in Libra may have you loudly contemplating the depths of your emotions to your partner. Mercury and Mars in water houses cause free-flowing expression of your true feelings. The best part is that these emotions are heard in such a way that your partner is likely to be totally receptive and sympathetic. The feeling of your souls entwining through honest emotional expression is possible to experience.

Mercury opposite Jupiter brings optimistic awareness to your sense of security and how you experience the feeling of well-being. You can pay off a debt that adds to your financial safety net, or perhaps gain a raise. The influence of Jupiter in a money house like this is likely to bring some security to the objects and values you and your partner share.

Mars sextile Jupiter brings your emotions down to Earth for you, Pisces. Jupiter’s place in your house of possessions, values, and money in relation to Mars tells me that you’re in a great place to invest in your home. The space you share with your partner should be your haven together. Work on bringing in some things to make your house your home together.

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Wrapping Up

I was so happy to be able to report a shift in energy this week. I hate to bring hard news to my readers! This week brought me such relief knowing that we’ll all be able to catch a break.

Jupiter’s influence is always welcomed energy. This humongous planet always brings favors wherever it goes. Keep your eyes open and you’ll notice all of the little blessings popping up, in your partnership or otherwise.

Next week, we see a major change that will affect EVERY sign’s love life.

Want to know a little earlier how you can take advantage of the upcoming switch-up in your love life?

I know a lot of people need some advance notice about these BIG love transits. You might need some time to set up the right encounter.

To accommodate you if you seek extra time to understand the implications of this transit on you personally, head here. I can address you a lot faster and more thoroughly here!

Wishing you all the love in the Universe,

Anna Kovach

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