Weekly Love Horoscope For August 1st – 7th

Hello, lovely readers, and welcome back to my weekly Love Horoscope for the first week of August! This week comes in like a lamb and out like a lion. I’ve got some super valuable information for you that will help you navigate the upcoming energies. You’ll be glad you read up on how this week’s Astrology affects your sign.

There is a planetary change that will trigger an energetic shift for all signs. Mercury is moving out of prideful Leo and into sensible Virgo. This is where Mercury feels most comfortable, along with Gemini. Mercury rules Virgo, which represents intelligence, pattern recognition, and service to others.

This transit of the planet of communication through diligent and conscientious Virgo helps us become aware of our own mental and verbal patterns. This can also, rather unfortunately, make us more critical of those around us, as well as ourselves. While this isn’t an overly ‘romantic’ transit, it can assist us in working on effectively communicating with others by making us aware of flaws in interpreting others.

The Sun in Leo is still forming a cozy trine to Jupiter in Aries as this week rolls in. Remember the areas of growth that were pointed out for your sign last week? The beginning of August still allows for continued focus on these areas. This is a feel-good transit that gives you and your partner a can-do attitude when it comes to most relationships.

Venus forming a sextile to Mars is a spicy combo that can bear romantic fruit. You can pursue the object of your desire while coming off as sweet but vivacious. You can be more engaging during this time, captivating those around you. This is a sextile though, which means that it can give major benefits only if you take some initiative to incorporate it.

Venus also forms a sextile to Uranus while Mars and Uranus hover on top of one another. This three-planet combo adds a level of unpredictability to endeavors of love. I wouldn’t fall into the trap of thinking you know how things will pan out! Thankfully, Venus’ addition to the mix makes it easier to curb blow ups normally associated with Mars/Uranus transits.

Mars forms a square to Saturn this week, which is a notoriously difficult transit for any relationship. Depending on how Saturn and Mars sit in your own chart, this is a wildly frustrating transit for most. Mars energy would like to express passion (and maybe anger) but Saturn’s authoritative influence puts that energy to bed, leaving inner tension that needs a safe escape.

It’s better to hold your ground rather than pursue anything new when Mars and Saturn square up. It’s tempting to explode and let it all out, but Saturn will promptly put anyone who dares in their place. Authority and tradition can keep us feeling dominated, which is embarrassing and hurtful. All the same, better to find a healthy outlet instead of ruining relationships with misplaced rage.

Venus trine Neptune rounds out this week, which is a healing balm over the wounds that Mars square Saturn may have inflicted. Those who infuriated you earlier may have your forgiveness now, or perhaps someone recognizes the error in how they treated you. It’s a calming transit that works especially well for partners who seek to reconnect.

This was a general rundown of the coming transits, but how do these energies manifest for your Rising or Sun sign this week? Locate either down below to get a sense of what to expect and how to prepare for the first week of August.


Aries, this week your planetary ruler is seeing some major action, which means you’ll be feeling the effects for sure! Mars meeting up with Uranus adds a level of unpredictability and excitability to all you do. I’d steer clear of large purchases this week until Mars clears the influence of Uranus. You could find yourself regretting it.

Venus forms a sextile to Mars and Uranus which puts emphasis on themes of security in your relationships. You could find yourself resorting to material comforts to help yourself feel loved and to remind yourself of simpler times. Perhaps you’ve come to this because your partner’s recent unpredictability is keeping you on edge.

As Mercury moves into Virgo, your communication around work and health is more emphasized. Getting messages across to those around you tends to be simpler. But you may find yourself slipping into speech patterns that reflect the needs of others over your own. Keep this in check – otherwise, you could harbor anger towards your partner for not sensing what you need.


Taurus, this week begins what will be a steady influx of energy into your house of romance! As Mercury moves into Virgo, it leads the way for a concentration of energy in this house. Mercury in this house indicates reaching out in active communication to those you love. This is great energy for bringing established connections to a more romantic level through sweet banter and flirty texts and calls.

Venus in a sextile to Mars and Uranus combines the energy of exchanging loving thoughts with your own passionate energy. You are sharp and witty this week, but the words that come out of your mouth spur of the moment may surprise you and others. Take advantage of your verbal repartee by showing your crush your charm.

Taurus, Mars in your own sign forming a square to Saturn challenges your initiative and drive. This amplifies the voice of ‘society’ and makes you want to rebel from traditional standards in some way. Romantically, your partner may feel pressured to deal with the energy that you feel incapable of expressing to the world at large. Be mindful of their tolerance for your frustration, Taurus.


Gemini, your planetary ruler is moving into fastidious Virgo, making you a bit sharper in general. Be cautious of all of the different ways that communication triggers old, hidden wounds at this point. Your emotional state can feel more vulnerable at this time. You may be tempted to clam up internally, but with the right person, this is a great time to open up your heart to be deeply understood.

Venus in sextile to Mars and Uranus can be healing for your relationships. You may not have felt as energetic in recent days which makes you feel bad. Thoughts of how little you’re able to give to your partner may run through your mind. Venus’ influence this week reminds you that your partner is there to be secure even in times of chaos. Be open to their support.

Venus in trine to Neptune helps take the stress off of yourself. You’ve been putting a lot of expectations on your shoulders! After some tense moments this week, choose to forget all but the love you hold for others by the end. Handle what comes up to the best of your ability, but otherwise, allow yourself to believe that you are always secure and divinely guided down your ultimate life trajectory.


Cancer, Venus within your own sign continues this week, and she’s getting a few stellar alignments, which is great news for you! Even as the tense moments ramp up, you’re more likely to lean into trust and love than others. The trine from Venus to Neptune helps prioritize your romance while the sextile from Venus to Mars/Uranus means you won’t be lulled into complacency.

Saturn in a square to Mars this week does force you into situations that you’d rather not be in. You are being asked to shed your old ways in favor of better ones, but the learning curve is a real bitch sometimes. Luckily, the influence of Venus this week does soften the impact of this somewhat by allowing you to remain open to the influence of love even when the world seems against you.

As Mercury enters Virgo, you may find yourself thinking about… well, how you think. Subconscious patterns are brought to the surface, which can be a tough pill to swallow. Think of this as a blessing though! Most people don’t get to peak so clearly at their inner workings. Unraveling unhelpful narratives about love and romance is easier to do, which elevates your partnership potential.


Leo, this week you’re walking on Sunshine as the Sun in your own sign forms a trine to Jupiter in your house of romance. You’re usually a perky character, but as this week rolls in, you feel damn near untouchable! Project that confidence outward and strut your stuff. Putting yourself in situations related to learning and travel is likely to facilitate fated run-ins with people who are meant to be around you.

Despite your confidence, your partnership could become pretty public this week. This wouldn’t typically bother you, except you’re not necessarily controlling the narrative. The light cast on your relationship may not be so flattering and there is very little to be done about it. The key is: don’t react much. A bombastic response will only amplify the unwanted effects. Lay low.

While mid-week can be a bummer, whatever happened can be easily forgotten with the help of a trine between Venus and Neptune. Forgiveness can overtake your heart, leading to kissing and making up with your partner. It brings the world into softer focus, releasing the critical eye that you may have gained earlier. Work on reopening your heart to your loved one after a few tense moments.


If you’ve felt a bit run down and forgotten in recent weeks, Virgo, know that the light at the end of the tunnel is fast approaching as Mercury enters your own sign. Your planetary ruler coming to your own sign empowers you to break through the heavy fog. This allows you to come out of your shell and reengage in the relationships that you were forced to check out of.

Mars in Taurus forming a sextile to Venus assists in revitalizing your energy and vigor. After a period of a dark cloud hanging over your head, you’re sewing a silver lining onto all those thoughts that used to be heavy. You can reapproach issues that weighed you down previously with a better attitude. If you and your partner were at odds over anything, this week allows you both to take initiative in co-creating solutions.

Virgo, there is a lot to be grateful for this week, but a tense square from Mars and Saturn threatens to kill the buzz. You may be so inclined to put off responsibilities more than usual, but this can have some unintended consequences very quickly. Do what must be done, even though you’d rather bask in the good vibes.


Libra, this week your planetary ruler in Cancer puts you in the spotlight in a couple of ways. Frustration at the ways you feel forced to let go of things that aren’t serving you anymore has been a theme, but you can see just how releasing your grip can benefit you in the long term this week. Your partner or love life could be reminding you of just what needs to be let go of. Fighting for your old ways isn’t worth it.

You might find yourself feeling worn down by your partner more than usual this week. Issues that make you want to react with action or anger can arise. While it’s tempting to list all of the ways you’re justified in these feelings, chances are they’re not helpful to vent to your partner at this time. Talk about your frustration with someone else, but for this week, try to react to struggles as mildly as possible.

Libra, you may have felt some heat that you’re not used to this week. However, the healing energy of Venus trine Neptune alleviates some of that rare rage. Use this alignment to find what you love about your partner and really focus on it. Your internal mindset shift towards the relationship won’t go unnoticed by your partner. Their behavior may naturally correct itself, in fact.


Scorpio, Mars (your planetary ruler) is receiving a blessing and a scourge this week. First up, a sextile from Venus has you rolling with the recent unpredictability that your partnership may have been experiencing as of late. You’re able to be proactive and engaged in your relationship while generally rolling with the punches together. Bulk up on good times together before midweek.

Mars then forms a square to Saturn, which indicates that your partner is triggering intense emotions. Your home life together feels oppressive, perhaps due to issues with your house. You may not feel a normal sense of security with one another. It’s tempting to take strides to mitigate the harsh feelings. It’s a better idea to sit with them and understand their source and any role you or your partner played in them.

After a stressful midweek, we end on a good note, Scorpio. Venus forming a trine to Neptune in your house of romance (both in fellow water signs) gives you a clear pathway to forgiveness and understanding. Remembering the butterflies and honeymoon stage together can help you both realign in prioritizing one another.


Sagittarius, this week opens up with a trine between the Sun and Jupiter (your planetary ruler). Optimism is always your jam, but you’re riding a romantic high at the beginning of this week. You feel the possibilities of growth and excitement. It’s a perfect week to take a couple’s trip to capitalize on the easy breezy vibes with your loved one.

Mercury moving into Virgo puts the spotlight on your partnership. It’s neutral for now, but keep in mind that what you and your partner say and do is being heard by others, and it can have an effect on how they view you. However, it’s good energy to get married or engaged this week when you consider the positive effect of the Sun trine Jupiter.

Venus in Cancer does indicate that old parts of you are being shed to accommodate your partner. While this is natural in long-term relationships, it can be jarring. Nothing that is integral to who you are will ever leave you though! All that falls away simply reveals a better outlook on love and your partnership at the end of the day.


Capricorn, your planetary ruler is forming a square to Mars this week which could have you paying the price for being a bit too stingy with your resources. Your time and money are sometimes needed in a partnership, but you may have failed to give enough lately, leaving your lover out in the cold. They could tell you all about how you never do anything fun with them. Instead of reacting in anger, take notes.

This is made easier by the alignment between Jupiter and the Sun this week. While you may not appreciate what your partner has to say at the moment, you can find the truth in what they’re saying later. When you understand the message that they’ve tried to tell you, you can use the optimistic energy of the Sun and Jupiter to grow out of your old approach and into one that’s better for the both of you.

At the end of the week, you can look forward to a period where humility is easy to give and receive. You can show your partner that you understand what they’ve communicated and that you seek to be more open to their needs. The olive branch facilitated by Venus and Neptune can patch up almost any hurt feeling, so take full advantage of it to strengthen your bond with one another again.


Aquarius, your ruler (Saturn) in your own sign forming a tense square to Mars makes inner feelings bubble up seemingly without control. Deeply ingrained patterns have held you back from your highest potential. The best way to move forward is to show your new awareness of these patterns to others in order to correct flawed approaches to relationships stemming from deep inner wounds.

Despite this harsh energy, a sextile from Venus to your planetary co-ruler (Uranus) gives you energy to rebel from the patterns that have held you back. In an attempt to not be controlled by others, you’ve been controlled by a neurotic need for independence. This alignment forms a bridge between you and those you’ve psychically rejected, leaving room to see one another with more openness and love.

As the week rounds out, a pleasant alignment between Venus and Neptune reminds you that opening up to others doesn’t have to be a drag. Yes, emotional responsibility can be draining for you, but the end of this week shows you that the efforts are worth it when you gain such energetic insight into the ones that you hold dearest.


Pisces, both of your rulers (Jupiter and Neptune) are seeing some optimistic action this week, which bodes well for your love life. The Sun trine Jupiter brings a positive outlook to your self-esteem and your job performance. Going out of the way for your partner is easier than ever since you feel such joy in giving them all the love you’ve got.

Venus in your house of romance forms a sextile to Mars in your house of communication and thought, making your fascinating mental depth and acuity shine through to those around you. You can be quiet and underwhelming at times (which may be your preference) but this week it’s easy for others to see the passion that lies just below the surface.

Venus in your house of romance forms a trine to Neptune in your own sign, further driving home your intense likeability. You are open-hearted and more forgiving than ever this week. Showing love has rarely been easier, which draws others to your aura like moths to the flame. Show your partner exactly what they mean to you since this week it will speak directly to their heart.

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Wrapping Up

This week showed so many different energies that, by the end of it, we all might have whiplash. I’m grateful that the Universe is sending us out on a high note with that peaceful and romantic Venus trine to Neptune.

Despite some tense moments for some of us, there is a lot that indicates that we’ll come out on top, having been able to flip the narrative in our favor. Walk into this week with a positive attitude and the challenges that you face will be that much easier to approach with your partner.

Remember to take responsibility where it’s due and to allow love to lead your actions. This ensures that the Universe continues to conspire in your favor for the upcoming energies of next week.

For some signs, I know what you’re thinking – you’re wondering all about those tense moments in the middle of the week and how you can best navigate them.

For others, you might be seeking more depth on how to best use the positive alignments to the advantage of you and your partner.

My Final Words…

While Horoscopes like these cover so much, it’s nothing compared to the insights that a trained relationship Astrologer like myself can offer to you.

I get so many requests for guidance, and I address as many as I can, believe me. Still, the comment section can easily turn into a zoo and I miss some of the most important ones and don’t realize it until the question isn’t relevant anymore.

To combat this and make sure that you receive the attention you deserve, I made a page that helps me better organize the requests. I can clarify this week’s energies, but I can also offer compatibility readings, chart interpretations, and answer your personal questions about your love potential.

Click here to learn more!

Drop me a line, loves! It’s my pleasure to help. See you next week.

Wishing you all the love in the Universe,

Anna Kovach

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