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Weekly Love Horoscope For August 15th – 21st

Hello, my darlings. It’s me, Anna Kovach, once again happy to bring you my Weekly Love Horoscope, this time for August 15th through 21st. This week is generally lighthearted despite a strict opposition between Saturn and the Sun. Luckily, the good vibes will likely offset some of the more negative effects on our relationships, which is something to be grateful for.

Let’s first touch on Mars, which moves from classy Taurus to intellectual Gemini. Mars is a planet of passion, fire, initiative, sex, and arguments. Let’s say it’s never boring within a partnership! Mars in Gemini puts emphasis on the way we communicate with one another and how willing we are to bring up issues that are on our minds. We’re far more likely to address our thoughts out loud!

It’s a good transit for striking up new connections with others since we’re less inhibited in pursuing our romantic desires. It’s not unusual to get into debates or even full-blown arguments under this transit though, so it’s important to remain conscious of our tone as well as our intentions before poking the fire.

Venus in Leo forms a trine to Jupiter in Aries, bringing a sense of general well-being to our partnership. We can use this time to grow and learn how to be better to one another. Teaching our partners how to best love us (and listening when they tell us how they can best be loved) comes naturally this week. It’s a perfect aspect for improving upon relationships that are meant to be.

Mercury forms a trine to Uranus, meaning that words can slip out that we’re not quite prepared for. The trine aspect generally indicates that these moments turn out endearingly and work in our favor.

Mercury in opposition to Neptune can be a different story though. You could find yourself grasping at words and feeling mentally foggy this week despite the fact that your circumstances demand a level of mental acuity. Watch out for mentally checking out of conversations or for misinterpreting the words of those around you.


Continuing the energy from last week, Mars forms a trine to Pluto in Capricorn, making you a natural catalyst for physical changes. Have you and your partner been craving some more monetary security to stabilize your future? The passion of Mars positively intertwined with explosive Pluto propels you towards changes that you want.

Aries, your planetary ruler, Mars, is moving from earthy Taurus to sharp Gemini, which amplifies the effects of your words and thoughts as well as your connections to those around you. Mars’ energetic passion channels your expression of ideas and within your conversations beginning this week. Use this to your advantage by making flirtatious new social connections if you’re single and looking.

Venus in your house of romance forming a trine to Jupiter within your own sign is one of the luckiest weeks for romance and creativity of the year for you. Tap into expansive and thoughtful energy to better attract the exact person who will wake up the butterflies in your stomach this week, Aries.


Taurus, this week Mars moves to Gemini, which puts emphasis on tangible forms of love and romance. Sexuality is emphasized since you may be craving sensual pleasure. Adding some variety to the bedroom (especially by adding sexy whispers and phrases) will create a deeper and more dynamic bond between you and your partner.

Your planetary ruler, Venus, is forming a trine to Jupiter which brings positive awareness to inner patterns that you may not realize are guiding your romantic actions. The source of your deeper emotional patterns naturally finds healing this week, which, over time, will manifest positively in healthier relationships.

Mercury in your house of romance forming an opposition to Neptune in your house of friendship can lead to mental delusion regarding the impact of your love life on your other relationships. You may be tempted to overindulge in vices with your partner leading to social repercussions, so be mindful when having what feels like innocent fun with them.


Gemini, Mars enters your own sign this week which can feel like a release of inner rage where you once again feel capable of taking initiative within your own life. You more assertively pursue that (and those) that you desire. Using your natural wit and authentically expressing yourself will attract those that are able to match your high energy.

Your planetary ruler (Mercury) forms a positive trine to Uranus this week, which brings mental awareness and engagement to your inner emotional life. Genius insights into the underlying functions of your deeper patterns make you able to address that which hasn’t been obvious to you in the past. You could find yourself unexpectedly having heart-to-hearts with your partner that strengthens your mental bond.

Mercury also forms a tense opposition to Neptune which places you at odds with your ideal future and your current emotional anxieties. You could find yourself looking into the profundity of your words and their effect on your present reality. You may feel that what you need to feel comfortable isn’t actually what you need to achieve the romantic future of your dreams.


Cancer, this week Mars moves into Gemini which can trigger intense emotions that you don’t feel capable of expressing outwardly. Your thoughts are powerful but simultaneously you can feel that your partner isn’t hearing you out on them, so you could resign to silence. Wait for moments when others are more open to expressing yourself so that they’re most receptive.

Venus trine Jupiter incorporates your finances and your overarching life path. You may be presented with an opportunity to join finances with your partner in some long-term way. Take advantage of this since it’s likely to pan out positively when the benefic planets Venus and Jupiter are involved.

Cancer, with Mercury in Virgo forming a trine to Uranus in your house of friendship, you find yourself craving social stimulation. The conversation is a deep need at this time, and you can find yourself unexpectedly talking about your thoughts to those around you. These ideas aren’t likely to be emotionally loaded, but a casual conversation with your partner can fill the void to an extent.


Leo, Mars moving into Gemini brings focus to your social standing among friends and acquaintances. Your position within group settings can be challenged at this point. It’s vital to watch your phrasing and to be aware of the way others are interpreting and speaking of you. This alignment brings an element of sexuality to one or more friendships, which works out well if you happened to be crushing on a friend.

Venus within your own sign is forming a trine to Jupiter in Aries in your house of romance, and what a positive placement this is for you. You can best connect to your lover with spiritual sex as well as lighthearted flirting and generally loving on one another. It’s easy to give and receive love, and it’s one of the most positive alignments there is for you.

Your ruler, the Sun, forming an opposition to Saturn within your house of partnership does bring an element of commitment and dedication to your partnership. You and your loved one are holding one another to higher standards. This would normally add some sobering reality to your relationship, but in combination with the previous positive position, you can have the best of commitment and fun.


Mercury in your own sign of Virgo makes a couple of major alignments to outer planets this week, including an opposition to Neptune in your house of partnership. This brings an element of delusion to your relationship. You’re forced to see the parts of your relationship that you’ve been fooling yourself into thinking are fine. Your partner may still believe that everything is kosher, but don’t be so sure. Address the issues that arise with compassion.

Mercury also forms a trine to Uranus in your house of travel and optimism, which brings random and deeply spiritual insights about the nature of life in general. You have a high tolerance for concepts that are a bit ‘out there’ this week. Share your thoughts with your partner or use them as conversation starters if you’re single since these ideas are genuinely thought-provoking.

Mars moves into Gemini this week which can put you at odds with those that are above you or in charge. Authority figures can create frustration, so you’ll need to rely on every tool in your utility belt. Your social connections can give you links to the right people who can assist your next moves. Alternatively, you may find some sexual attraction between you and a boss or manager.


Libra, Mars (which rules your house of relationships) moves into fellow air sign, Gemini. This creates a lust for life and an interest in travel. There is no better transit for traveling with your partner, so a romantic getaway may be in order. Consider going someplace thought-provoking, like a world wonder or a museum-heavy town like New York City or Paris.

This week your planetary ruler, Venus, forms a trine to Jupiter in your house of partnership. You and your partner should take advantage of the warm fuzzy feelings by treating each other like best friends. This is a great week for reminding yourselves what you love about one another, not only as partners but also as people.

Mercury in Virgo forming a trine to Uranus brings unexpected inner transformation. You might not be prepared for the ways your mental processes are liable to breakdown just to resurrect. The trine aspect does indicate optimistic attitudes towards this change though, so as surprised as you may be by it, you know that it’s exactly what you need.


Scorpio, your planetary co-ruler is entering the sign of Gemini, which triggers internal changes and the breakdown of old patterns. You may find yourself fighting against these changes or conversely, attempting to expedite the process. You know that it’s something that you need to do, but you still may be reaching for the support of your partner. Verbally speaking about your experience with them can help you understand what you need to do.

Venus in Leo forming a trine to Jupiter in Aries could allow you and your partner to work together on a long-lasting project. Perhaps you do work together on a business venture, setting up a store based on mutual interest. Investing in a joint bank account can be helpful as well. Doing serious adult activities together can yield a surprising amount of fun during this transit.

Mercury in Virgo forming a trine to Uranus in your house of partnership indicates joint ideas between you and your loved one. Your conversations with one another can come unexpectedly while being exceptionally profound. You can appreciate the offbeat parts of one another this week more than usual.


Sagittarius, your planetary ruler, Jupiter, is forming a trine to Venus in your houses of romance and travel. You feel deeply committed to your partner while you both also feel enough personal freedom to avoid clinginess. You’re secure in your partnership with one another. This is an ideal period for taking a trip together, perhaps to see a band you both like or to hit the slots.

Mars moves into Gemini this week, which can add equal parts to passion, sexuality, and tension between you and your partner. The key is channeling your emotions as a couple to being proactive about issues instead of angry about them. When you find yourself becoming irritated with them, ask yourself and ask them how this can be helped.

Sagittarius, this week Mercury, the ruler of your house of partnership, is forming a trine to Uranus, bringing you insightful hits as to the impact your action has on your partnership. It’s easy to be lulled into complacency in long-term partnerships, but this alignment reminds you of the ways that you can pull your weight in your relationship.


Capricorn, this week Mars moving into Gemini fosters your hard-working spirit. You have some good ideas about how to optimize your time and you’ve got the energy to put these into action. Being open to conversations with the right people can earn you opportunities at work. You can find yourself at odds with increased energy spent at work and having very little for your loved one when you come home.

The Sun opposing your planetary ruler, Saturn, brings attention to inner transformation that affects the way you show up in the world. You are responsible for your own inner changes, and sometimes you must sacrifice the parts of your identity that aren’t helpful anymore. It’s difficult to imagine the ways that you will explain this ‘new you’ to your loved one, but being open about how this will ultimately help you will assist them in understanding.

Capricorn, Mercury in Virgo forming a trine to Uranus in the sign of Taurus brings a sense of unpredictability to your romantic life. You usually prefer a more predictable approach to romance, but you might not mind the optimistic and thought-provoking conversations that can come about due to this alignment.


Aquarius, Mars moving into fellow air sign Gemini, brings sexuality and romance to the table. You’re less inhibited in pursuing the object of your affection. You risk being overbearing in your pursuit if you hit them up multiple times, but with a hair of restraint, you can shoot your shot successfully during this time. Having some deep conversations with your loved one can open up avenues to something more physical.

Conversations in general can expose weak points that need some excavating within you. You might find yourself oversharing in conversations, which begs the question, why are you afraid of sharing? Mercury forming a trine to your co-ruler (Uranus) brings attention to the parts of you that you aren’t as proud of, but the unexpected verbal slips are pointing out what needs revamping within you.

Ask your partner or loved one to bring attention to insecurities that come out this week in a gentle way. As the Sun opposes Saturn in your own sign, you and your partner can work together to be more accountable to yourselves and one another. This is a great way to co-create the ideal relationship of your dreams with some initial hard work together.


Pisces, Mars moves into your house of emotions and memory this week, bringing up memories that evoke a sense of anger and frustration. You may remember disagreements that went wrong. Learning from the past is a huge theme for you this week, so don’t be afraid to reevaluate your approach to correct your current one with your partner and loved ones in general.

Venus forming a trine to your planetary co-ruler Jupiter brings a sense of joy to the more practical realities of day-to-day life. As someone who can spend too much time in dreamland, use this time to make some strides in your relationships through physically showing up and putting in work. Cleaning the house for your partner, for example, will make your partner overjoyed and appreciative of you.

Mercury in your house of partnership opposes Neptune (your planetary co-ruler) in your own sign of Pisces, bringing mental awareness to any delusions that you and your partner have created to justify action or inaction in your partnership. While you may not be willing to work on it just yet, it’s important to remember these insights for future discussions.

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Wrapping Up

This week is a healthy mix of energies with a slight bias towards the positive. Venus’ positive relationship to Jupiter can set a positive tone even when the unexpected comes up. It keeps the focus on love and affection over anything that arises.

Your thoughts and words hold heavyweight this week. You can stir the pot in a positive or negative way depending on your phrasing. Knowing the right thoughts to express to your partner and when to hold your tongue will assist you in getting the most growth and fulfillment out of this week’s planetary alignments.

I always get readers who crave some extra context after every Horoscope, and it’s my pleasure to give it to all who ask.

With this in mind, please submit your queries and requests here so I can most easily address your questions.

Examples of what readers will ask sometimes include how these horoscopes play into their whole chart, compatibility questions, and when the best time of the year or month is to make bold moves in the direction of romance.

Wishing you all the love in the Universe,

Anna Kovach

2 thoughts on “Weekly Love Horoscope For August 15th – 21st

  1. Thank you again for your very accurate horoscope.
    As you know, I’m an aquarius and the one i have a crush on is gemini.
    I’m looking forward to this week.

    Bless you

  2. I’ve learned so much about myself and my reactions and now I’m learning about my wonderful partner too. Your predictions have helped me a lot.
    Thank you Anna

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