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Weekly Love Horoscope For April 4th – 10th

Hey there, lovely people! Welcome back to our Weekly Love Horoscope, this time for April 4th through the 10th. This week, every single sign will be feeling a shift as Venus enters Pisces. This is typically overwhelmingly positive, however, there is a wrench thrown into the plans as a tough transit makes its presence known.

Mars, the planet of sex and passion, is meeting up with Saturn, the planet of restriction and traditions. This is going to influence the romantic relationships of many people. As a planet that does not like being restrained meets the planet that invented the game of restraint, you can imagine the chemical reaction here.

This can make you feel like a scared animal in a corner. Fight or flight may kick in, but that’s not the answer. You can’t fight fire with fire, no matter who you are. So how do you make the best of this energy?

As Mercury forms a sextile to Saturn this week, the energy is a bit more easy-going than other alignments, however, you will still need to direct your energies consciously to create changes in your life with this transit. If you have to have a tough conversation with your partner, then this could be the right transit to call out the ways your relationship isn’t cutting it to inspire improvement.

On a final, more positive note, is the conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune in the sign of Pisces. Right now, we have a boat of romantic and optimistic planets in the sign of compassion and empathy. This does indeed help the week end on a high note in most people’s cases.

Okay, so if you’re ready to dive in with me, then let’s get started!


Aries, as Venus enters Pisces, you might not be feeling the love as much as some other signs. This transit goes down in your house of isolation and undoing, which means that you could find your relationship actually suffers during this time. Long-term couples go through this transit once or twice a year, so don’t be too blue. After a month or two, you’ll be feeling on top of your romantic game.

Your planetary ruler (Mars) meeting up with Saturn in Aquarius could have you feeling rather crushed under the weight of the world. You might be feeling as if you’re not responsible enough. You could become frustrated by circumstances that require a lot of patience (not your strong suit). This is alleviated slightly by being in a house of gifts, ensuring that the struggle is worth it.

Mercury and the Sun, however, are in your own sign which means that you’re not doing too shabby despite a couple of setbacks this week. You have the gift of gab right now, in fact. While I wouldn’t recommend pursuing a romance with someone now, you can lay the groundwork to broach the topic in a month or so.


Taurus, your planetary ruler, Venus, enters the sign of Pisces where she feels like a true princess. This goes down in your house of friendships and blessings, allowing you to really cash in on this highly beneficial transit. Take full advantage of your social groups and bond your romantic life with your friendships. Double date maybe?

Mars conjuncting Saturn in your house of reputation could certainly put you on the hot seat. You could feel like any pressure you’re under is highly public, and you’re feeling criticisms from authority figures (real or imagined) coming down upon you. If you’re in a partnership, you also could see you or your partner asking the other to get serious about the relationship.

Saturn forming a sextile to Mercury in your house of undoing and isolation could have you making some bold statements that end up coming back on you. You should be aware that not everyone around you is a friend right now, even if they seem like it. Trusting your gut is key.


Gemini, your planetary ruler, Mercury, is in Aries in your house of friendship, which signifies a lucky time for you. Mercury in this house means a lot of social connections and kindling of friendships, which is straight up your alley, social Gemini. You’re being given an opportunity to accept love and what you’re owed from your good karma. If you’ve been crushing on a friend, this is the time to make your move.

Venus entering Pisces brings to you a period where you can use your charm and compassion to get yourself ahead in the world at large. Your sweeter side could be on display for the world to see. Another scenario is that the world is acknowledging your beauty more than usual …just wait for all the DMs!

Jupiter and Neptune aligning within this same house could mean wedding bells since Jupiter is the ruler of your house of partnership. This is a day when you are seeing the world through rose-colored glasses and can give others the benefit of the doubt way more than usual. Others are likely giving you the same courtesy.


Cancer, your planetary ruler (the Moon) will be hitting Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, and Leo this week. You could have a period of the week towards the beginning where mishaps go on, but you’re feeling much more yourself by the end of the week.

The ruler of your houses of partnership and romance (Saturn and Mars) are aligning within your house of secrets, taboos, and sex. You could be keeping something from your partner or you’re being duped in some manner instead. You might get the urge to revive a dead relationship as well.

Jupiter meeting Neptune in your house of travel with Venus also in the mix means that you are far more tolerant of the ideas of others. You’re more charitable. If single, your next romantic partner may have been religious or from a background different from your own. If you’re in a relationship, you might go on a trip together.


Leo, your planetary ruler, the Sun, is in your house of travel and education, which indicates a strong focus on this area of your life. Any mind-expanding activity, teaching opportunities, and travel. Putting attention to these areas of life could lead you to someone who embodies one or more of these traits and who is meant to teach you something (or you them).

The ruler of your house of partnership is Saturn, which meets Mars this week within your house of partnership itself. You could find yourself reaching a maximum of frustration with your partner or perhaps you feel berated by them. It’s important to expose what about your partnership isn’t working now.

The ruler of your house of romance (Jupiter) meets Neptune this week, inspiring a more compassionate and empathetic approach to expressing your love. You see your partner through a lens of adoration which could indeed bias you to make excuses for them. Keep yourself in check, but otherwise, enjoy the optimistic approach to romance.


Virgo, your planetary ruler in the house of secrets, taboo, and sex could indicate a forbidden love or interest in someone that you might not feel you should be interested in. Your thoughts could be on a past relationship. You might even feel nostalgic enough to reach out to them.

Your house of partnership is glowing right now as Venus enters a spot where she’s entirely comfortable. Hanging out with Jupiter (optimism) and Neptune (compassion) doesn’t hurt either. This is a harmonious period in your partnership. You might not understand your partner’s whimsical nature, however, you’re loving them regardless and maybe even more.

Mars and Saturn meeting within your house of labor could indicate a struggle on the work front. With Saturn ruling your house of romance, you could easily feel crushed by the weight of what you don’t know. You could be finding a casual fling with someone in a compromising situation or vice versa.


Libra, your planetary ruler is entering your house of labor this week, meaning that a generally positive atmosphere at work could indeed lead to seeing a coworker as more than that. This is aided by the positive presence of Jupiter and Neptune in the same house. Optimism, goofing around, and generally being adorable at work could put some eyes on you (in a good way).

Saturn and Mars within your house of romance could be a bump in the road, though. When the ruler of your house of romance and the house of partnership come together, this can be good… but it might not feel like a walk in the park. Using this time to deepen your commitment to one another is imperative.

As Saturn forms a sextile to Mercury in your house of partnership, you’re more able to have some conversations with your partner about responsibilities within the relationship. In addition, this can also be a good time to propose taking the relationship to the next level if you’re not already official.


Scorpio, your house of romance is bursting with good vibes! As Venus just entered the sign of Pisces, you can expect some romantic action if you put yourself out there. Your ability to express love is through the roof. The presence of Jupiter and Neptune only enhances this effect, so don’t hesitate to shoot your shot, queen!

As your house of partnership is ruled by Venus, expect some good news within your relationship if you’re in one. This can increase a positive flow of good feelings between the two of you. If you’re single, consider taking any potential relationships to a more committed level if it feels right.

Mars and Saturn conjoin within your house of family and home. This can make your house feel like an uncomfortable place to be where you have to walk on eggshells to avoid an explosion. You could find yourself needing home repairs. I would not recommend moving houses at this time or changing your household makeup.


Sagittarius, your planetary ruler in your house of family and home meets with Neptune, the modern ruler of this same house. Your focus is going to be on the sense of home. Perhaps you find within yourself a deepened ability to find home wherever you are. Or perhaps you’re distancing yourself from wherever you currently live. This could indicate relocating for your partner or vice versa.

You can expect a period where lighthearted romance feels generally easier. You’re more confident and more willing to put yourself out there for others to see. Authentic expression is all it takes to enchant others right now. Don’t hesitate to sing, dance, make love, and generally have a great time. This is how you spark romance at this time.

The ruler of your house of partnerships is Mercury which forms a sextile to stern Saturn this week. If you choose to feed this energy, you could use your speech and communication to express ways that the two of you can become more serious with one another within your partnership. If you’re okay with how things are, then carry on as usual.


Capricorn, your planetary ruler, Saturn, meets up with Mars in your house of finances and resources. This signals to me that you feel generally frustrated at the pace at which you’re accruing income (very on-brand for you). Perhaps the key lies with asking a family member to help out, potentially a partner.

Venus, Jupiter, and Neptune within your house of communication and your locality indicate that communication is not necessarily easier right now, but it is indeed being perceived way better than last week! This is an invitation for compassionate conversations about mutual improvement. Brain fog is a potential with this transit.

Venus in this house in the sign of Pisces could indicate that your next partner is an introverted, soft, and sensitive person whose method of communication and way of thinking enchants you.


Aquarius, with your sign housing the rough conjunction between Mars and Saturn, you could be feeling like the weight of the world is crashing down on you. Being a rebellious Aquarius, you might find yourself looking for an escape route from the expectations of others. Ensure you’re not too harsh with those who are softer than you are this week.

Mercury in Aries forming a sextile to your co-ruler, Saturn, could give you a way to safely vent frustration. You can get your point across without necessarily having to resort to authoritative measures. Having hard conversations can go smoothly with a little insight and effort.

The Sun (ruler of your house of partnership) is housed in the house of communication along with Mercury, meaning that striking up conversations with potential partners is easier. You are more confident in partnerships that require a lot of talking in general. Meeting minds with your loved ones is easier now.


Pisces, this week your sign is brimming with positivity even while your circumstances may be less than ideal. As it turns out, your hopeful personality is exactly what can propel you through hardship.

Venus, Jupiter, and Neptune are in your house, and ALL of these planets are extremely happy here. This does nothing but benefit you, my little minnow. You’re filled with hope and faith that you’ll make it through anything right now. You could be a little blasé about problems arising, but this is a minimal side effect.

Your house of finances has the Sun and Mercury within it currently. You might find a new emphasis on your job and perhaps a promotion or some kind of a bonus. As Mercury makes a sextile with Saturn, you may not want to be too frivolous with any extra income. Investing for your future is a more rewarded venture at this time.

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Wrapping Up

This week has so much conflicting energy in the air, and it’s sure to be noticeable. My advice is to lean into love and faith more than fear and aggravation. It may be corny, but it’s absolutely what will carry some of us through a relatively challenging period.

Hey, at least most of us can rejoice for Venus’ auspicious placement. Within the sign of Pisces Venus is strong so focusing on what energy she represents in your chart is key to finding out how to take advantage of this lucky time for love.

If you read your sign’s horoscope and are gripping your chair in panic, don’t fret! You’ve gone through this transit a whole bunch of times without knowing it. It’s nothing you haven’t proven you can get past.

However, if you’re concerned and want to reach out for some clarification on how these transits look for you specifically, I advise you to reach out to me.

I can give you one-on-one attention and the most accurate and specific details possible.

>> Book a private consultation right here!

I’ll see you next week, loves!

Wishing you all the luck in the Universe.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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