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Weekly Love Horoscope For April 25th – May 1st

Hello everyone, welcome back to the Weekly Love Horoscope for the end of April and moving into May, just barely. I’ve got some great news for almost all signs this week. There are some stellar alignments on their way to you.

This week is an ideal time for many signs because Venus and Jupiter are aligning in the sky. Venus in the sign of Pisces meeting with Jupiter in the sign of Pisces is a positive for every sign. There are no exceptions with this this week!

This is because it’s the planet of love and romance meeting up with the planet of optimism and expansion. This tends to expand your receptiveness to love as well as your ability to give out love. This also brings out your more charitable and forgiving side for most signs.

Mercury is making a move out of Taurus and into Gemini just before April rounds out. Mercury is extremely strong in this sign! Mercury in the sign of Gemini strengthens our communication and mental processes wherever it lies. This will affect every sign, some more than others.

Mercury (the planet of communication) is forming sextiles to both Jupiter and Neptune this week, which are both ultimately positive alignments as well. These transits can allow you access to a look behind the veil in some ways. Trust your gut instincts around this time.

Venus (the planet of love) is also meeting up with Neptune (group consciousness and compassion). When these planets meet up, you can be struck with a spiritual understanding of others. However, you can also find that relationships that have swept things under the rug suffer during this transit.

Mercury is also forming a trine to Pluto, which can lead to Earth-shattering changes that go a lot more smoothly than you might imagine. Undeniable changes can happen, but it may be smoother and more seamless than you’d think.

Okay, so, I’m too excited to get into this with you to wait ANY longer. So, find your sign down below and you’ll see what this week will have in store for you!


Aries, this month can have you feeling a bit more subdued than other signs seem to be. Venus, Jupiter, and Neptune all land within your house of isolation this week. These planets are all in great dignity in this area, meaning that they’re operating efficiently despite not being in an outwardly rewarding house.

As Mercury enters Gemini, you can expect better communication overall, since Gemini is a sign of talkativeness in the house of understanding. Making connections with others is a lot easier.

Aries, with Venus meeting Jupiter, your houses of partnership, money, and travel are all activated. Going on a vacation with your partner or meeting someone you’re into while on a vacation are both possibilities.

With Mercury forming a trine to Pluto, your words are working to support you at this time. Choosing your words carefully is essential since Pluto can cause huge changes in just moments. However, these changes can manifest in unexpectedly positive ways.


Taurus, you’re on track for a great week as your planetary ruler (Venus) is meeting up with Jupiter, planet of optimism and growth. Not to mention, this is all going down in your house of blessings and receptiveness. This indicates that huge blessings are flowing your way about as easily as they possibly could be.

Love becomes abundant during this transit. This is amplified as Mercury forms a sextile to Jupiter. This is incredibly beneficial since it helps to keep you truthful but gregarious. You might be a little blunt, but the charm that you give off now helps to keep you in the good graces of people around you.

Taurus, with Mercury moving into Gemini, your mind is focused largely on how to stay stable and to ensure that all of the essentials of life are taken care of. Asking for a guy who covers your essentials and that brings something to the table is not asking too much right now.


Gemini, this week you’re receiving a special alignment when your planetary ruler (Mercury) is entering your own sign! When this happens, it generally means good things since it makes you feel like you’re most ‘you.’ Mercury in the sign of Gemini empowers you to be the most authentic expression of you possible.

This can easily attract a partner, because being yourself is obviously hot! But if this doesn’t reel ‘em in, Venus meeting Jupiter in the sign of Pisces puts all eyes on you. You’ll be seen far and wide for your best qualities at this time.

You might be a little lost in the world of emotions, but this period can assist you spectacularly if you play your cards right.


Cancer, you’re experiencing the two most beneficial planets (Venus and Jupiter) aligning together in the house of travel, higher education, and metaphysics. You might connect with someone who is well educated or simply a spiritual type that has an expansive worldview.

Mercury moving into Gemini can have you feeling like retreating for a while. Your thoughts aren’t as sharp these days and you may go incommunicado. This is okay, since we all need some me time. It can be hard to start up new connections at this point. Flaws in your thought processes or communication style can make themselves known.

Cancer, Mercury forming a sextile to Jupiter and Neptune this week adds a sense of wanderlust to your life. Going to the water with your partner could assist the both of you in bonding and pushing the limits of what your relationship can be.


Leo, this week your house of secrets, taboo, and rebirth is the focus as the most beneficial planets (Venus and Jupiter) meet one another here. This allows you to expand a private world with you and your partner.

The two of you may find yourselves falling into a deeper state of connection. You can feel totally consumed by the feeling of need and desire for your partner.

As Mercury moves into Gemini, emphasis is placed on friendship and groups. Your bright personality helps you to make connections with others. You could find yourself on social media more than usual and perhaps you’re meeting some new love connections online.

Leo, as the ruler of your house of romance aligns with the planet of love, you’re going to find flirting a lot easier. You do require some deeper bonds at this time, so don’t skim over the important topics that really speak to you both.


Virgo, as your planetary ruler (Mercury) moves into the house of success and reputation, you could find yourself meeting a series of successes. Those around you could indeed be looking at you and keeping you on their radar more in general. Smile for the camera! This transit could bring romantic attention from those that see you in the spotlight.

With Venus and Jupiter meeting in the sign of Pisces, this means nothing but good things for you if you’re in a relationship or are seeking one. Venus, planet of love, meeting up with the planet of optimism, Jupiter in your house of partnership is an indicator of contentment and joy within your partnership.

As your planetary ruler makes sextiles to Jupiter and Neptune this week, being recognized is a potential possibility. Your reputation very much precedes you right now. You can even find ways to manipulate your image to put yourself in a different light to suit.


Libra, this is a week that could help you out on the work front, so lucky you! Venus is your planetary ruler, and when this planet of love and romance meets up with lucky Jupiter, you’re in for some amazing blessings. This week could set you up for success in romance if you work with someone that you’re interested in.

Mercury moving into Gemini also benefits you since Gemini is a fellow air sign. This allows the flow of energy to be natural. You are pondering big topics and the daily minutiae may not satisfy you right now. This is why you should get outside and see bigger and better things. Communication with those that expand your mind could translate into a new romantic connection.

Mercury forming sextiles to Neptune and Jupiter could easily put you a hair behind in your work. It’s an easy breezy transit that could make you feel like you don’t have to work too hard to get by. This isn’t the worst thing, unless you’re already behind at work.


Scorpio, Mercury moving into your house of secrets and taboo could get people talking… what is there to talk about? Well, things that have been unseen for a long time are now coming forward. If you’ve had a crush lingering in the back of your mind, then this is a time when your emotions may push forward. You may strike up a conversation with an ex.

Your house of romance is receiving many positive blessings this week, as Jupiter and Venus align. This ensures that you’ll find joy in the dating scene. You might want to check out some concerts, comedy clubs, or sporting events with a date, since these activities are currently lucky for you.

Mercury forming a trine to Pluto brings out your most intense side. Pluto is a co-ruler for you, and it represents rebirth. With Pluto and Mercury in alignment, you are able to better express your true feelings rather than bottling them up. You could have a powerful outburst of emotions and feelings pour through. It’s a time for communicating the need for changes in your relationship.


Sagittarius, you’re typically adventurous and want to be out and about rather than the couch. However, you’re potentially feeling a draw to home and family matters. You may find a home away from home or a found family of sorts. As it turns out, you’re potentially feeling a lot more comfortable in your home rather than being on the run.

With Mercury exiting pokey Taurus and entering your sister sign, Gemini, you are mentally concerned with matters of partnership. If you and a partner have had strained communication, this is the time to talk it out. If you’re not partnered, feel free to get yourself on some dating apps… avoid the ones leaning towards hookups and embrace the ones oriented towards long-term partnership.

Mercury forming a sextile to your ruling planet Jupiter enables you to combine your authentic self with the essence of communication, meaning that you’re able to portray your thoughts truthfully. Exaggeration and rushing into relationships are risks that could come into play, so avoid those pitfalls.


Capricorn, Venus and Neptune align within your house of communication this week. When the powers of the planet of love meet the energy of compassion and Universal connection, you could be feeling more charitable and loving. This is reflected most strongly in your speech patterns and who you’re talking to and meeting at any given time.

As Mercury enters Gemini, you may find a new mental focus on work and your daily routine. The routine that you follow could now require connection with others in some sense. Because Mercury rules the house of travel in your chart, perhaps someone from a different faith or background than your own becomes a part of your daily life… if you’re so inclined, this could be a romantic connection.

To add to Mercury’s energy for you this week, Mercury is forming an easy breezy trine with Pluto in your own sign of Capricorn. This is a transformational energy that you can use for good. Old styles of communication could break down, leaving room for better connections with other people.


Aquarius, this week you’re seeing love energy combined with the need of tangible proof of that love and romance. Empty words just aren’t cutting it anymore. The partner you’re looking for should give you a feeling of security. They should follow through with what they say and give you plenty of physical proof that they’re into you.

Mercury moving into a fellow air sign, Gemini, will benefit you greatly. This is a transit that will allow you to create new romantic relationships with more ease. Mercury here lends the gift of gab to romantic scenarios. It’s an ideal time to hop on a dating app and test the waters of love.

Mercury forming a sextile to planets within the house of resources further reinforces the need for your romantic interest to provide for you a sense of security. You are forgiving of them but may feel over-compassionate which can delude you to the flaws of a seemingly perfect person.


Pisces, you’re feeling lucky. Your planetary rulers (yes both!) are within your own sign at this time. Not to mention that Venus, the planet of love, is still within your own sign! Embodying your authentic self with a little filter is the key to attracting others. You may want to update the way you present yourself to the world, likely softening and becoming a more obviously feminine person.

Mercury entering Gemini shifts mental focus to home and family. You may acquire books to put around your home. Siblings, nieces, and nephews could come on the scene. This isn’t all though. Mercury ruling your house of partnership means that this is an ideal time to bring someone home to meet the family! The meeting is more likely to go smoothly at this time.

Sextiles being formed to planets in your own sign from Mercury emphasizes the need for your truer presentation of yourself to be on display. You’re compassionate, romantic, and sweet, Pisces. Show others that side of you and they’ll be drawn to you like flies. Potential partners see you as girlfriend material.

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Wrapping Up

This week was so positive and fun to write about. While we can become a bit too forgiving of behavior that needs addressing, kindness and sweetness are coming more naturally. Being more open to seeing the goodness of others is the vibe this week, so lean into it. Dissipate your walls (well, where it makes sense) and allow others that lift you up into your heart.

I’ve realized that a few paragraphs on the energy of the week can feel impersonal, and that’s not what I stand for around here! I love connecting with my readers…

I’ve been blessed with a following that supports each other and who are here to learn and grow. I feel beholden to my readers to offer time to connect individually with you.

I’ve got slots for those that want to go deeper into the energy of transits, forecasts, and delving into relationship charts and personal natal charts.

Being informed about the energy available to you is important. When you know what’s coming, you’re better able to take advantage of the good and avoid the bad. Allow me to show you how to navigate these alignments.

If you’re interested in knowing more about your exact situation and the energy applying to you directly, I’ve set up time slots here to talk to me. 

Wishing you all the luck in the Universe.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

8 thoughts on “Weekly Love Horoscope For April 25th – May 1st

  1. For Libra,which I am and my Leo ex, could that mean we would align and he might come towards me again? Hopeful.x

    1. Hi Debra!

      It means there is a possibility. I cannot tell you there is a guarantee but the universe controls all. Remember to lure a Leo man takes a lot of dedication, attention, and compliments. They thrive on it. Have you checked out my Leo man blog? I think it may be useful for you if you haven’t already. Stay strong sweetheart!

  2. Moon conjunct Pluto, Moon Conjunct Saturn, Moon Square Uranus, Moon Square Mercury, Saturn square Mercury, blah blah blah… What’s wrong with planets?? I’m just kidding 🙂 Enjoy this heavy sky with immortal hopefullness.

    1. Hi Paris!

      Haha yes sometimes I even feel like this. The planets are going bonkers right now it feels like. We’re dealing with the upcoming Mercury retrograde shortly but the energy is already thick. There is plenty going on sweetheart. I’m glad you enjoy the weekly horoscopes though. I do wish you lots of love and happiness! Blessings!

  3. Being a Libra and single Mum of a gorgeous 11 year old son, Its tough right now dealing with anxiety and splitting up with my husband in December he is a Scorpio, I couldn’t deal with his jealously issues…. Your definitely right I need get out more but where to start?

    1. Hi Lutia!

      Bless you sweetheart. You’ve got a lot on your place. Pour all your love into your son. By doing that, you’re opening a flood gate of amazing loving energy that will radiate and draw a mate in for you that will be incredible. I would start with looking up local hobbies and taking classes or workshops. You could meet someone who enjoys the same. You should also be carrying crystals with you when you go out to attract love. Wishing you all the best!

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