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Weekly Love Horoscope For April 18th – 24th

Hello, my dears, and welcome back to another weekly love horoscope! This week features a shift that will affect all signs and I can’t wait to get into it with you! What does this mean for your sign?

So, the big scoop this week is that the Sun is changing signs from Aries to Taurus. This marks a shift from powerful passion and initiation to more slow and steady energy. Wherever the Sun falls in your chart this week, determines where you should participate in comfortable and indulgent things.

Taurus is ruled by Venus, so Venus’ position in Pisces is key to understanding the effects of the Sun in the sign of Taurus. Venus is thrilled to be in the sign of Pisces since this is where she is ‘exalted.’ Basically, Venus + Pisces = good vibes.

Venus is also forming some beneficial sextiles to both Mercury and Uranus this week. The sextile is an aspect that Venus embodies, and Venus sextiles are typically strong. Venus is almost always beneficial, so forming a sextile to almost any other planet will have positive results.

Venus sextile Mercury tends to engage your understanding of the world through the lens of love and compassion. Being harmonious with others is easier because your speech is sugarcoated in the best way.

Venus sextile Uranus tends to add an element of freedom to your relationship. If you’re single then you may find a realization about the type of person you’re into or the kind of relationships that you’d like. This aspect can lead to experimenting with new approaches to love that are novel.

Mercury is also meeting with Uranus this week, and while this isn’t an explicit love aspect, this is indeed going to affect how you communicate, understand, and convey information. For some signs, this will fall in a loving house too, which emphasizes its importance.

This aspect brings a novel and revolutionary (in the context of your life) energy that allows you to speak more freely. You may find yourself being more avant-garde and unique. You may find that surprise correspondences come your way… Uranus is always going to shake up the situation!

Let’s not wait any longer – find your sign down below to find out how this week’s energy is affecting you specifically.


Aries, Venus is transiting through your house of isolation, so you may not be feeling like outwardly expressing your love these days. Venus transiting this position indicates that you might be feeling a bit detached from a current relationship or you’re getting pretty tired of the chase that comes with love around this time.

Mercury in your house of resources making a sextile to Venus indicates that your focus may shift to financial things or your objects in general. This could bring you some form of financial compensation or could mark receiving some kind of gift from a love interest or partner!

Your communication style is grounded but innovative right now. You may decide to change up the way that you talk or may begin conveying more rebellious ideas to others at this time. If you’ve been attempting to try something new with your partner or just change up your communication style for the better, then go ahead and try this week.


Taurus, this is an action-packed week for you due to the Sun moving into your own sign. Taurus season is upon us, and so it’s important to feed your inner couch potato, plant lover, and comfort lover. Snuggling with your partner is a huge desire. Going out to eat in really good restaurants is also a great activity for you both right now.

With Mercury aligning with Uranus in your house of self, you’re feeling more revolutionary in your speech and action. Your communication skills are changing up and it’s a bit surprising to you and those around you. Being authentic is the key to success right now.

Venus (your planetary ruler) in Pisces is a good thing for you. Venus is happy in the sign of Pisces in your eleventh house. This indicates to me that this is a period where you’ll find immense comfort in your partner. Hanging out in groups with your partner is a possibility.


Gemini, your planetary ruler, is meeting up with Uranus this week and is also in aspect to Venus. This means that your week is likely filled with activity and maybe a little romance. You could be feeling subdued because Mercury brings in the house of isolation. This dulls the effect these planets have on others, so you may be a bit more reclusive than usual.

With Mercury and Uranus meeting up, expect some unexpected shifts in how you think and act. Uranus is a rebel and keeps you on your toes with events and situations you never saw coming. This could easily affect relationships and your professional life.

The shifts that you’re making internally are reflecting on your partner. If you are isolated then your partner will reflect back similar energy. Remember that periods like these happen and you’ve gone through them many times before, believe it or not! You’ve always been okay and you will be okay now as well. Some creative communication strategies can keep your love life afloat.


Cancer, Taurus is seeing action this week and that’s a positive for you since Taurus rules your eleventh house of gifts and blessings. This is the house that allows you to receive love. Long story short, lucky you! This house is about to receive the Sun, so general themes in your life point to receiving blessings that you’ve earned.

Venus in Pisces forming sextiles to Mercury and Uranus in this house indicates an abundance of love, conviviality, and generally good feelings with others. This alignment assists in making your spirit warm and inviting to others. This is a wonderful time to both make new friends and potentially bring a friend into the role of your lover.

Speaking of Venus, you’ll find that your romantic experiences could require an open mind from you. You have a good chance of meeting someone with similar philosophical views as your own. You also might meet someone whose sense of religiosity matches yours.


Leo, the Sun (your planetary ruler) is moving into Taurus, which is within your tenth house of reputation, career, and status. This is a house where your business is on display. There isn’t a lot of hiding tenth house placements. As such, you’re about to shine brightly and be seen. If this is something that you desire (as many Leos might) then you could find that you’re loving this feeling of being seen.

Venus in Pisces is within your house of taboo and secrets, which indicates that something unseen is going on in your love life. You may find that you’re attracted to someone who you perhaps shouldn’t be attracted to for whatever reason. A partner or love interest could also be harboring something unknown.

With Venus forming a sextile to Mercury and Uranus in your house of status, you could find opportunities to present unparalleled ideas at work or to revolutionize your public image. You have the opportunity to say the right words to put you in the best light during this period. If you’re single, then this is a good time to revamp dating profiles.


Virgo, this week your planetary ruler (Mercury) and the Sun are within your house of travel and philosophy. This tells me that you are more open-minded than usual, and since Mercury can represent travel, this tells me that you could go on a trip around this time. With the sextile from Venus, planet of love, you may find that you’re traveling for or with a partner.

Venus is in Pisces which is in your house of partnership, so as you can imagine, this is an excellent alignment for partnership. Making it official with someone is a strong possibility. This is a perfect alignment for marriage and engagement as well! This could easily be one of the most joyous periods for you and a partner.

Venus forming a sextile to Uranus this week indicates that you’ve got an opportunity to incorporate more unique and interesting approaches to your relationship. Indeed, you may find that you and your partner get some healthy space from one another where love is still very strong between you.


Libra, your planetary ruler (Venus) is within the sign of Pisces this week. Since Venus is extremely comfortable here, you’re likely feeling pretty good overall. When Venus is happy, Libra is happy, after all! Since Venus is within the house of work and habits, you might find that you’re a social butterfly at work. As a result, you could charm yourself into a coworker’s arms (if that interests you).

As the Sun enters Taurus, you might be feeling that you have to hide something to get by in the world right now. Alternatively, something can be hidden from you as well. Things in this house seem to get obscured sometimes, so confusion and misinterpretation are possible in general. Something to be aware of within your relationship.

Libra, the sextiles that your ruler is making to Uranus and Mercury in the house of secrets and taboo could absolutely indicate that a rebirth of a relationship is possible. If you’ve hoped for a second chance with someone then this is a transit that could make it possible.


Scorpio, this week your house of partnership is being lit up with energy. The new focus for you is indeed being partnered with someone or having a focus on creating new contracts with people. Signing contracts this particular week could have unexpected repercussions, so if you’re planning on collaborating with a partner to live together or get married, then you may want to reconsider this week.

Venus is within your fifth house of romance, creativity, and self-expression is a highly beneficial alignment. You’re easily the most blessed sign romantically this week! Venus here makes it easy to express yourself in a way that is charming and gratifying to the people around you. Flirting and showing interest in any way to others is easier.

Scorpio, the sextiles from a happy Venus to Mercury and Uranus this week mean generally good things for you. Correspondences of any kind are bearing fruit if you put in a little effort to frame yourself correctly. You can expect the unexpected in romance in general, like a chance meeting with someone who seems to be as deep as you.


Sagittarius, this week we see a general trend towards domestic life, which can feel odd for an adventurous Sagittarius. This is actually a period where moving to somewhere more comforting and generally more aligned with your lifestyle is a possibility. In addition, moving houses can help you in your quest for love in some way, depending on your life circumstances.

With the Sun entering Taurus, your career is becoming a point of focus within your life. You might feel more impassioned about things relating to your job. Since the Sun rules your house of travel and expansion, you may find that someone who comes from a different background than your own meets you through work.

With a sextile between Venus and the ruler of your house of partnership (Mercury), you can expect relative ease in communicating romantically. You may find yourself considering joining households with someone to whom you are committed.


Capricorn, Venus within your house of communication and information means that talking to others romantically is easier than usual right now. Venus is the ruler of your house of romance, so this accentuates the romantic potential of this transit. Take a little time to lay on the sweetness with your partner or potential love interest.

What’s more, Venus is forming a sextile to Mercury and Uranus in the house of romance and self-expression. This is a perfect time to get social. Getting out there and showing your talents and affection is likely to be rewarded heavily this week! Don’t hold back in expressing who you are because this is exactly what will draw in a potential new love.

Capricorn, the cherry on top this week is the Sun entering your house of romance. You could experience a revival of an old relationship or flirtationship around this time. The Sun puts emphasis on your best qualities, and so returning to a previous love interest can bear positive fruit right now.


Aquarius, you’re seeing an influx of energy within your house of home and family with the Sun, Mercury, and Uranus all cohabitating here. This brings a generally positive time at home and with family. Corresponding with parents could become a new theme. With the Sun (ruler of your house of partnership) here, you could find that introducing your partner to your family is smooth sailing.

The ruler of your house of romance (Mercury) is also within this house. This is a positive sign for moving in with your partner. At the very least you can have some meaningful conversations about moving that general direction. It’s a time for proactivity with your partner if you’d like to build a solid foundation with one another.

You’re also seeing Venus in the sign of Pisces within your second house. This indicates to me that your romantic interests could have a factor of “what can you offer me?” to them. There is nothing wrong with this! Wanting someone with resources and who has something to give is important.


Pisces, you’re seeing a period where you seem to embody love, congeniality, and compassion. While this is you a lot of the time, it’s especially true right now. With Venus in your own sign forming a positive relationship to other planets this week, it’s like you’ve gotten access to some social and romantic cheat codes.

Venus forming a sextile to Mercury in your house of communication is especially positive since Mercury is the ruler of your house of partnership. This means that with a little effort on your part, you can easily find true partnership just by being yourself. You’re making such good impressions that it’s no surprise that you could attract your next partner.

With Venus forming a sextile to Uranus in your house of communication, you may have some off-the-wall ideas about your relationships, but that’s not a bad thing. This is an excellent transit for making new friends and for being social, especially with your partner or future partner.

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Wrapping Up

This week I was so pleased to see that a lot of signs are having generally positive experiences. This is a treat for us all, so take advantage of Venus’ happy presence in the sign of Pisces where she is better equipped than ever to make relationship changes in a positive direction.

One thing I hear from my readers is that they’d like something more personalized for them. I LOVE writing horoscopes for all of my readers because I’ve seen you all use my advice to make changes in the right direction in your lives.

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When you’re seeing a horoscope, it doesn’t encompass all aspects of your chart that make you, though of course, they offer general guidance.

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I can’t wait to see you all next week!

Wishing you all the luck in the Universe,

Anna Kovach

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