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Weekly Love Horoscope For April 11th – 17th

Hello, my loves, and welcome back to your weekly love horoscope. If you’ve come back after the tornado that last week was then I salute you because it was a TIME. But listen, your efforts last week will be rewarded this week because not one “bad” aspect is in the sky.

First off, let’s talk about how Mercury is moving into Taurus and Mars is entering Pisces. Mercury in Taurus could keep you grounded in your thoughts and make practical decisions. However, you could be quite stubborn about your ideas.

Mars entering Pisces indicates that you’ll fight and be motivated by the suffering of others and yourself. This can lead to you sticking up for your partner or maybe yourself if your needs haven’t been properly attended to.

Mercury and Venus are forming a dynamic sextile to one another, ushering in energy of positive communication with your partner or romantic interest. This is a sextile though, so remember this won’t just happen – you’ll have to make an effort to channel positive communication.

Venus is also forming a sextile with Uranus, indicating that with some effort, you can join the concepts of being close to your partner and individuality. Partnerships can make you feel like you’re losing your personality at times when the two of you spend a lot of time together.

Jupiter and Neptune form a dreamy conjunction in the sign who basically invented dreaming, Pisces. This is a great time to find what inspires you and moves you forward. Indulge in what brings you joy this week. You may be just too zoned out to put it into action yet, but allow this time to be motivating for you.

Let’s not wait around any longer. Find your sign below to get the exact rundown of what these transits mean for your sign specifically.


Aries, this week Mercury enters your second house and the sign of Taurus, which puts mental emphasis on the material side of life. This could have your attention shifting off of your partner, which is fine, just make sure that they know that you’re still invested and interested. But no shame for making that bag, girl.

As your planetary ruler moves into Pisces, this week could be the beginning of a more contemplative period for you. You might begin to withdraw from others somewhat. Things that you’ve been shoving under the rug for the last couple of years. As a result, you may be a bit preoccupied with personal issues.

With Venus in this same house, if you’re partnered with someone right now you could find that this is a period where the two of you feel some distance from one another. If you’re in a long-term relationship, chances are you’ve both come out of this period just fine together before. This can indeed bring up that which was obscured between the two of you.


Taurus, your planetary ruler, Venus, is strong in the sign of Pisces which lands right within your house of blessings and gifts. This brings to you an enhanced ability and more opportunities to receive love from others. Venus in this spot will enhance your relationships with friends as well as your partner. Finding a partner if you’re single is likely if you’re interested in a friend as more than just that – a friend.

With Mercury entering your own sign, you’re about to become more sociable and talkative. You could find yourself being a topic of conversation. You might yourself simply find that you’re making a lot more connections or you’re providing contacts and links between others. This is a good time to connect with new people if you’re single.

Venus forming positive sextiles to Mercury and Uranus this week amplifies the effects of Mercury and Uranus in positive ways. You might find yourself speaking in a more unexpected way than usual, but your unique ideas that others learn about as a result is likely to find solidarity between you, your friends, and your partner.


Gemini, your house of isolation is filling up rather quickly as Mercury arrives to join Uranus in the sign of Taurus. Since Mercury is your planetary ruler, you’re going to feel the effects of this strongly. You could find yourself at a distance from the rest of your life. This could be a period where you’re feeling lonelier than usual, even if you are in a relationship.

This week offers an opportunity for you to make the best of this alignment though. A sextile from Venus to Mercury is going to soften the blow of this aspect. This adds a layer of congeniality and understanding to any trials or distance you’re experiencing. In fact, this can make an otherwise lonely time not feel so bad. Your partner can be a huge support for you.

Venus forming a sextile to Uranus could spur a desire for space within your relationship. Taking a bit of effort can help you and your partner form some healthy distance while fostering feelings of love and trust. Although, it can be a period of the unexpected occurring in love!


Cancer, all of the action in Taurus this week benefits you because Taurus lies within your house of blessings and gifts! This is a house that rewards prior good deeds and hard work with everything positive that you deserve.

Mercury entering Taurus could affect your communication style. Taurus being ruled by congenial Venus helps your communication to be easily received by others, so make sure you’re shooting your shot by sending those texts and making those calls or whatever medium you like. Use this to talk to your crush or to have sweet convos with a current partner.

Cancer, Venus being in Pisces lands within your house of travel and expansion as well as optimism. This puts you in a generally good place usually but also allows for changing perspectives on love to one that’s more inclusive and compassionate. You may fall for someone who isn’t from a similar background to your own, or, find one who aligns with your life philosophies.


Leo, the Sun remains in Aries, which is within your house of expansion and optimism. This bodes extremely well for you because the Sun is strong in Aries and within this house. You’re confident and you feel as if you not only deserve good things but you’re willing to go out and get them.

Venus within the sign of Pisces in your house of secrets and taboo could bring to light some things that make you uncomfortable within a current partnership. If you’re single, you’ll realize that you may be pining over a past relationship. Bringing an old relationship that you’d like back into your life will work out well.

As Venus forms sextiles to Mercury and Uranus in the house of status and career, you could feel like your love life is put on display potentially. You may be a topic of conversation or your love life, in general, could be known by others.


Virgo, your planetary ruler, Mercury, is entering the sign of Taurus, which is a fellow Earth sign. This indicates some positive and optimistic times. You could begin a correspondence with someone who shares your philosophical views. This person goes deep with you where others haven’t been able to.

Venus is now transiting through your house of partnership! This is an overwhelmingly positive alignment for partnership and being together for a long time. This is an excellent alignment for marriage! Making any relationship official is going to be blessed at this time.

With Venus forming a sextile to Mercury, you’re more compassionate and accepting while not sacrificing your analytical mind. Your mood is generally improved and you are more understanding of others.


Libra, your ruling planet is strong within the sign of Pisces while affecting your house of work, labor, and health. You could engage in a lot of socializing at work. Work could feel more fun, and the women around you are inspiring. You could work on your physical appearance through a new workout routine. Meeting someone at the gym is a possibility.

Taurus in your house of secrets and taboo is seeing an influx of energy as Mercury creates a talkative aura. You could find yourself divulging secrets or finding out about something previously hidden. This is likely a long-standing secret due to Taurus’ stable tendency.

You could find an old partner sounding interesting and you may want to reignite an old flame. This transit is great for bringing things you once believed to be dead. If you’re comfortable and have the desire, try reaching out to an ex you’d like to give another chance.


Scorpio, your house of partnership is loading up with energy as Mercury and Uranus join up within this house in the sign of Taurus. Mercury here indicates that if you’re looking for a partnership, your partner could be a good communicator, highly skilled at practical tasks, or someone who drives a lot for a living or otherwise.

As Venus transits through your house of romance and self-expression, you can expect a light-hearted feeling. You could find yourself attracting others because of your willingness to express love. This is what draws people to you… when you give love you get love.

The sextiles from Venus this week to Uranus and Mercury align the joy of the honeymoon period with the stability of a partnership. This provides a general sense of harmony due to the positive communication and willingness to accept the quirks of your partner.


Sagittarius, Pisces is where the planet of love is right now, which is located in your house of family and home. Though you’re a nomad at heart, this period could have you getting very comfortable with making a home anywhere you are. This can indicate a move, potentially. Especially a move involving a partner or love interest.

Communicating at work becomes easier as Mercury enters Taurus. You’ll find that there are more opportunities for communication and a meeting of the minds. You could strike up conversations that affect your love life since Taurus is ruled by Venus, planet of love.

The sextiles between Venus and Mercury/Uranus build up the positive intentions and vibes of the moment. You’ll find that there are more opportunities to flirt, but remember, you must take the initiative because the sextile needs dynamism in order to activate.


Capricorn, Venus within your house of communication, mental processes, and your local area indicate that you’re more adept at communication and your points are being heard. Others might crush on you because of the way your mind works. Don’t be afraid to flex your smarts right now since others will notice it and likely receive it positively.

With your house of romance being affected by Uranus and now Mercury, you’re indeed able to communicate and flirt with relative ease. Self-expression can be achieved through writing, so perhaps express your affection through a physical letter since it deepens the emotional impact.

The sextiles between Venus and Mercury and Uranus indicate that you have opportunities to engage your mind and your heart simultaneously. You’ll realize that there are plenty of situations that will pop up where you can flex your ability to come off as super charming, but only if you choose to access it.


Aquarius, your house of family is seeing an influx as mercury enters to join your planetary co-ruler, Uranus. Focusing on home life is where your mind is. You might more personally connect with your home life and may find yourself living in a community situation.

Venus transiting your second house means that you may be searching for a more grounded love than usual. You may indeed find that your interests and priorities in a relationship focus on the things you buy together and how you leave physical reminders in the world that you are together with them. You’d like to have solid memories that you can point to and are tangible.

As Venus forms a sextile to Mercury and Uranus, you could find that your home life is more exciting, calming, and easy than usual. You are encouraged by Uranus to switch things up and be a little freaky, but Venus’ influence allows it to all work somehow. Mercury being aspected by Venus can indicate a period where you and your parents or a parent are getting along well.


Pisces, Venus in your sign means that you’re embodying the spirit of love, compassion, and charity. You’re sweet and kind to others, which allows them to clearly witness your good heart. You also are more attractive to others at this time, so use your power for good …or don’t!

Your house of communication is housing Mercury in the sign of Taurus, meaning that your thoughts are grounded (for once!). You’re perceiving the world in a more practical way and you might not read into things as much as you usually do. This is a good aspect for striking up communication with those you’re interested in.

Since Mercury rules your house of partnership and Venus is aspecting it, this is a good period to hop on dating apps or simply keep your eyes open for a partner who meets your needs. This could be someone who challenges you in all the right ways.

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Wrapping Up

This week ended up being generally positive for most of you, so that warms my heart. Being able to give you the good news is a favorite feeling of mine!

I trust that you’ll be here next week where we’ll talk about a major shift to the fire sign of Aries. Which planet will enter this passionate and sexy sign and what does it mean for you?

If this horoscope wasn’t resonating, you’re not alone. While this is a general overview that I know is a good interpretation, it’s still broad because everyone is different!

I wanted to provide these overviews in the love horoscope, as well as another offering to my loyal readers.

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I love to be able to get to know you personally, so don’t be shy. Go sign up and make me a happy lady!

I will see you all next week.

Wishing You All the Luck in the Universe,

Anna Kovach

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