Turn Ons For a Man Based on His Zodiac Sign: How To Turn On Your Man
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Turn Ons For a Man Based on His Zodiac Sign

Turn Ons For a Man Based on His Zodiac Sign

Since I’ve already approached the Turn Offs, it’s important to also know what the Turn Ons are for each guy. It may help you to figure out the guy you are interested in or are dating.

What Turns On An ARIES Man…

What Turns On An ARIES Man - Turn Ons For a Man Based on His Zodiac Sign

This is one of the “tough guys” of the zodiac. He’s slow to start but once he gets going; he’s ready to put himself “all in” with the right person. His turn ons include a woman who is smart, witty, and honest.

He loves a woman that isn’t afraid to take charge but there will need to be compromise because he is an alpha male. You will have to learn to allow each other turns.

The Aries man loves a woman who is physically fit and driven for success. If he can tell that you take care of yourself; he’ll be really turned on. Also by you being enthusiastic about life; he’ll see you as a breath of fresh air.

This is an active man who loves activities and sports. Put on his football jersey with nothing else underneath. To find out more turn-ons, take a look at Aries Man Secrets.

What Turns On A TAURUS Man…

What Turns On A TAURUS Man - Turn Ons For a Man Based on His Zodiac Sign

This man seeks stability and security in his life and home. He wants a partner who will accentuate this lifestyle. He will appreciate a woman who is driven and wants to succeed with her career.

He also is turned on by a woman who is reliable and isn’t problematic when it comes to establishing a routine to build a life with. Since it takes him a long time to build a relationship; he’ll also adore a woman who isn’t afraid to commit.

This man likes to be wined and dined. Turn him on by cooking him a home cooked meal. If you cannot cook, take him somewhere where the food is amazing. It will make him feel like a King.

The Taurus man is one built for luxury and the finer things. He will appreciate it if his partner is the same way. Find out more about this man in Taurus Man Secrets.

What Turns On A GEMINI Man…

What Turns On A GEMINI Man - Turn Ons For a Man Based on His Zodiac Sign

This guy is a very free spirit. He likes to be spontaneous, find excitement where he can, and never be bored. He would like to have a partner who is up for just about anything at any time; someone who can go with the flow.

He adores a woman that has wit and has a quick sense of humor. Laughing at his jokes is a turn on but you making jokes he can laugh at is even better. Good humor can connect just about anyone.

Just like any man; the Gemini man doesn’t always know what is on your mind. He will need someone who can effectively communicate with him. Tell him what you’re hopes and dreams are.

He is one that definitely tries to build success in his life. He will want a partner with similar qualities. If you’d like to know more about him, check out Gemini Man Secrets.

What Turns On A CANCER Man…

What Turns On A CANCER Man - Turn Ons For a Man Based on His Zodiac Sign

This sensitive man does best with a partner who can provide him with security and longevity. He will swoon for a woman who is as equally as sensitive as he is or at least close.

Just like the Taurus; the Cancer man really loves amazing food. He’s looking for his future wife and mother for his future children. Being able to provide delicious food is a winner with this guy.

If you show him how much you care by doing thoughtful things for him will turn him on and make him open up to you more. He’s somewhat traditional and seeks a woman who thinks more along these lines.

Since he loves the arts; if you are a musician or artist of some sort; he’ll identify with you more than he does with other women. Show him that he can trust you and he’ll be yours.

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What Turns On A LEO Man…

What Turns On A LEO Man - Turn Ons For a Man Based on His Zodiac Sign

This is one of the other alpha males in the zodiac. This particular one seeks lots of attention and adoration. Showing him how much you care will win you lots of brownie points.

If you’re into doing things like helping charities; this will also make him see you more. He’s a humanitarian naturally and so this will appeal to his senses for sure. He wants to hear about your successes and be able to see your great heart.

He also tends to be drawn to women who are involved in the arts in some way whether it’s music, drawing/painting, or dancing; he’ll be intrigued. Your will to succeed and accomplish your dreams will turn him on.

Even if you’re accustomed to being in the spotlight; it will make him feel really good if you can let him have some of it too sometimes. You’ll need to be sociable like he is as well.

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What Turns On A VIRGO Man…

What Turns On A VIRGO Man - Turn Ons For a Man Based on His Zodiac Sign

This man has high integrity and morals. He’s looking for perfection. Though he may not be able to find it as it doesn’t exist; he does look for what he can live with. He will definitely want his partner to be successful and goal oriented.

He will seek out a woman who has it all together with her career, her personal life, and even her wardrobe. He loves to see a woman look nice and seem solid or whole. Looking clean cut will take you far with this guy.

The Virgo man likes to feel needed. Though he wants you to reach goals of your own; he will still want you to come to him when you need advice.

He will need you to be somewhat organized and cleanly. To find more out about this particular guy, you may want to read Virgo Man Secrets.

What Turns On A LIBRA Man…

What Turns On A LIBRA Man - Turn Ons For a Man Based on His Zodiac Sign

This slow moving man who seeks out balance is looking for what he believes is his soul mate. There are some things you can work at to show him that you may be the one for him.

Create a peaceful environment for him. He absolutely cannot stand stress, pressure, or any kind of emotional disturbance. So try to make things serene and lovely. He’ll appreciate it.

Be optimistic and find the good in any situation. He can easily become off balanced and depressed so he needs a positive person around him that can lift him back up and remind him life is ok.

Compliment him whenever you can. He has an ego that needs to be stroked and often. If you can keep that going; he’ll feel you truly care for him and his needs. This will put you in his good graces and where you want to be in his life.

What Turns On A SCORPIO Man…

What Turns On A SCORPIO Man - Turn Ons For a Man Based on His Zodiac Sign

This hot, saucy guy has needs and will look to his partner to help him fulfill them. He requires a lady who is sensitive to his needs. He also wants equal passion. Give him back what he gives to you and he’ll fall for you.

Show him that you’ve got style and passion in life as well. This will turn him on and make him feel like you’re at his level of understanding in life. Always be honest with him as well. He’s a human lie detector!

Try to do favors for your scorpion. He will respond in kind. He’ll see that you actually care enough to help him through his problems thus making him want to help you with whatever you need.

While it’s not necessary; he really likes women who are somewhat exotic. He wants to see creativity and flare. Read more on him in the Scorpio Man Secrets.

What Turns On A SAGITTARIUS Man…

What Turns On A SAGITTARIUS Man - Turn Ons For a Man Based on His Zodiac Sign

Turn ons for this guy are fairly straight forward. Be spontaneous and go with the flow as much as possible. He’s quite an adventurer and seeker of excitement. The more of that he gets; the happier he is.

Allow him to have personal time and space. Even when he’s committed; he wants to have some time to himself and may even take some trips alone. As long as you give him trust and show him you don’t mind; he’ll eat it up.

Try to keep yourself busy with activities. He isn’t one to want to have a woman glued to him due to his independence. Doing things of your own and on your own will make him feel secure.

Be optimistic! This guy is naturally optimistic and will need a partner that can keep up with him and see things the way he does more often than not.

What Turns On A CAPRICORN Man…

What Turns On A CAPRICORN Man - Turn Ons For a Man Based on His Zodiac Sign

This is the serious man in the zodiac. He’s a fantastic business man and solution creator. What turns him on is someone who is organized and clean. If you need help with learning it; ask him. He’ll teach you!

He’s very driven so being able to get things moving and going toward success will turn him on. He would prefer to have an equal. He also wants to know that he can absolutely rely on you.

Try to keep yourself neat in appearance. Since he likes to have a clean environment; he also appreciates a clean partner with whom he can share his space and life with.

He’s also picky about things in his life. Show him you have style and class. Cheapness doesn’t cut it. Let him know the finer things in life appeal to you like they do with him. Make your intention with him very clear.

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What Turns On An AQUARIUS Man…

What Turns On An AQUARIUS Man - Turn Ons For a Man Based on His Zodiac Sign

This is another man of great independence and likes to take his time when getting involved with someone. One of the things he really likes in a woman is a woman with a good deal of intelligence.

Show him how it’s done when it comes to technology. Don’t be overly confident but confident enough that he finds you highly intriguing. He wants to know you’re smart but not enough to outsmart him.

Maintain a bit of mystery. If he knows everything up front; he’ll lose interest quickly. Try to give him bread crumbs of who you are so that he remains interested and into knowing you.

The Aquarius man wants to see your humanitarian side. If you help animals or children; this man will find you highly alluring. Share with him all that you do and allow him to help if possible. Learn more in the Aquarius Man Secrets guide.

What Turns On A PISCES Man…

What Turns On A PISCES Man - Turn Ons For a Man Based on His Zodiac Sign

Pisces men are highly intuitive and sensitive. That means that who he chooses as his partner must also have these types of qualities. Even if you aren’t intuitive; as long as you can show him your heart; you’ll win him.

This man craves finding his match and will look in the most spiritual of places in order to find her. So if you have spirituality on your side; make sure that he knows it. He’ll appreciate this in you.

He’s dreamy and will also enjoy any type of artwork or music you produce. He himself is likely an artist of sorts whether it’s drawing, writing, painting, playing music, or even dancing.

This man will not thrive with an abrasive person. He needs a gentle touch and gentle spiritual connection. Speak sweetly to him and show him that you’ll be there for him in the long run.

Hopefully these tips will help you to get closer to the man of your interest. Knowing some of what he likes can help you to work at figuring out what it will take to acquire the right man’s heart.

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