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How To Tell If He is A Cheater (Based on His Zodiac Sign)

Everyone has a tendency to cheat but some signs have more of a chance than others. If you want to know if your guy is one of the ones that may cheat or one that is likely not to; you’ll find this information useful.

Does an ARIES MAN Cheat?

Does an ARIES MAN Cheat - how to tell if he is a cheater based on his zodiac sign

It takes a long time for this guy to commit. He wants to be sure that the woman he gets together with is the right one. He will fully be yours once he does commit to you. Before he gets to that point though; his mind can become distracted.

If he tries to jump the gun and get into a relationship too quickly; he’ll likely release all his passion in a short amount of time thus becoming bored quicker as well. It may make him look elsewhere.

When he cares about you but isn’t feeling it anymore; he may try to find someone else to replace the excitement that he isn’t experiencing with you anymore. That means he may cheat instead of break up.

It’s not that an Aries man IS a cheater; but he can be one if the situation happens to present itself. Check out more info in my step-by-step guide to the Aries man: Aries Man Secrets. The thing is, if you can (and you can) get him to view you as “The One”, then he’ll have no reason to cheat, even if he’s in a situation where he could get away with it.

Does a TAURUS MAN Cheat?

Does a TAURUS MAN Cheat - how to tell if he is a cheater based on his zodiac sign

This man is not typically pegged as a cheater. He takes a long time to get to know someone before he’ll commit. If he does however; jump in too quickly; he will more than likely pull away and find someone else.

Of course, it may be perceived as cheating but in his mind; he’s done with you and is moving on. He isn’t good at telling you it’s over but if he’s pulling back and seeing someone else; he’s done in the relationship.

When a Taurus man fully commits, he is all in and isn’t likely to cheat. This is why they are not known for being “cheaters”.  They are normally very loyal.

If he hasn’t committed himself yet; he may see other people and unless you ask him; he probably will not tell you. If he decides you’re the one; he’s yours. Learn more about how you can get him to fully commit within Taurus Man Secrets, the bestselling guide to locking down his heart (even if you’re not the perfect Zodiac match).

Does a GEMINI MAN Cheat?

Does a GEMINI MAN Cheat - how to tell if he is a cheater based on his zodiac sign

This is one of the signs that typically get pegged as a cheater. The Gemini is a free spirited man and is constantly looking for a stream of excitement. He’s slow to commit and until he does; he may be juggling other women.

Once he does commit; most of the time he will remain loyal. However; if he becomes bored or decides that you aren’t providing him with the adventure he wants; he could look in another direction.

This is where he may actually find someone else who is able to give him that newness and excitement. Sadly that also means that he could actually cheat. Not that he absolutely will but he COULD.

The Gemini man has a higher rating at possible cheating than most of the other signs; but it doesn’t have to be this way. Not at all. It’s about making him see you as his soulmate. You may want to learn more about keeping your Gemini man interest and loyal…because he wants to. Learn all about being the woman of his dreams in my specialized guide: Gemini Man Secrets; once you can truly understand where he’s coming from, he’ll have no reason to even look at another woman.

Does a CANCER MAN Cheat?

Does a CANCER MAN Cheat - how to tell if he is a cheater based on his zodiac sign

This man is very emotional and sensitive. He’s also one that seeks out security in relationships. If he feels threatened that the one he is in isn’t working; he could decide to meet with other women outside of the relationship.

If he feels you aren’t the one; he’ll go ahead and continue to look for his soul mate. Unfortunately this may mean he’s cheating. He does have it within him to stay loyal but his desire for his perfect mate is overwhelming.

I cannot say that all Cancers are cheaters because not all of any sign are. However, some have a higher risk at it and Cancer is one of them. He may get hurt by the woman he’s with and seek comfort in another woman’s arms.

He may also play a lot without committing which means he is browsing his options until he feels he’s found someone worth giving up his freedom to completely.

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Does a LEO MAN Cheat?

Does a LEO MAN Cheat - how to tell if he is a cheater based on his zodiac sign

If you’re dating a Leo man or are committed to one; there is a chance that he could cheat on you. That doesn’t mean he absolutely will but it does mean that he may have a tendency to stray.

Leo men are ego oriented and want a partner who constantly lifts them up and gives them all the adoration they crave. If he feels as though he’s not getting that anymore; he may take to someone else flirting with him.

Before he decides whether or not this can or will last; he may very well sample the platter of another woman. Again, it really will have to depend on who he is as a whole as to whether or not he WILL cheat.

Signs like not asking you how you’re doing, not paying attention to you, not asking you for attention, and basically doing an about face completely will indicate he is most likely seeking attention elsewhere.

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Does a VIRGO MAN Cheat?

Does a VIRGO MAN Cheat - how to tell if he is a cheater based on his zodiac sign

Though it’s though in history that the Virgo is the “virgin” of the Zodiac; they are definitely far off the mark. Virgo can be a very jealous sign but he can also be a cheater. Not all but many of the men that do cheat are Virgo.

They are picky and if they feel that you aren’t quite what they wanted; they’ll start looking at other potential partners. Unfortunately he doesn’t always break up with you first.

He is looking for perfection and since no one is perfect; he’s looking for a mystical unicorn that doesn’t exist. That means he’s stuck in a cycle of trying to find something he never will.

Sadly this means he can actually sift through women while he’s trying to find the right mate. This can cause him to cheat though you can find out more about him via my Virgo Man Secrets guide. It’s really all about learning to speak your Virgo man’s language and having him feel you are the right match because you know how to communicate on his level.

Does a LIBRA MAN Cheat?

Does a LIBRA MAN Cheat - how to tell if he is a cheater based on his zodiac sign

These men are gigantic flirts. Though they may not dive into bed with every woman he flirts with; it will cause you to feel uncomfortable because he isn’t keeping his eyes on his own paper.

So in his case; it will depend on what you consider cheating. When he’s secretly accepting a woman’s complements and adoration; you may see this as a form of cheating. If you realize that he’s harmlessly batting eyelashes in order to get complements; you can understand he’s feeding his ego.

This man needs a constant stream of “feel good” comments. Even if you are super sweet to him every single day; he will still require much more than you can provide for him.

He isn’t likely to physically cheat on you or leave you for someone else. He could but it’s not a priority for him. Harmless flirting is nothing to him but it really depends on what you consider cheating.

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Does a SCORPIO MAN Cheat?

Does a SCORPIO MAN Cheat - how to tell if he is a cheater based on his zodiac sign

These are some very passionate men and typically when they are committed to someone, that person becomes their world. That means that they normally will not cheat on the one they love most.

They are flirty and they are the type to easily draw a crowd to them. Women naturally are very attracted to them but once they love someone; they tend to ignore the flirtations from others.

They are very sexual and unless their partner becomes distant and won’t provide them with the passion that they want to share; they are not likely to stray. Though they may be very jealous; they are typically loyal.

He does flirt though but its surface flirt that’s just like conversation to him. He’s not going to run off or sleep with someone else. If you’d like to know more about his steamy guy, actually…if you’d like to know more about him than he knows about himself, then my Scorpio Man Secrets is designed just for you. It’s the step-by-step guide to making a Scorpio man fall for you.


Does a SAGITTARIUS MAN Cheat - how to tell if he is a cheater based on his zodiac sign

This man is big into freedom and personal space. When he’s in love; he’s in love. However; if he falls out of love; he may suddenly start looking at other women in hopes he can find the right one.

Often times this can mean he doesn’t get out of the relationship right away because he doesn’t like to be the one to break it off. He’ll wait until he feels the right time. Sadly, that can mean he could very well cheat.

In his mind; when he is done; he’s done and that means he’s free to explore other possible relationships or trysts. This of course isn’t what most people would do but this guy is a bit different.

To know if he’s cheating; look for signs such as disinterest in what you do, lack of desire to want physical intimacy, increase in emails, social media, or texting with others.

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Does a CAPRICORN MAN Cheat - how to tell if he is a cheater based on his zodiac sign

Just like some of the other signs; this guy is typically loyal once he commits. If he thinks he’s found the right woman; he’ll be intensely faithful. He has no vested interest in any other possible partners.

Only if he feels threatened or feels his relationship isn’t going the way he wants would he ever cheat. However; he’ll most likely to try to work at it first and then discuss it.

It’s more likely that a Capricorn will break it off rather than just go out and cheat. That’s not to say it’s not possible that a Capricorn can cheat. Any man can cheat but he’s not one of the highest contenders.

Capricorn is one that is hard headed and will do everything he can to make it work rather than give up easy and go look elsewhere. Even if he’s tempted, he’ll remember his integrity and will pull back.

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Does an AQUARIUS MAN Cheat?

Does an AQUARIUS MAN Cheat - how to tell if he is a cheater based on his zodiac sign

This man takes a really long time to commit. He does this on purpose so that he can absolutely make sure that the person he chooses is the right one. That being said; once he does find that right person; he’ll likely be faithful.

He doesn’t take relationships lightly and so he’ll do what he has to in order to fix whatever it is that may not be working well. He is totally “all in” when he is in a serious relationship.

If you’re only dating him and you’re not quite serious yet; he could still be keeping his eyes out for the right one. It’s best to talk to him and make sure you’re on the same page.

Though these guys love freedom; when they find love and a serious connection; they will work to do what they need to in order to make it last. It’s all about having an Aquarian guy see you as the perfect match. Discover ALL about him (and more) within Aquarius Man Secrets.

Does a PISCES MAN Cheat?

Does a PISCES MAN Cheat - how to tell if he is a cheater based on his zodiac sign

This man is seeking his soul mate. If he finds the woman whom he thinks is that person; he’ll fully commit to her. Whether it will be quickly or slowly; he’s “all in” and will not likely want to cheat.

If you’re only seeing each other or dating; you may want to discuss whether nor not you should be exclusive. If you do not, he will still continue his search until he’s certain that he’s found the right person.

His maturity level will play a huge role in his fidelity as well. If he’s a young man or is immature; he isn’t thinking clearly and only making decisions based on what his libido wants. This causes him to flirt profusely.

There are many factors that have to be considered when it comes to the Pisces man. When in love; he probably will not stray. There are always exceptions and it could be lucrative to find out his moon sign.

Any man can cheat at any time. In fact; any woman could do the very same. There are too many things to factor in that there isn’t any one sign that is going to cheat all the time.

Did you know that Pisces is one of the hardest signs in the zodiac to understand? Find out more about your Pisces man here.


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