Does He Miss His Ex Or Want Her Back? His Zodiac Sign Tells It All

Are you in a relationship or married to a man that you’re seeing possible signs of him wanting his ex back? Every man handles this situation differently and it has a lot to do with his zodiac sign. So, does he miss his ex? Read on to find out.

It’s not a common occurrence for most men to want to leave their current partner to go back to an ex. Only when there isn’t a strong enough bond or if there have been extensive problems should there be a concern that he could potentially return to an ex.

There are many things to watch out for and certainly if you feel that things have been “off” for you to consider. When you’re happy, there is no reason to worry. If you know there are issues between you and your guy, you should consider every angle.

Here is a list of the man’s signs and how they may be acting regarding an ex that you’re worried about. I truly hope it helps you figure out what is going on and how to move forward.

Aries Man Missing His Ex

Once an Aries man commits, he means it. Your relationship would have to really be rocky for him to even consider wanting to re-connect with his ex. He will always have at least a fragment of his feeling still there for her.

That doesn’t mean he’s going to run off with her though. When you need to worry is if he is communicating too often with her, trying to hang out, or talking to you too much about her.

Aries man is like a boy who throws stones at a girl he likes. Hearing him complain too much about the ex could indicate that there is something more there. Again, don’t assume that means he wants her back.

If you are seeing him texting or using social media with her too much, there may be a problem that needs to be addressed. Click here for more information on the Aries man and if he misses his ex.

Taurus Man Missing His Ex

does he miss his ex

When it comes to Taurus men, they are very solid and don’t like to verbalize their feelings too much. Therefore, it may be hard to pick up on his feelings for his ex.

Usually, Taurus doesn’t look back. He breaks it off or if she breaks it off, he walks away not wondering what is behind him. So it would take a whole heck of a lot for him to want his ex back.

Taurus man has moved on and is with you. Unless you are his rebound woman, you have nothing to really concern yourself with. He will take a rebound in order to patch over his feelings and move past the ex.

When he’s successfully feeling healed and ready, he’ll move on with someone he thinks is best suited for him. Though there are other signs to look out for, click here for more information on the Taurus man and what he feels for his ex.

Gemini Man Missing His Ex

While a Gemini man feels secure and healthy in his relationship with you, he will likely not have an issue for you to worry about. In fact, he will discuss his ex just as you may discuss yours in passing or if something reminds you of them.

This is nothing abnormal. What IS abnormal is if you start hearing about her constantly. No one should be talking about their ex that much.

Start looking for other red flag possibilities such as talking to the ex too often, clicking like and commenting on her social media stuff, or seemingly needing to connect to her daily.

If this is happening, it’s best to ask him what is going on and what he really feels. That way you’ll know for sure where his head is at. There may be more to it though and you can click here to find out more on when Gemini man misses his ex.

Cancer Man Missing His Ex

does he miss his ex

When it comes to Cancer, he is one that is sensitive to people’s feelings as well as his own. He’s empathetic yet he feels deeply for whomever he connects to.

Whether or not it ended badly, he’ll always look back on fond times. It may have been a terrible situation but he’ll remember when things were good and he’ll see her as a genuinely good person, even if you don’t see her that way.

This may be disturbing for you to see him being nice to her or thinking of her in a nice way when she’s always caused him destruction. However, remember that he’s a nice guy and he treats people very well.

He may not want you to worry and therefore tries to hide from you who he is talking to. It may be absolutely friendship only but until he tells you the truth, you will wonder. Click here to learn more about what a Cancer man does when he misses his ex. If you want to learn more about your Cancer man, then click here.

Leo Man Missing His Ex

As you know, Leo man is a very active guy. He loves going out, he loves talking to people, and he especially is going to be engaged in social media as often as he can. This also can mean befriending his ex on one of these social media platforms.

That part is normal for him and unless he’s making comments on her pictures that seem inappropriate, you shouldn’t worry too much. Leo man loves to flirt and even flirting with his ex is not off limits to him.

The thing is, he knows there is a line that shouldn’t be crossed. If you are walking in on him looking at her photos frequently, you should ask him why he’s watching her so closely.

Instead of worrying and getting yourself worked up over what is going on with him, talk to him. There are other things you should keep in mind. Click here for more information on Leo and what he does if he misses his ex.

Virgo Man Missing His Ex

does he miss his ex

This one is rather difficult because Virgo men rarely connect on a deep level with someone. They take forever to form a bond with a person and then when they do, they will finally commit.

Once he makes that commitment, he will stick it out with her until she either calls it off or until she does something so unforgivable that he walks away. Even in walking away, he will always carry a piece of her with him.

He cannot 100% shed himself of his feelings for his ex. He got together with her for a reason and that reason will remain. This doesn’t mean he wants to get back together with her.

Tell him that you have these weird feelings about him and his ex and are curious as to if he misses her or if he wants her back. He will tell you the truth. Click here for more signs Virgo man may miss his ex.

Libra Man Missing His Ex

Libra has a hard time keeping his feelings for his ex under wraps. He’s pretty obvious in the way he talks about her and acts when he mentions anything having to do with her.

Talking about her in passing when bringing up certain memories as you would do with your ex is normal and shouldn’t be used against him. However, if he’s comparing the two of you, this isn’t nice nor normal.

If he’s always looking back, not letting you totally in, and being reluctant to try new things with you, he may very well still be stuck on his ex. He has a VERY hard time letting go. Once he loves, he loves deeply and that’s hard to reverse.

The part of Libra that makes him take a leap of faith to fall in love again is the same thing that he struggles with releasing when it doesn’t work out. He may say he’s over her and moving on but he may not be. Talk to him and find out! Click here for more signs Libra man may miss his ex.

Scorpio Man Missing His Ex

does he miss his ex

Scorpio man is a very deep person. It takes him a whole lot to truly and honestly fall in love with someone. He can fall into lust or infatuation quite easily but true love, that’s something else.

He will take quite a while to invest his whole heart into someone. He’s terrified all the time, has walls up, and sometimes even becomes cold when he gets too close to someone.

If he’s talking to her often, there may be an issue that you’ll need to open up and discuss with him. He shouldn’t be keeping in close contact nor should he leave that door of possibility open with her.

There are other things you should be aware of with the Scorpio man and his missing his ex. Click here to get more information!

Sagittarius Missing His Ex

You may actually see through your Sagittarius man quite easily if he’s still hung up on his ex. He has a tendency to want to “stay friends” with her which means even going so far as hanging out.

If you catch your guy meeting up with an ex, having coffee, or talking on the phone regularly, he still has feelings for her and is actually keeping her as an open option in case it doesn’t work out with you.

I know that’s not something anyone wants to hear but that’s how Sagittarius man rolls. He always has to have a “just in case” unless he falls 100,000% in love and commits wholeheartedly.

It’s rare for a Sagittarius to want to commit but if or when he does, he’ll stand by it. So if things end with that person, he will stay tied to her unless she cuts it off and says no to staying in contact. He’s one to watch out for ladies! Make sure he’s 100% in love with you. Click here for more signs Sagittarius man may miss his ex.

Capricorn Man Missing His Ex

does he miss his ex

Capricorn men are very to the point and blunt about their lives. If they love someone and commit, they stick it out. If they end it or the other person ends it, he’s more like a Taurus or Virgo, he moves on.

He may still harbor feelings for his ex but he will not want to get back with her and isn’t likely to form a friendship with her either. In the case that he does, once he finds someone else, he will drop that friendship.

Capricorn has morals he has to follow for himself and he wouldn’t want his woman to still be talking to her ex so therefore he doesn’t either. Though if you want more things to look for just in case, click here to get tips on how to spot a Cappy that still loves or wants his ex back.

Aquarius Man Missing His Ex

Aquarius man is one of the signs that don’t really go back to an ex unless its many years later and the situations have changed. He’s one that would rather go on and move forward than look back.

He’s typically pretty honest and will mention if his ex has reached out to him or if he happened to bump into her somewhere while he’s out running errands. You’ll notice that he’s nonchalant about it but it’s because that’s how he feels.

If he does for some reason happen to miss an ex that he’s gotten in contact with, he’ll probably mention her to you. If you ask him for the truth, he will tell you flat out how he feels though. Don’t be afraid to ask! Click here for more about what else an Aquarius man does if he misses his ex.

Pisces Man Missing His Ex

does he miss his ex

Pisces is another water sign. That means he’s going to emotionally be tied to his ex whether anyone else likes it or not. That doesn’t mean he wants her back but it does mean he’ll always have feelings for her in some way.

Only if he’s actually actively talking to her and trying to bring her up in conversation with you too much should you worry. If he’s being obvious, you’ll see it and feel it.

Pisces isn’t very good at masking his innermost desires. That means that it will be hard for him to keep it from you. It’s likely his guilt may eat him alive if he has deep feelings for her.

Watch his actions and how he talks. If he seems off or worrisome, you may want to sit down with him and tell him what you’re feeling and ask him what is going on between him and his ex. Click here for more signs Pisces man may miss his ex.

These are some very good tips to start with in terms of figuring out what these guys want. It only scratches the surface, however. There is far more that meets the eye with each of them. If you want to know more… get your Free copy of my Zodiac Seduction Cheat Sheet below.

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