10 Tips For Attracting A Libra Man – Make Him Yours For Good

Libra men are the ultimate in charm, refinement, and grace, but can you manage to stand out from the crowd of eligible suitors barking up their tree? These 10 tips for attracting a Libra man will help you grab the attention of this aloof guy and keep it that way!

In Pursuit of Harmony and Justice

Libra, the child of Venus, goddess of love, represents all of the higher qualities of its planetary ruler. Librans are both diplomats and politicians, loaded to the brim with grace, charm, wit, and naturally elevated aesthetic tastes.

Libras want their world to be filled with grace, harmony, beauty, and justice. Romantically, this manifests in a deeply committed, complementary relationship where partners balance and enhance each other’s positive qualities while making up for what the other lacks.

Although Libras are naturally drawn to relationships and partnerships of all kinds, their natural charisma and wit ensure that there is never a lack of romantic admirers in their life.

You’ll have to really put in the work to stand out from the crowd with this one, and these 10 tips will help you to do just that!

1. Enhance Your Personal Aesthetic

attracting a libra man

Ruled by the goddess of beauty and love, Venus, Libran men are naturally attracted to all things beautiful. If you’re going to be a potential partner for a Libra man, it is critical that you work hard to enhance your natural qualities and develop a personal aesthetic that catches his eye.

There is no one way to go about this project, as each of us has unique personal features that make us attractive to prospective partners. It is important to note though that Libras are very trendy and pay attention to developments in fashion, as well as classic looks.

If you want to attract a Libra man, you’ll have to develop a personal aesthetic that involves expressing yourself and enhancing your natural beauty while incorporating recent modish trends in fashion.

Don’t forget to accessorize too. Libras love accessories, and the little details, like the smell of your perfume, the color of your nails, shoes, lipstick, and glasses.

Also, don’t be afraid to try out new looks and experiment from time to time—it takes time and effort to develop your personal aesthetic, but when you finally do, rest assured, he will notice you!

2. Practice Good Housekeeping

The home, to the Libra, is the absolute seat of all harmony in life, and as such, should reflect one’s sense of beauty, neatness, and orderliness.

To truly impress a Libra, it is not enough to simply keep a cozy, functional home. The home should be a place of utmost comfort and beauty, with a unique aesthetic all its own.

If you want to attract a Libra man for keeps, his first visit to your home will be a deal-breaker. Make sure that your house is neat, tidy and aesthetically pleasing with a definitive concept that you want to establish.

It is important also to create an ambiance in your home with flowers, candles, scents, flowers, or any other accouterments that help to amplify the sense of harmony and balance in the environment.

This one will take some work, but it will immediately go a long way towards making a lasting impression on your Libra man!

3. Have Classy Nights Out

Nothing is wrong with a burger and a beer at the local dive joint, but to really impress your Libra man, you’re going to have to plan some high-class outings—particularly those involving the fine arts.

Galas at the local art gallery, nights at the opera, a Beethoven symphony or film festivals are sure to be in your future if you want to keep a Libra man interested for long. He will certainly appreciate the refined company, the artistic focus, and thought-provoking conversations and emotions that will emerge as the evening passes.

These events may be a bit on the swankier side than you are used to, but they are priceless when it comes to learning and winning the heart and mind of a Libra man—and you’ll need to do win both if you want the relationship to last.

4. Flatter Him

attracting a libra man

Paragons of grace and charm, Libras can come off as a bit superficial and materialistic in their ceaseless pursuit of the finer things in life. However—flattery will get you everywhere with them.

The quickest and easiest way to a Libra man’s heart is to compliment him. You like the watch he is wearing? Fancy his suit, his haircut, or his cologne? Tell him so! Far from shutting you down, he will take your compliment with all of the diplomatic grace that only a Libra can muster.

Don’t be shy or hold back—your creative one-liners and classic pick-up lines might strike a strong flirtatious chord with him, so be prepared to follow through!

5. Be Diplomatic

The graceful and dignified side of Libra men really shines in their diplomatic virtues, often manifested as a genuine concern for the poor, injured, or otherwise downtrodden, and passion for social justice causes.

The Libran desire for decorum and maintaining one’s composure in all situations stems from deeply rooted desire for harmony and balance for all.

Your Libra man will constantly be watching you in order to see how you react in situations where you are under duress, angry, or otherwise annoyed with society or individuals. Moments like these are a subtle test of your ability to maintain concord—so make sure to keep your wits about you.

Rather than blowing your top, your Libra man wants to feel reassured that you can keep your cool even when the circumstances around you are encouraging you to rage.

Navigating through conflicts with a sense of dignity is a huge turn on for the harmony-seeking Libra, so brush up on your conflict negotiation skills!

6. Be involved in, or become Patron the Fine Arts

Other than diplomatic conflict negotiation, arguably, nothing is sexier to a Libra than philanthropy or patronage, specifically to a cause that contributes to the greater good—and if this greater good involves the fine arts or creative expression, even better. Alternatively, you could be an active participant in your local artistic community—better still!

Libras enjoy helping other people, and, as children of Venus, simply adore the fine arts. Thus, whether enabling or participating in the fine arts, in whatever your capacity this act will certainly make a great impression on them and massively improve your standing in their eyes.

You don’t need to break your bank account with a $10,000 donation to your local art gallery or get cast as Jean Valjean in your community theatre’s production of Les Miserables either. There are countless ways in which you can be involved in your local arts community. Get creative, and make sure to invite your Libra man to your local productions, events, exhibitions, or those that you sponsor. You can be sure that will give you his full support, and it will most probably be a memorable experience for you both to cherish!

7. Share Experiences

attracting a libra man

The modern expression “spend money on experiences, not things” was coined for Libra individuals. While a high-roller will certainly be welcome as a part of a Libra’s entourage, at the end of the day, money is only as important as what you spend it on. And Libra’s have enough sense to know that the finer things in life are worth more than material items.

This is most important to keep in mind when planning dates, nights out, events, birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions. Always be on the lookout for new and exciting experiences to have together, whether culinary, artistic, sporting or otherwise.

Getting tired of your favorite roller rink? Why not try a boxing or wrestling match instead? Too much Ethiopian food getting you down? Check out the new Balkan joint. Anything you’ve both never done is always a safe bet, but your Libra partner will always be willing to take your recommendation on something that may prove to be a titillating experience.

Keep your experiences growing, and your outings diverse and varied to keep your Libra partner’s eyes only on you.

8. Cook Him His Favorite Meal

All Libra’s have more than a bit of a luscious bon vivant inside of them, and this certainly applies to the culinary realm. While a Libra will be more than happy to have a cordon bleu dining experience at a 5-star restaurant, their love of natural grace and simplicity combined with their domestic nature makes a lovingly prepared home-cooked meal the winner in their eyes.

If you really want to take the time to show your Libra that you care for him. Cook him his favorite meal, or your favorite meal with a few special touches. Make it multiple courses if you want too—add a story about how you first learned to cook this beside your grandmother while growing up in the Appalachian Mountains.

The intimacy, thoughtfulness, and subtle charm of this simple gesture will have a profound effect on the Libra man’s feelings towards you.

9. Enhance your Wit

You may not be a Tennessee Williams or an Oscar Wilde, but you’d do well to take a few pointers from them if you plan on taking a Libra man for your partner.

The Libra love of the finer things and the arts translates into a particular fondness for wordplay, puns, poetry, quips, and witticisms in general. While the Libra man is most probably an adept wordsmith himself, he will find nothing sexier than a well-timed witty comment.

If you truly want to impress him—brush up on your wit, learn some one-liners, and practice socializing a bit. Maybe even try a good old fashioned mirror monologue just to get a sense of how you are presenting to the world—it can help immensely with improving your perceptual skills. Improve classes also work wonders for this sort of exercise, if you can enroll in a few, it will go a long way towards sharpening your mind and tongue.

When your confidence is through the roof, its time to grab the limelight and turn it in your direction. Now, turn up the charm levels to the max and you’ll have him eating out of the palm of your hand!

10. Champion Social Justice Causes

The symbol of Libra is the balance, the scales of justice, which are always blind and focused on the higher ideals of attaining peace, balance, and harmony for all, the privileged and the less fortunate alike.

Libras are natural lawyers and advocates for the marginalized, minority groups, the poor, and anyone who is suffering injustice. They are likely to be involved in many social and charitable causes, particularly ones that are near and dear to their own heart.

If you really want to win the heart of a Libra, you will have to demonstrate that you care enough about the welfare of your fellow man to give back and to help uplift the downtrodden.

There are many ways you can go about this, but we do not recommend the “slacktivist” approach, as Libra’s will see this as somewhat superficial; if you want to help an oppressed minority group, don’t share an article on facebook! Go volunteer at a homeless shelter or a soup kitchen, start a community garden, volunteer for a political campaign, or participate in a peaceful protest if that is your thing!

Donating your time, money and energy to a social justice cause that is particularly near and dear to your heart (better yet if it is close to both of your hearts) will give your Libra man the reassurance that your heart is in the right place. And that, for them, is enough to make you a potential long-term partner in their eyes.

Tipping the Scales

The charming, refined Libras have a reputation for being the epitome of beauty and grace among the signs of the zodiac but are equally infamous for their fickle and indecisive natures.

In order to win their hearts, you’ll have to tip the scales of justice in your favor, and with this quick guide, you’re well equipped to do just that.

Although love and justice are blind, all Libra’s know that a little pluck and a little luck meted out to each of us is a part and parcel of the balancing act of maintaining harmony in the universe.

So throw in a witty word or two, dress your best, and tip the scales of justice in your favor!

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